Penis Injury from Penis Pump

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Penis Injury from Penis Pump
I was using a fleshlight masturbation tool which i guess was like a penis pump because it has a tight vacuum. Needless to say I noticed my penis became unresponsive. It became like jello in its flaccid state and droopy during the day. It felt lifeless and the foreskin soft and loose. My penis sometimes looks like it has a permanent erection in it flaccid stage even though its soft to touch and not erect and I'm not aroused. My penis fluctuates too much during the day and very different from what it was like before. I can still get an erection and masturbate but getting there can be a chore for a while. I'm really concerned and depressed and ask that the right product(s) are recommended for me because I'm in need of immediate help. Please let me know how long to take the products and what to expect. I'm spo worried that I've caused pewrmanent irreversible damage to my penis. Thank you kindly

Can I ask a few more
Can I ask a few more questions before we start recommending products? How old are you? How long have you been using a fleslight? How long have you been masturbating? The answers to these questions will determine if you problems are irreversible or not and how severe the damage could be. Just to get my facts straight, you said your penis is the size of an erect penis, without the hardness, instead it is soft like jello correct?
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Penis injury from pum
Hi and thank you so much for getting back to me. I'm 42 and have been using a fleshlight for 1.5 years. I started having symptoms about three months ago only.I stopped having erections altogether over a 2 week period. But I am able to get erections and is larger than before and I have been getting morning erections. I can't say that I'm vigorous in masturbating but sometimes with the fleshlight I have masturbated 2 or 3 times in a day sometimes back to back but not over extended periods ie once like this every 3 or 4 weeks but mostly twice. I I exercise and do weights and have a personal trainer. I don't masturbate anymore and have given it a rest because I'm so scared to cause any other damage.  I'm a also worried about my foreskin because sometimes it looks and feels loose very soft with poor elasticity. Other times the foreskin is firm and and other times it looks fine. I get really upset about the appearance of my penis because when my penis is in the jello flaccid phase my penis the foreskin and penis looks like it has collaped and has no firmness. It looks like this part of the day. I think a combination of the fleshlight - and one jelqing session in particular has caused this problem. I was trying to increase my penis siz e with jelqing but was never too serious about it. But that particular session changed things. But I think it was a combination of the two (fleshlight and jelqing session). My penis has also changed colour and is slightly darker and a bit patchy and discoloured.I just hope that I can get through this because its the most devastating thing that can happen to a guy. The worst thing is that I did this to myself and I am finding it really hard to cope with.I'm hoping there is a produc(s)t that can help with my issues. Thanks again!

Jelqing exercises are some of
Jelqing exercises are some of the most beneficial exercises to increase penis size but they are also some of the toughest exercises because they are really dangerous when not performed correctly. You are also right about your previous comment, the fleshlight is a lot like a penis pump. What I think happened with your certain situation is nerve damage and possible build up plaque. This is not allowing the proper blood flow to your penis and that's why you are experiencing some erections that are not as strong as you are used to. One of the products I suggest you use to recover your penis is Kanabo Repair Xtreme. This will help your penis restore its normality.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Penis injury from jelqing/penis pump
Thanx Alex again, for getting back to me. The Kanabo Repair Xtreme seems like a great choice. 
Is this a good combinaton of herbs? The penile repair rejuvination pack (curculigo and Kanaboo repair Xtreme)

I was also looking at the Kanaboo nerve fix. Is this one too much with the above combo?

I'm not sure if these two are best taken together. Should I take Kanabo repair Xtreme first until I recover and then take Curculigo or it safe to take together.

Alex, is there something that is safe that can be taken over the long term, hoping that I make a recovery. Something that supports erections, tisuues, nerves of the penis and maintains hormones and mens overall health.  

I didn't think of the penile
I didn't think of the penile repair rejuvenation. I don't know why. This would be a better herbal remedy for you to take. You obviously read some of the things that it can get done and that is a good thing. Getting yourself educated is a really good thing. This is a combo and you can take both bottles together, it's intended to be taken that way. Kanabo Repair Xtreme and Curculigo should be used together. There are other remedies that can be taken for the sorts of plans you intend to help but I suggest fixing the problems you are experiencing first.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Penis injury from jelqing/penis pump
Thanx for your advice Alex. I'll worry about maintaining general health when I get over this hurdle. I just hope this is reveresed and there is no permanent damage. I don't know when I will start seeing results but I guess I just continue until it goes back to normal. Geez A lesson to be learned "Be happy with what you've got hey". Thanks again my friend.
You're welcome Bob. Keep me
You're welcome Bob. Keep me updated and ask any questions if you stumble across anything you don't know or are confused with. I will try my best to give you an answer.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
kanaboo repair xtreme/Curiligo or Kanaboo rejuvination support
Hi Alex and anyone who wished to give informed advice. Just letting you know I've yet to receive the kanaboo repair Xtreme or the Curculigo.Its been approx 2 weeks and I guess normal for international post. I'm writing to you because I'm especially anxious today and am in need of some advice and re-assurance.

