replenishing neurochemicals

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replenishing neurochemicals

which supplements should i and should not take to replenish the brain and body from depletion due over masturbation/ejaculation which neurotransmitters do i need more of a supply of?

should i stay away from dopamine precursors or do i need them i was thinking that over masturbation produces excess dopamine in the brain or does it deplete it please clarify.

i know 5htp is good we need seratonin

do i need acetycholine precursors i know its an exitory neurotransmitter is that bad bieng exitory.

does over masturbation deplete gaba i know i can take l glutamic acid and p-5-p for gaba production

 Marcusgetbetter,Sorry for


Sorry for the delayed response.
Think of your body as a lake. Inside the lake exists every chemical organism necessary to make the body function. You have your neurotransmitters, i.e., serotonin, dopamine, nitric oxide, acetylcholine; hormones, i.e., estrogen and testosterone; and other neurochemicals, such as DHT, GABA and cortisol. Each of these chemicals serves a purpose—and not all directly related to sex. For example, nitric oxide functions as a cellular signaling molecule, and it is involved in physiological and pathological processes.
Masturbation slowly uses up this lake of chemical organisms. And while most people think that the depletion of one-specific chemical, such as serotonin or acetylcholine, will negatively impact the body, the side effects of over masturbation are a combination of several chemical processes. Remember, your body is a lake, a hodgepodge of different organisms. When you use this reserve of water, you use up all the organisms inside the water.
Instead of focusing on one chemical that you may have lost during O.M., you may need to take a supplement that aims to enhance all of these chemicals. Such as Golden Brain Food that helps restore the brain of its essential chemicals. When taking all-natural supplements, remember they work differently than medications. Supplements take time to work. If you keep a strict routine, you will notice a difference. Hope this helps. If you have any questions, P.M. me. 

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another problem
i have made attempts before to stop masturbating cold turkey and after like 2 or 3 weeks i would masturbate
and when i ejaculate i would feel a powerful painful pressure forcing out that because my body is use to frequnt ejaculation

does dht or my prostate hanything to do with that

i was thinking start out less frequent like do it every 5 days then increase gradually

plz help me with this

and i also thought an excersize that i have not read about that can help with p.e. would love to share it with you and the community

marcus christopher

You just need to fight it. If
You just need to fight it. If you keep masturbating after stopping you basically start the process all over again. That is an addictive mind and you have to get around that. You should share the exercise in the forums. Maybe other people have tried it as well. Just keep fighting the urge to masturbate. Occupy your mind with other things or else you will keep going back to the beginning. You'll be moving 1 step forward with progress and when you masturbate you'll move 2 steps back.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Very true
It's very true from Alex last post, if you stop masturbation a few days, a few weeks, a few months? and then go back to it.It starts the cycle all over again. I'm working on stopping it all together if I can. I'm taking herbal tabs for mainly chronic fatigue and exhaustion. Keeping busy on things help me get my mind off masturbating.
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