Severe PE - Please offer me advice

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Severe PE - Please offer me advice

Hi All,

I stumbled onto this site, but I think I am very lucky to have found it. I have read around a bit, but I am a busy person so I would really appreciate being pointed in the right direction on how to solve my issue.

About me: I'm 22 and suffer from severe premature ejaculation. For example, I had a girlfriend this past year in college. Anytime we had sex it ended when she gave me a blowjob or if I penetrated, within 20 seconds. It is bad to the point where if a few strokes after already being turned on set me over the edge. Even during foreplay where I made sure she didn't touch me, I felt so turned on, rock hard, and had precum all over my boxers.

Now this isn't a scenario just with her. I ran into this issue with two one night stands recently. I am a confident guy, but this kills me on the inside. The girlfriend mentioned above and I have gone our own ways recently. I know for a fact my issue was a factor. I will do anything to get rid of this.

Previous history: I started masturbating when I was 13. Every time ended with an orgasm and many times were to porn. For the past month I have practiced deep breathing before and during masturbation, which has given me some progress. I am able to masturbate by myself without watching porn for 20-30 minutes before I chose to cum. What I've noticed is if I watch porn with zero intention of masturbating and just to control my emotions, my penis feels like it 'fills up with semen' and I unchoosingly sort of clench my prostate so my penis 'jumps' around. If I at all touch myself after this, its game over. This situation is very comparable to what happens to me in the bedroom: I get turned on, I get really hard (without touch), and I ejacluate very, very quickly once touched.

So following my reading around this site, I think I can say my teenage years of excess masturbation has screwed me over. I am dying to solve this. I am a good looking guy and this kills me when I want to be out meeting girls.

If anyone could point me in the right direction as what to do, or what to take from the site, I owe you so much.


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