The head of my penis is quite large and engorged with blood when erect. When flacid the head does not drain well and is still engorged in a flaccid state and takes a while to become flaccid.My erections are quite larger and stronger than before  I'm avoiding any arousal because of my issues at present. My penis looks the worst in its flaccid phase (looser foreskin and not as responsive to penis size change, darker in colour too.

I'm really concerned about my foreskin. When flacid the foreskin is really soft and completely covers the head and overlaps like a wrinkled sack. The band of the foreskin is loose in its flaccd stage and very wrinkly. Sometimes I gently pull it and it slides up very easily. 

Will this combination of herbs also help with the state of my foreskin. It's too soft and wrinkly and has poor recation/receptors at present. I'm worried that it may be permanently stretched or damaged. I hope to get a response from you soon.

I also started reading about the Kanaboo rejuvination support remedy. Which oif the two remedies is  more suitable for me. I'm wiorried about the scar and fibriotic tissue damage, nerve/transmission and foreskin factors. Which of the two is more of a potent product that will assist me to restore my penis to its normality.

By reading your last bold
By reading your last bold paragraph I get the feeling that you are circumsized, is this correct? Or are you uncircumsized? 
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
kanaboo repair xtreme/Curculigo or Kanaboo rejuvination support
Hii alex it's good to hear from you. i'm actually uncircumcised! Just worried that the bundles of nerves in the band of the foreskin may be damaged (ie turtle neck ). My penis changes sizes and is quite rubbery at the moment I think my foreskin is confused.(if that makes sense). It doesn't seem to know what to do. The overall look of my penis when flaccid looks thin, discolored and wrinkly. I definitely need something that will build the fibriotic tissue, improve circulation and something with high potency for any nerve damage. What do you think? Should I even consider nerve fix. I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I need to be more informed because these products are similar to some extent and it's getting confusing for me..

So far I've ordered kanaboo repair xtreme/curculigo ____ . is this the best option. If not is it ok and safe to start with

2. Is the kanaboo rejuvination support a good option or best option for me and should I consider nerve fix and combine this with anything?

Thanks Again.

I think the best one you can
I think the best one you can take right now is Kanabo Repair Xtreme and the curculigo combination. These will help out your situation a bit better since you are experiencing some rather strange changes. Kanabo rejuvination support is a great overall sexual health that might help your situation. I also recommend taking this. As for the nerve fix, I say start with repair xtreme first since you are dealing more on the reconstruction rather than repairing nerve damage. With the other herbal pills you will see changes with any plaque buildup and tissue rejuvenation.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Course of Action with the herbs!!
Hi Alex thanks again

You're advice has been great and very encouraging!!  
I just want to clarify a few things with you to plan my course of action.
From your feedback: It's made me pin point things a bit better.

1. I'll continue taking Kanaboo repair xtreme and curculigo because it will help with the changes to my penis. I have a months supply ordered.

2. Is it safe to combine Kanaboo xtreme/curculigo with the kanaboo rejuvination support and nerve fix (all 4 remedies??).
3. Do I take Kanaboo repair exteme for as long as needed and then switch to the rejuvination support and nerve fix.

***You wrote with "the other herbal pills I will see changes with plaque build up and tissue rejuvenation". Did you mean Kanaboo rejuvenation support or the Kanaboo xtreme/curculigo combo?

What do you think would be the best systematic approach (course of action) in taking these remedies- what combinations and at what point. 

