Reduce the side effects of your treatment for Thyroid Cancer

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Reduce the side effects of your treatment for Thyroid Cancer

There are certain things you can do to feel better or to reduce the side effects of your treatment for thyroid cancer.

Healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep and exercise may help control your symptoms. If had cancer in your parathyroid gland then you might have had chemotherapy your doctor may also give your medicines to control and prevent nausea and vomiting here are some home treatments. If your lack energy or become weak easily try to manage your energy and get extra rest you may feel more tired. At the end of treatment or just after treatment is completed for a dry mouth take frequent sips of water throughout the day. Sugar-free gum or sugar-free hard candy will help keep your motor moist without promoting tooth decay tart liquids and foods such as lemonade or dill pickles may help stimulate the flow of saliva. There are also saliva substitutes that you can buy at a drugstore for nausea or vomiting such as ginger or peppermint tea gum.

If you need high doses of radioactive iodine treatment you may have some hair loss but it is usually very mild having cancer can be very stressful and it may feel overwhelming to face the challenges imprint of you finding new ways of coping with the symptoms of stress may improve your overall quality of life. 

These ideas may help get the support you need spend time with people who care about you and let them help you take good care of yourself get plenty of rest and eat nourishing foods talk about your feelings. Find a support group where you can share your experience stay positive do things each day that will help you stay calm and relaxed having cancer can change your life in many ways.

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