Preputioplasty instead of circumcision

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Preputioplasty instead of circumcision

Hi, I am 24 years old and I am really considering getting a preputioplasty instead of a circumcision. I have an extreme case of phimosis (1mm opening, I have never seen the head of the penis) and in the last few month the opening has been getting smaller as it used to be about 3mm.

I went to my urologist and he was quite adamant that circumcision was the only one option available, even when I suggested I knew I could have the foreskin cut, while keeping most of it to look like normal foreskin (I didn't know the name at that time). He was incredibly resistant and unhelpful, telling me ""nobody does it"" and so I went back to my GP. She told me to do as much research as I can. I have done my research and would much rather do that. Now all I need is to find a place. I am really against circumcision and really don't want to get one. So someone please help.

Is your foreskin too long or your penis too short?
Hi Andrew:

Let's re-evaluate your concern.

[1] Is your foreskin too long or your penis too short? There are many techniques in this website you can learn easily add length to your penis.

[2] Try manual pulling of your foreskin to clean the glan for cleaning if you have infection problem.

Take Care!

Back pain and Impotence
I am 29 years old. My problem is erectile Dysfunction. I am not in good health. Due to excessive masturbation, I have back pain.  I feel I am weak. I lost my strength. My sexual stamina has come down. Could you suggest me some medicines for my pain to come down? My whole back is aching. It seems it has affe ted my back bone. I am not getting erections. My penis is small. I have eye floaters too.  Could you help me please?

Yohanan,The conditions you

The conditions you describe are common symptoms of sexual exhaustion. In this state, the body produces inflammatory homrones that cause your current state of inflammation. Meanwhile, the depletion in vital hormones cause your body to remain in a state of imbalance, resulting in eye floaters, weak erections and maybe premature ejacualtions. To see a reduction in back pain, try this, and for weak erections, try this out. As for any eye floaters, you could try this.

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Hello Man did ya finally get
Hello Man did ya finally get the cure for ya problem??  ya case was simular to mine ... I need to get back to normal health, help!!!!!
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