It is safe to combine all 4
It is safe to combine all 4 bottles together because these are all natural herbal pills. I would suggest that you do take them together but just make sure that there is adequate time between all of them. Space them out throughout the day when it comes time for intake. It's possible to use all of them at the same time and still achieve your desired results.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Thanx again
Hey Alex thanx heaps for all your help and information. I'll keep you posted of any updates.
You're welcome and good luck!
You're welcome and good luck!
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Stretched Foreskin from Jelqing and Pump
Hi I've yet to receive any herbs and its been about week 3 and of course it raises anxiety ( all up it has been 3 months since injury). My penis is beginning to heal somehat but it a very slow and painstaking process. I was wondering do these herbs ie( Kanaboo repair Xtreme and Curculigo and the rejuvenation support) help repair tissue damage ie stretched foreskin? I'm concerned that my foreskin is stretched from jelqing and penis pump ie fleshlight. I think the skin surrounding the frenulum and frenulum included may be stretched. In its erect state my penis looks really normal but when flaccid it has the donut effect and loose foreskin that completely folds over. The colour of my penis/foreskin is still discoloured ie has turned dark brown and am wondering if the herbs help remove this discolouration. I am so concerned that I may need surgery on my foreskin to tighten it. Let me know if these herbs help with stretched tissue ie foreskin. I'm not sure if others have had success with my type of symptoms because I haven't really read any. I am also unsure if my symptoms are common from jelqing and penis pumps. After I ejaculate which has not been often - it still doesn't drain effectively to it's flaccid state. The head of the penis is still engorged while the rest of it is flaccid but it's getting better. Suprisingly the quality and sensitivity of my erections is better but everything else isn'st. Let me know what you think. At times I feel my situation is hopleless. Has anyone completely recovered of such injuries. Thanks Bob
You are an uncircumsized man
You are an uncircumsized man so would those donut holes you see around the penis are just the flaps that help protect the penis from possible infections. If this skin has somehow loosened up more however, this may be a concern. When the penis is in normal health the foreskin should fit exactly to the size of the penis. You also mentioned the discoloration. What happens is that there isn't the same amount of blood flow going to the penis as when the penis is erect and this causes the slight discoloration.

Here is some of the symptom information you were looking for:
Penis Pain & Injury - Caused by a Penis PumpAs for jelqing, you can do a search on Herballove, there's so much information that I don't know which one would best catch your attention.
Stretched Foreskin from Jelqing and Pump
Hi Alex thanks for getting back to me. My penis in its erect state is larger than before but very normal and very hard. I'm getting morning erections and abstaining from masturbation. My erections are way better than before. But my penis In its flaccid state is a bit like jello and the foreskin is looking loose and a bit long like it has been stretched. I guess ;ike a beat up sausage. I'm hoping that these herbs will repair the underlying tissues so that my penis in its flaccid state will be firmer and not like jello so that my foreskin can wrap around it better. I read the article on penis pump injury but my symptoms are not all exactly there. I've never been scared about anything more in my life and hope that I can recover from this. It's getting better on its own but I'm not sure what is happening with my foreskin? I haven't read anywhere about stretched foreskin so I'm very concerned. The waiting for the herbs is a killer. I wish I requested express post.
I hope that you meant thanks
I hope that you meant thanks Christopher, haha. It's good news to see that not masturbation as much has helped  your erections. I am sure that you will be helped with the herbs. This sounds really strange to me and it is probably why you can't find too much information. Did the foreskin just grow too big for your penis? The good thing is that while you are waiting you are also getting great results. Remember as Alex always says, keep a positive attitude. If you are happy, you will see results that will make you happy. 
Thanks Christopher!!
Hi Christopher, funny how I totally overlooked your name as I only paid attention to your response and thought it was Alex as I was communicating with him and just assumed. That's how focused I am in getting better. I think what happened is that when I had one really bad jelqing session after also using a fleshlight which acts as a penis pump, my penis overswelled and looked massive and very engorged. A very stupid thing to do. I am not sure if the foreskin could handle such a swelling and am concerned that this is when it may have been stretched. Then the glans would stay engorged even in a flaccid state. My penis would not drain well after an erection.This has improved but my penis seems quite elastic let's say and the look of it changes throughout the day. I am so concerned of the appearance of the penis in its flaccid stage. When I get erections they have improved dramatically. Sometimes in the flaccid stage my penis looks normal, then discoloured, The foreskin then looks normal then overstretched. The foreskin may or may not have been stretched but the receptors are not responding well to the penis size changes throughout the day which makes the whole flaccid penis look lifeless. I think the fibres or the lining of the penis has been damaged which makes my penis very flexible soft and jello offering little resistance for the foreskin to grip because of the underlying structures. I hope I have explained this well and thanks again for your response Christopher! Will these herbs actually help with a jello like penis that has lost rigidity in the penis lining/ fibrous tissue.
I am sorry, I just decided to
I am sorry, I just decided to jump in here with no invitation. The good thing is that you did it because of a good cause, you are focused and determined. I read this a few times just to make sure I would answer correctly. What I believe is that you are experiencing some very good results since you mention your penis looks more engorged. This is a good thing. However, you might have over-done it a little with the situation you explained happened. The best thing to do for future references when it comes to exercises, is to space them out with time in between. There might have been damage to the lining and possible scar tissue damage as well. The penis needs to adapt to its new habitat (your bigger  penis.) With the pills that were recommended you should see a better improved penis with constant blood flow, I think this might be causing the discoloration, improper blood flow. The blood flow will also help with the getting rid of the jello like feeling on the penis.
I need hope cause I'm one depressed dude

