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Hey guys, I want to be sure if I'm about to buy the right product(s) before placing my order as customer service is working on fixing an error I got when creating it. Ever since sixth grade, I have been experiencing pain in the pelvic area. Right after that, I've noticed my left testicle starting to shrink. It's almost not visible right now and I'm afraid the right is going to too. I figured this was caused from over-masturbation during my early years of puberty from doing research online due to my discomfort and low "sex"-esteem from the problem. Later on, I think I also developed penile papules a year or two close to my current age of 18 almost 19 because I see one or two bumps near the head. I found out these are also called damaged scar tissues which are under the main skin. My erection size is perfectly normal and average from my age since I did research on that too. Although, my cum-limit may have decreased without me noticing because I tend to get used to this. Thankfully, I found this website, Herbal-Love, and maybe a few items which might restore my groin back to normal since I am still young. The Products are called: Kanabo & ReJuven Vitaball for the testicular area as well as the Penile Repair & ReJuven Packs. One of the experts suggested Herbal Lotion For Tissue Recovery & Enhancement to support the Penis area a bit more. So what do ya'll think, are these the right medications for me to use and will I have your guarantee of my dick returning back to normal to avoid seeing a doctor and the embarrassment?? Or maybe you have a different suggestion that would work better???
The tissue recovery will help
The tissue recovery will help your penis recover from tissue damage and the plus side to that is the fact that you don't have to take a bunch of pills. You can do it with a lotion that is specifically made for that. If you do have Penis Papules then there are some solutions you can use to get rid of them. Natural oils will do just the perfect job. Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil or Iodine will help get rid of those quite fast.
So the lotion I mentioned
So the lotion I mentioned plus that natural oil you talked about would do the trick on fixing the penis area back to normal by removing the bumps where I wouldn't have to take so many pills? If yes, that calms the nerves a bit because I usually don't like taking so many at one time.

By the way, where can I find the BEST natural oil herb in HerbalLoveShop? Please give me a link in your reply to this.
The lotion would be to
The lotion would be to restore your problems with the penis right? The oils should take away the bumps you are experiencing. My trick to finding the right product and that I tell everyone, choose based on reviews if it has any and I would definitely get one that is mentioned on Herballove. That way you know that it can help you with your problems.
Kanabo Vitaball and Rejuven
Kanabo Vitaball and Rejuven Vitaball are 2 different things. Since you experienced shrinkage I think that Rejuven Vitaball would be the best out of the 2 for you to take. This would help them recover from the shrinkage and hopefully prevent your other testicle from shrinking as well.
You are right about both
You are right about both pills being 2 different things, because I've been reading it carefully and asking help from experts before I bought the product. The ReJuven Vitaball is a Support for the testicles while Kanabo is a Primary as its stated on its information. I figured by taking both, I could ensure that it won't shrink again and it would improve the health. So, are you able to confirm this???
Over masturbation
Hello Everyone , 
                              I have been mastebatin for long. But in last year i masterbated almost daily and by humping and rubbing my penis on a medium to hard pillow because it was more satisfying and all. But now after doing so i realised i am loosing my penis size , my testicles are hanging reallly low and small. Also my penis has a curving towards left and i dont get morning wood anymore . I am trying to quit mastebatin and i can  go for 2 weeks without doing it and i am cutting down more further .But i am worried about few things and i want to clear it out before i go and see a doctor. 

1) Does overmasterbating by humping on a pillow can cause testicular cancer ?

2) Can my curving penis be a problem and can it be straighten without any surgery ?

3) How to get my testicles to normal as they were . ? 

4) And i had a pimple on my penis few days ago whic was painfull intially but now its not and reducing in size and drying up. Is that bad?

I am really scared i am 23 and i have never had sex before.Would really appreciate a proper guidance for what to do next 

Teen 21

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