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Penis size changing

I don't know if this is necessarily bad. But I have noticed that my partner’s penis size has changed. It is shorter but wider since the first time I saw it. Is this weird? Can this possibly be because his penis is changing size to fit in me?

He said that I am a little tighter than any of his previous partners. I am not complaining about this because sex has become more pleasurable but it is just a weird change. Is this normal?

I don't think that it can
I don't think that it can possibly be him. I have never heard about a penis changing to fit a vagina. Maybe you are experiencing something with your vagina. I would suggest that if you really like that feeling of being tight you keep it up. There are many things you can use to help you out with that. From other peoples success I would recommend that you take EvaMax IV. This seems to be the best help out with many different things having to do with your vaginal health.
That is excellent advice
That is excellent advice charlotte. I would say that. Unless the guy has a penis the size of his arm then there shouldn't be any change. It is all good.
I don't think anything is a problem here
As long as both people engaging in sex are happy and are getting pleasure and satisfied then I think there isn't really a problem here.
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