Penis pain.

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Penis pain.
I have had penis pain for about three weeks. I have been to the Urologist ad they have givien me antibiotics thinking i had urethritis. My pain is not in the urethra because it doesnt really burn when i urinate. From about mid way the shaft to the tip i have a burning pain and when i get errections the pain is worse. the pain is constant.  I dont know if i hurt it while masterbating or if i hurt is sleeping, becuase i wake up with errections every morning. I am wonders if i hurt it in the middle in the night when i got an errection.  does anyone have any advise?
TRY: ViaPal-hGH-O Erectile
TRY: ViaPal-hGH-O Erectile Rejuvenation Formula - it helps
or find out services about pain management in your area, like this one,, they may have some tips and tricks to help you to manage the pain. (despite they are not expert about penis related issues)

john nine

I think your penis is broke,
I think your penis is broke, you should have it removed and try to grow a better one, and if you suceed be nicer to the next one, don't spank it so much

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