Possible STI?

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Possible STI?
I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time about 2 weeks ago. We used a condom but it broke at some point an he ejactulated inside me. We have had sex every since and no problems with the condoms. But today I started getting REALLY itchy and I thought it might have been a hair or something stuck in my underwear, so I didn't worry about it. At some point during the day, I went to bathroom and when I wiped, I dicovered it was one particular spot that was itchy. Also I had VERY thick discharge and my vagina had a stonger odor than normal but it wasn't "fishy" or "sour", pretty normal just stonger. When I got home I discovered 2 little bumps near the vaginal open closer to the back on my left labia minora. The bumps are about 3 mm long and 1-2mm wide, and 2mm long and 1 mm wide. They look like scratches but there is a bump even when the skin is pulled tight. They are very itchy and burn when I touch them and they get irritated. Either way, its really uncomfortable and I cant stop focusing on the itchiness. I have no burning when urinating though. I cant find anything exactly like it. I've already set up an appointment to see my doctor but its not for a few weeks. Anybody know if it can possibly be an STD?
From your description it
From your description it sounds more like a hormonal imbalance causing the discharge. However, you will need to speak to a medical expert to know for sure. Often times hormonal imbalances, especially near the time of your period, cause the pH level in the vagina to dip. Think of the acidity levels in your vagina as a furnance that burn bacteria. When these levels experience a reduction, bacteria is allowed to thrive, resulting in discharge. Now, the itcheness may be just part of a yeast infection caused by the lowered pH levels. In any case, you should speak to a doctor and refrain from having sex until you are 100 percent sure as to what's wrong.

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