Questions about Mirena Coil for your menstrual cycle

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Questions about Mirena Coil for your menstrual cycle
When I recently went to the doctors I found out that I have been diagnosed with anaemia for the second time, this is due to really heavy periods. I do take microgynon but it doesn't help my periods at all. Before i started the pill, i used to have heavy periods that lasted for about two weeks, now they are still really heavy but squeezed into the space of about 4 days instead. I do have PCOS as well which doesn't help. My doctor has recommended that I should have the mirena coil fitted, but I’m not sure. She said that with the coil you don't have periods, and if you do it's just a little bit of spotting and no actual bleeding...but it's a bit invasive for my liking. Has anyone on here had it fitted? If you have did it hurt a lotand also how are you finding your periods, mood, weight, and energy levels? Thanks to anyone that has any information. Sorry I am really in the middle of whether I want this or not.
I don't have any experience
I don't have any experience with the mirena coil but I did some research and have found out that it is not as healthy as it may sound. I really suggest that you take some sort of herbal remedy. The good thing is that you are in luck! There is a remedy that is perfect for just what you need. It is Botanical Tincture For Heavy Menstrual Relief. If you want to find out more about women who have a heavy flow then just look at We Got a Heavy Bleeder! All this should help you out and you won't have to do the whole mirena coil thing.

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