REALLY serious Premature Ejaculation

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REALLY serious Premature Ejaculation
Hi, I'm 24 years old, and frustrated. I was virgin until 21, and since I started to have sex I faced a new problem.
Almost every time I was in this situation since then, and it happend like 8 differnt times, the Premature Ejaculation  happend during pregame, without even take off the clothes. 
this got to a situation that I basically can't enjoy sex, it's so frustrated and I tried to do everything, read everywhere and tried to do thing to make it better, but it doesn't even seem to improve.

I know that it's because of excitment, but what can I do about it? 
you'll say that with time it will pass, how excatly? when it happens, no girl will want to meet with me again.

Anyone, ideas?
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