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hellow I am 25 year Male Pakistan I am having Semen Leaking Issue many years ago but never realise what is this masturbating is asusual as everyone does but its like addiction and i been doing it till today but i got marry one month ago and i am feeling uncomfortable with wife bcoz i am not able enough to satisfy her bcoz when i masterbate i can do 2 3 times in a day or whenever i want to do the penis gets tighten easily by rubbing it little but when i am with wife i intercourse one time then for 2nd i cant get up and the penis become limpy and leaking watery semen continiousely Even before having intercourse when i am forplaying with her semen start leaking excessivy and if i forplay for long time my pinis just fell down without doing any intercourse This leaking is also when i urinate I see Sticky Liquid In Unrine And this is very old matter but i did not noticed bcoz i did nt know my body is weak and my chest is not wide my wrist bone is too small and i am not grown good As A Healthy boy and may b this issue is bcoz of this thing kindly Let me know the treatment for this thanks
Very sad story to hear my
Very sad story to hear my friend. I know nobody wants to experience that in bed with their wife. A weak erection and a problem with penis leakage. The first step I would say to do is stop masturbating so much. You have a wife, no need to masturbate. Your most serious problem if you want to have sex with your wife is your erection. You can use something I use when I am having difficulties, Botanical Formula for Erection Rejuvenation. That helps me restore my erection strength and I am able to have all the sex I want, foreplay and intercourse.
i read a lot of stuff and i
i read a lot of stuff and i found that the way of writing to clearifing that exactly want to say was very good so i am impressed and i like to come again in future.</span><span><br /><a title="Data Entry Services" href="" target="_self">Data Entry Services</a><br /></span></p>     
Semen leakage is mainly
Semen leakage is mainly caused by the ejaculatory nerves being to weak because they have been damaged by overmasturbation. In your case, this is what you are suffering from. This formula,Herbal Nourishing Pills for Ejaculatory Nerves will help you with your problems of controlling all that leaking. There will be no more leaking all the time and instead, you will control when the semen comes out. It will help your nerves be in control and you will also not suffer any premature ejaculation or leaking. Sex will be back to normal. 
Also, I am going to share my little secret for a firm erection, but don't tell anyone. Shhh... DuraMax. I love the title of the product because I looked up "Dura" and that is Spanish for "Hard". So in English it would be MaxHard. Great product and your erections will never be the same. Ask your wife if she enjoys how hard you will be for a long time.You will probably tire her out before you get tired.
please help
I am also suffering from this severe condition...I think I have done lots of damage to myself by masturbation..please help me..semem discharge along with urine, frequent night emissions, frequency and urge to urinate more, chronic fatigue, can't last longer than few seconds...thinning of hair, lost too much weight. ..Please someone help me...

Rehan khan

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