Premature Hair Loss and Greying

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Premature Hair Loss and Greying
So I'm 18. Over the past two years, my hairline and hair have significantly thinned out. I noticed I didn't start losing my hair until, I started using marijuana. I also started to masterbate more often, I wouldn't say like chronically, but usually one to two times a day.  Well my dads hairline receded when he was in his early twenties, and my moms dad (my grandfather) didn't start going bald until he was 50-60. My dads hairline receded significantly and stopped, but he also was involved in horrible drug use, and steriods. So my question is, could I be inheriting his hairline? Or is this a result of marijuana and masterbation? My hair is thinning out so much, and it's killing me and my confidence. If refraining from masterbation and marijuana usage is the key to me getting my hair back, well I'll do anything. Also lately I've experienced lower back pain, and have had chronic insomnia for the past 2 years. Not only that I've noticed everytime I masterbate I see more hair in the shower for a week or so afterwards.
You need to use Fantasia Hair
You need to use Fantasia Hair Rejuvenation & Restoration Formula. It has helped my hair when I was recovering from masturbation. It really sucks that you are so young and already seeing effects of a thinning hairline. You need to enjoy your youth with a big head of hair. Use it. I recommend it to everyone because of the great results that I got from it.
Your thinning hair can be a
Your thinning hair can be a result from inheritence. But like you mentioned, your dads side of the family had the problem and your moms side had hair until an older age. It doesn't seem right that you are getting a thinned out hairline at such a young age from your fathers genes. From what I remember, the mother's genes tend to overpower the fathers. 

I really think the main culprit behind your hairline is marijuana. That stuff is not good. Everyone keeps saying, "Marijuana is the best drug. Legalize it. No one has ever died from smoking marijuana." All that stuff will be proven right or wrong soon but the thing that is right from smoking marijuana is that there are definitely side effects. In your case you got a side effect of losing hair. Stop smoking and detox your body. You might be able to get your hair back in shape and thick again. You might want to take Adens advice because that stuff has been hot and been working for lots of people. You will want to detox your body first and then try that. Best to have your body clean so the process is faster.

A reason I am saying that I think marijuana is a big culprit is because you also mention other side effects that are caused by the combination of overmasturbation and marijuana use. Effects such as your hair thinning, lower back pain and insomnia are all side effects of masturbating too much. Masturbating along with your marijuana use only boosts the symptoms even more. I am actually quite surprised that your list is pretty short. I really suggest that you take an herbal supplement to help you with that. Try Rejuven Recovery System to fully recover from the masturbation and help your body recover.

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Since finding this website I
Since finding this website I have done tons of research between the correlating relation between excessive masterbation, or masterbation resulting in multiple orgasms a week and the usage of marijuana and it's effect on hair. So far from my research, more and more people are starting to get the hint that there is a relation, and indeed hairloss at any age may not be so much genetics, as it is excessive use of bodily functions that is putting the body under stress. So with my research, I have decided to refrain from masterbating for a couple of months, if I notice any change in the growth/thickness of my hair, then I will be proving their theories and research true. I'm beginning to think, that maybe it's not the hair loss that is genetic, but the addictive personalities to both drugs/sex that may be genetically passed from adult to child. My dad has smoked pot for a very long time, he has also engaged with multiple sexual partners, and used an exstensive over load of drugs and steroids. My grandfather had hair up until my grandmother died, after this we began to find pornography in his mail. It seems that most balding men, or bald men, in general, are unwilling to give up masterbation to even test it out. My conclusion or theory is that no one wants to believe that it's true. I have also cut out artificial sugars from my diet, and consume a healthy portion of green tea/honey a day, as it is proven to be a natural detox, and it's proven to help with addictive personalities in the brain. But if anything I have said is right please do reply. Much thanks!
Interesting point
What you said is a theory. I think that is a great study to do. I know that hairloss is caused by masturbation because masturbation exhausts the body and depletes it of important hormones. When done in excess, at an addictive stage, the hormones take longer and longer to regenerate, causing hair loss and other symptoms.

 So yes, you are right about that, anything done in excess will ruin the body. Pot smoking, when done in excess will mess with the neurochemicals in the body, and you have to remember that the body needs all this stuff to function properly. By doing these things you are withdrawing it from these important hormones and chemicals that your body won't function in a normal way. 

 It sounds like you do have an addictive gene in you according from what you said about your father and grandfather. But hey, there's always one who will change it. If you can stop yourself from doing anything in an addictive manner you beat this curse. It's possible and by stopping masturbation you've certainly proven that you can fight it. Great job on that!

 Another great thing that you're doing to help out your body and further prevent hair loss/thinning is your diet. That is very important. Eating greasy foods and such things will cause clogged arteries and diseases, which lead to even more sexual problems. You are going on the right path.

 I think your theory and study will make a great case. Keep going at it and don't masturbate for longer. Once the time comes to enjoy some alone time or share a moment with a partner, your orgasm will be at a completely new level. Keep going, keep a journal to write any changes in your body or mind and work on this. It will provide great research and you'll provide an excellent story to herballove. Your recovery story.

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Stop smoking that pot!
Stop smoking that pot! Side effects will happen. If you don't see anything really bad happening now, wait until you're older. Me and my boyfriend thought it was all fun and games. Now, he can't control his erections on command. We have to go through a big process just to get him hard enough to have sex. We tried the detoxification remedy and it has helped but the process wasn't fast because of all the years of smoking. Be careful and make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.
See any kind of drug certainly not good for hair. So you must look for physician who can help you out with the situation of fight out. what could you experiencing coould be androgenetic alopecia but it is very difficult to ascertain, you must see a doctor and leave marijuana. 

No. There is no longer any doubt among doctors and therapists that the supposed negative effects of masturbation are false. But Hair loss depends on a variety of reasons. You can lose testosterone if you masturbate multiple times a day, which would cause hair loss, but it won't be the sole reason for it. And if you take testosterone supplements you should be fine.
Marijuana does not cause hair loss, but if you smoke marijuana than it could be the casue of hair fall. Because it constricts the blood vessels on the skin taking away the needed nutrients that hair follicles required.

But doesn't the hair falling
But doesn't the hair falling cause hair loss if it starts falling faster?
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