Penis and balls are cold

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Penis and balls are cold
I have a problem. My penis and balls always seem to be colder than the rest of my body. The temperature difference is really noticable and it is visibly different. My penis always seems to be shrunken and when I am masturbating it does not feel as hard as the erection should be. My balls will drop especially when it is very hot but most of the time they are shrunken up tight. Is this a problem with my blood or is it something to do with my penis and balls?
There might be a problem with
There might be a problem with your testicles. It should be hotter than most of your body parts to the least of my understanding. That's what I have read before. Maybe you should check into rejuvenating your testicles. This can be an easy process and you should really try it. This should help you from solving all the problems you have. With any testicle problems I would suggest Rejuven Vitaball. That helped me out when I would have testicular pains, and those were not at all comfortable.
Have you tried thisTesticular
Have you tried thisTesticular Massage ? It is very popular and has really helped out many men. You should try it and that should fix your problem that you are having with your testicles. No more shriveled penis.
Everytime mines get cold at
Everytime mines get cold at night I just cup them with my hands. Seems to work like magic for me. I would also suggest you do the massage that they suggested. It works great for any testicle problem.
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