Hi Alex
I'm still waiting for the herbs to arrive, they were shipped 14th November. I was told to be patient til the 30th Dec. I hope they arrive next week because it means more delays to my healing and it's been approx 3 months since the injury ie jelqing and penis pump. I'm so sick of worrying and keeping this to myself. The delays are making it so much harder. My penis expanded significantly and the head was very engorged with this injury.

There's been some improvement since injury ie in the initial 2/3 weeks no erections or very weak

Since then: Consistent morning erections
Erections are harder and penis is larger. Erection feels amazing and I wouldn't even know I have issues

But the adverse effects have occured when penis is flaccid:

Foreskin feels rubbery and penis is also rubbery ie due to the jelqing.
Foreskin is brown and can appear loose and too big for the flaccid penis and other times it looks sort of ok.
Penis has two resting modes ie very retracted like it was originally but foreskin is now at its worse and is loose
Other resting position is when it is a bit longer and I think this is where the jelqing/stretching may have taken it to.
Ther foreskin is extremely softt and quite fluffy or doughy in appearance. It can completely cover the head and fold over and wrinkle up over the glans like a sack.
Flaccid penis is very jello like

I'm so worried that I have caused permanent damage and need so much re-assurance. I don't know anything about this type of injury and feel very desperate in getting better. I haven't read too many success stories from penis pump or jelqing injuries and wonder if it is reversible.

I think what's happened - the foreskin was pulled forward from the pump over the glans. This combined with the jelqing the foreskin is not retracting naturally. It bunches up over the head and gives a very old and wrinkly look. It's like the top or outer skin is loose and when piched stays like that. It's like there's no life or vitality in the tissue(foreskin). It's dark brown in colour. I think the whole penis ie veins and skin has been stretched to accomaodate the bigger erection. But my penis and skin does not retract well and does not know how to adjust properly in the flaccid phase. It fluctuates too much in colour and size when flaccid sometimes being very small and shrivelled with overlapping skin.

I'm fighting this day by day and it's getting harder (no pun intended!).

Do these herbs improve all tissues and nerves ie of the penis and foreskin.


