Skin colored bumps on inner fold of vagina

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Skin colored bumps on inner fold of vagina
I have seen some really small skin colored bumps that are in my inner fold of my vaginal opening. They are hard but when I asked my bf of 3 years to look he said they looked like little skin tags. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed it as a yeast infection. But now that's over and the bumps are there but are painless and not itching. Everything seems normal except for the bumps. I recently noticed another bump on the "hood" of my clit. Really small skin colored dot. Is this serious or just what vaginas do. I'm 18 and have been sexually active for 2 years on birth control. P.s bf hasn't had any symptoms or dots on him anywhere, and it's been 3 weeks.
To me it sounds like you
To me it sounds like you might be experiencing something due to not cleansing so well. It is very important to promote a very well hygiene. Your vagina needs some really good cleansing because it is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. I suggest that you clean down there a little more. There is a great article here that will help out. Good luck.
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