Questions about Depo-Provera

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Questions about Depo-Provera
I hope this was the right place to post this to catch peoples attention. Couldn't find anything on birth control shot. Anyways, I am about to take my second shot of Depo-Provera and I was wondering if anyone else besides myself has experienced pain during sex. Everytime I want to have sex about 75% of the time it is sore. This has really caused me to not want to have sex because I either have to take the pain or I just can't. I have also seen a shift in my emotions. I can either go from being really happy to extremely sad.
I always found birth control
I always found birth control to be a really negative thing. I am a freak about doing research before I put something in my body. Birth control was one of them. I really feel kind of bad honey. You will be fine though. I am sure you'll pull through it. I have found some information and I think it might be an infection that is causing the pain. If you want to find that article just look at Vaginal Infection - Caused by Birth Control Medications. I really hope the infection is nothing major and you get rid of it soon.
Previous experience
I also had a bad experience with Depo Provera. I think it has too many side effects. You are experiencing pain and I went through discharge. I would have excess discharge and Richard helped me understand. The post is somewhere out there. I posted a few months ago. I really advise that you completely stop using it and move to something else or just stop birth control altogether like me.
I hope this helps
I found the perfect piece of advice for you sweetie. I think it should help you out because something very similar happened to this girl. I hope you have great success and get rid of that pain so you are able to enjoy sex once again. This is the other post that is very similar to yours, Can Birth Control Cause Pain?
From experience
I used to teach a local college class about human sexuality. While preparing for the outline to the class I found great information on birth control. It can be really bad causing problems such as the ones that are mentioned on here. They cause both short term and long term problems. I always showed my kids the bad effects of birth control to try to get them to use natural methods instead of putting toxins into their bodies. I highly suggest that staying away from any form of birth control is a great idea. Just stick to using condoms. It is the best proven method and works better than any other method. There's a reason why they have Condoms under product reviews on this site and not birth control. They try to go the natural way just like me.

Thanks for the info and advice. I have read the information you shared.

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