Penis pimples or penile papules?

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Penis pimples or penile papules?
I was masturbating the other day and then when I ejaculated I jumped into the shower. While in the shower I was washing my penis and I realized that I had some sort of pimples on the base of the head of my penis. I did my research and I found out they are penile papules. They are really nasty looking and I know it is caused because of my foreskin.

Can I get rid of this? I don't think I will ever have sex again if I don't get rid of them. Has anyone had any experience with this? Please help.

Penile Papules, PPP. I also
Penile Papules, PPP. I also have this. I didn't even know there was a name for it. Please someone respond and help us. I always thought it was just me. When I have sex with a girl I have to turn off the lights so they won't fear trying to have sex with me.
I recently read a story about
I recently read a story about this and how they got rid of it. The story was about a doctor in the United Kingdom who got rid of them using laser surgery. 

There was also another way of treating this which involved Iodine. You apply iodine to the pimples and let it soak then wiping it off with a rag full of alcohol.
Yea, I don't know if I would
Yea, I don't know if I would want to get surgery on my penis. That sounds excruciatingully painful. I wouldn't trust anyone with surgery on my penis either. Surgery alone is scary enough, let alone on your penis. I would however do something natural. I am going to look into iodine or maybe some sort of herbal treatment. Thank you for the advice.
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