This is a very serious injury
This is a very serious injury that you have gone through. Reading all your problems and the day by day basis I hope that the herbs get there soon as well. There is such chaos around the holidays in the U.S. with the mail services and there are sometimes delays. What I also think is going on besides teh tissue and nerve damage is possibly that there is not enough blood pumping to the penis. This might have been caused by the tissue damage and is why the color changes might be happening as well. These pills do help with the blood flow, fixing of the tissues and nerves. Just wait patiently and try not to do much with your penis, even in the mornings when an erect penis is present.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Shipment to Australia
Hi Alex do you know if herbalove has had any issues with customs in Australia. Have they been shipped to Australia before? Are there any herbs in the penis trauma repair combo extreme /curculigo and even the reguvenation for chafing and bruising that may be prohibited in Australia. I'm just very concerned for the delay. The more delay the more anxious I'm feeling. It's been such an unreasonable time frame..
I don't believe that
I don't believe that Herballoveshop has had any issues but I will go ahead and ask them. I don't know what herbs would be prohibited in Australia so I will look into that as well. Try not to get anxious, this will not be good for your recovery. Also, can you send me your order number in a private message? I will contact herballoveshop and get more details for you.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
I finally received the order
Hi Alex thank you so much for your response. I actually received the order yesterday afternoon. What a relief!! I have to admit I am a complete wreck at the moment and I am having huge anxiety attacks. I'm not getting morning erections anymore and is fluctuating and the herbs have not stimulated this yet but it's only been a day. I've never been so scared in my life. I'm not sleeping and I am so worried that I may not recover from this and lead a normal life. I feel so isolated about this issue and have to pretend in front of everyone that all is ok. It's very hard.
You don't have to pretend
You don't have to pretend that everything is going to be okay, because it will be okay. You have to keep a positive mind. Stay positive and just keep looking forward to the future, the positive future where you will be fully recovered. This negativity isn't making anything easier. Take the pills, live healthy and relax. Don't forget to breathe. You'll be just fine.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Hi Alex Its day 3 since taking the herbs and I'm finding that I'm getting tightness in the chest which may mean that it's qute potent for me. I think the circulation and the colour of penis and nerves may be improving. I'm not sure. Im taking curculigo and repair extreme morning and night. I dropped it to repair extreme morning and night and that's seems too much. Is it okay to take 1 tablet of repair extreme in the morning only or should I persist and take 2 as intended. I also went to the local hospital yesterday to show a doctor my penis. He told me it appeared normal. Loose foreskin is quite normal amongst men. I'm finding this really hard because I've changed the appearance of my penis for the worst and this damage I know is permanent- nothing can rejuvenate foreskin. The texture and elasticity is so different for me. It's like I have someone elses penis. He assured me not to worry and that it's not an emergency but to see my GP. Im finding this hard to ACCEPT because the foreskin damage is PERMANENT. Because of the foreskin and feel and loss of sensation -it's hard for me to get turned on when I touch my penis and this is depressing me very much. I'm also not getting morning erections anymore.
That isn't a good thing if
That isn't a good thing if you are experiencing chest pains. Did you talk to your doctor about the pains you were getting as well? I really hope you did. I would say to immediately cut the dosage in half and see if that helps with the chest thightening. If it doesn't then you need to stop the usage and see a doctor. Explain to them the pills you are taking and see if they are compatible with your body. They know more about your body than anyone else.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Will I ever get back to normal
It's now been 7 days. Symptoms have not improved. Penis is tender and very jello like and stretched in appearance when flaccid. Sensitivity has lessened. I can tolerate 2tabs of repair xtreme and may do 2 tablets /1 tablet daily. I think they r highly stimulating because of tribulus and caffeine. I saw a urologist he dismissed my issues because I'm still able to get erections. However they are not spontaneous and I don't have morning erections. Erect penis is definitely larger. It's very hard for me to touch myself and get aroused. I have masturbated on average 1 or 2 times in a fortnight. When this happens Im highly aroused and penis is sensitive to touch. I have taken horny goat weed to feel alive again. These herbs are not improving or stimulating my libido at all. The penis is tender with a bit of pain after masturbation. Masturbation is kept very light. Does repair xtreme target nerve damage well enough. I have a bottle of reguvevation revival support. Should I only take repair xtreme or will I get better results if I take 1 repair xtreme and one reguvenation daily?
Why don't you try taking both
Why don't you try taking both bottles. Take Kanabo Rejuvenation in the morning, 1 tablet. Wait 2-3 hours and then take 1 pill of Repair Xtreme. Then do the same and wait 2-4 hours and take another Rejuvenation, then finish with waiting 2-4 hours and the last Repair Xtreme. Try to allow at least a 4 hour gap between when you took the last pill and when you go to sleep so that the caffeine doesn't affect you that much.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Will I ever get back to normal
It's now been 7 days. Symptoms have not improved. Penis is tender and very jello like and stretched in appearance when flaccid. Sensitivity has lessened. I can tolerate 2tabs of repair xtreme and may do 2 tablets /1 tablet daily. I think they r highly stimulating because of tribulus and caffeine. I saw a urologist he dismissed my issues because I'm still able to get erections. However they are not spontaneous and I don't have morning erections. Erect penis is definitely larger and so is head of the penis. As I mentioned in other posts the reason foreskin has stretched is to accomodate bigger penis. But there are problems foreskin is tighter around the head but not overly and sits under the head when erect. It not blocking of blood. When I have ejaculated its hard for thr foreskin to wrap around the head because its still quite large. It's very hard for me to touch myself and get aroused. I have masturbated on average 1 or 2 times in a fortnight. When this happens eventually happens Im highly aroused and penis is sensitive to touch. I have taken horny goat weed to feel alive again due to loss of total libido. The herbs Xtreme repair /curculigo are not improving or stimulating my libido at all. The penis is tender with a bit of pain after masturbation. Masturbation is kept very light. Does repair xtreme target nerve damage well enough. I have a bottle of reguvevation revival support. Should I only take repair xtreme or will I get better results if I take 1 repair xtreme morn and one reguvenation daily afternoon ? P.S I my main priority is not to masturbate and recover but I'm rarely getting aroused at all and so when it does happen I have masturbated.
Penis pump has spoilt our sex life
My man has been using one of these contraptions and it has spoilt things for me. I no longer feel the build up to his erection when he is inside me. I used to find his sensations a huge turn on, without that feeling sex has become rather dull and somewhat lacking. I just lie back and think of England now. Why he got a pump I do not know. Ive never complained about his size or sexual prowess and he always had good, strong erections. I've also noticed a difference in his erections, not as hard as he used to get. I'm worried for our sex life now.
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