Penile Injury From Masturbation! Please Advise!

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Penile Injury From Masturbation! Please Advise!
Hey all, how's it going?

So I'm trying not to freak out here so I'll just give you the low-down and ask you for your advice. I'm hoping someone on here knows enough about this to help me make an informed decision.

So basically, masturbating is a common practice for me (2-3 hours every day). A month ago, erections started getting weak so I held off for about 9 days.

The erections came back and I went back to my habit.

Then about a weak ago, I started noticing odd things about my dick. It was a bit "mushy" or not as hard as usual. So I figured it was tired, and decided to give it a break again.

Then last friday, I masturbated again and this time, I could tell something was wrong. It felt worn out and like the tissue was beaten.

Keep in mind I don't masturbate in any extreme way except that I don't use lube, but in all my years, I've never had a problem.

Anyhow, I've been off masturbation since this last friday, but routinely check on the erection by using porn to stimulate it and it's starting to look bad.

It's got a swollen soft patch on the right hand side near the tip (about the size of an almond, but it's definitely soft swollen tissue, not a lump), and the left is bent almost 45 degrees (so when looking at it from the top, it is pointing to the 11 o-clock position). To make matters worse, when it starts to get harder (though I haven't had a full erection yet) the shaft looks bent in the middle.

So it's bending to the left and downwards.

I use my left hand to masturbate and have been aware that the left-hand side was starting to lose some of it's cartilage (at least, that's what I assumed was happening, due to friction) but this recent development seems so severe, it's got me worried.

Thing is, I never heard the trademark "popping" sound that many penile fractures are supposed to make, if it IS a penile fracture.

I had some pain in the left-hand side, but it's gone now. Though, when I get prolonged weak erections, is starts to ache or burn on the left afterwards.

Thankfully there is no loss of sensitivity.

It's been 4 days and the penis looks a bit better, but it's shape is grotesque, and looks worse, like I dunno, it really worries me.

Thing is, it's not swollen (except for that one spot) or bleeding or anything, it's just abnormally shaped.

I'm hoping that it's just a bit damaged and have ordered a product from herballove called "Kanabo Repair Xtreme".

It's supposed to heal penile tissue and remove scar-tissue among other things, but I can't find any reviews on it besides the ones at herballove, so I'm just hoping at this point (no offense, it's just that I've never heard of herbal remedies that can cure this kind of thing, so I'm skeptical).

Can anyone give me suggestions or help me figure out what is going on? Am I going to need surgery? Can my dick be restored?

My own feeling is that I've damaged the soft tissue and my dick just needs a rest, but with how it looks, I thought it's better to be safe than sorry.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
You are a very smart man
If I were to answer your question I would have said all the exact things you said and mentioned the same product. The real fact is that the reason you can't find many other products on your specific problem is because Herballove is dedicated to help those specific problems. I am sure there are many other people who have used it but not everyone writes a review. 

You chose a perfect product because you penis seems a different shape. This may be hardened tissue in certain areas of the penis and soft tissues in other areas. Kanabo repair xtreme should help you out with getting the right shape back into your penis. You are very wise and did the right kind of research. Take it for 30 days and you will hopefully see improvement. After that, it will completely heal with however long it takes your specific body to go back to normal. The average time for most of these herbal supplements is 3 months but I think for this specific one it might be a little longer since it deals with extreme cases of damage.

It is strongly recommended that you stop masturbating at least while you are taking these herbal supplements. Falling back on masturbation will almost make you start back in square one. And that can be frustrating making the recovery time longer than it should be. Just take your time and keep a positive attitude. These herbal supplements will work better if you stop masturbation and of course, keep a positive attitude.

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
I have used Kanabo Repair
I have used Kanabo Repair Xtreme and I have to say it does work. My penis is in full health! I luckily only had to take it for 5 weeks but I know of instances where people would take it for longer periods of time. I really suggest it if your penis problem deals with tissue damage.
Can you elaborate on your
Can you elaborate on your specific case thebluebird? If it's not too personal that is. I just want to know what happened and how the recovery went. Thanks!
I am going to try to do it as
I am going to try to do it as best as I can. If you have any other questions after this go ahead and ask. I used to masturbate at least 2 times a day. I always made sure it was once in the morning and once right before bed. I thought It would make me sleepy but it was only causing harm. I started feeling a pain in my penis after a while and even a headache. This didn't stop me at all however, I still masturbated at least my two times, more when I had time in between whenever I was somewhere I could masturbate, even public restrooms.

I went on like that for several months getting headaches and not thinking about linking masturbation to my habits. Then one day I started experiencing really weak erections. I didn't have the strength I once had when I would masturbate. Once again, I kept masturbating with whatever sort of erection I got. Not linking masturbation to a possible cause. I then one day could not get it up at all. It would only go up in certain parts of my penis and the rest was super soft. That's when I started to begin to worry. I immediately grabbed my laptop and started finding out information on why my penis was like that.

I kept finding out information on tissue damage inside the penis but no way of fixing it. The only way I kept finding was surgery and I was not about to do that. I am really scared of surgeries and I didn't want any knives anywhere near my penis. That's when I frantically started looking for some sort of alternative. Kanabo repair extreme was the only hope I had and to my surprise it worked! Really fast for me too. I hope you get fast results yourself. It's not good having tissue damage in your penis and having an alien shaped erection. Good luck on your recovery. I hope everything goes great.
Thanks for the speedy reply.
Thanks for the speedy reply. You've given me hope.

I've decided to go to the doctor this weekend just to be sure, but I will exhaust ALL avenues (including the Kanabo) before surgery.

Like you, I have no desire to let that be an option.

I believe we live in a wonderful age, I believe that much is within our potential, and that we're pretty far past the ol' "cut it" cures in a lot of ways.

But anyhow, another thing I should mention is that this morning I used porn to get a partial erection just to check on the developments. The erection was no longer bent terribly, but it was still weak. Thing is, I made sure to sleep on my back last night and kept my penis as straight as I could. Could this have corrected some of the bending by any chance? Seems impossible, but then, the results are the results.

Also, should I be using porn at all? I know we supposedly have erections at night, but are less erections better for the recovery?

One more thing: the head of my penis is a bit numb, cold, and has a few white areas that look like a lack of blood in the skin. No peeling or anything but I'm wondering if this information changes anything in what you have suggested. This worries me further because I don't want to lose my head, if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, thanks again for your input, I do hope to recover fast and will definitely be less zealous with my habit the next time round.
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All the best

Ok so last night I woke up in
Ok so last night I woke up in the middle of a semi-erection. First time that's happened in months. I was beginning to think that I didn't even get nocturnal erections to tell you the truth.

This morning I watched porn to push my erection even farther and I think I've identified the problem area.

Most of the shaft looks good but from the bottom of the head to a half-inch down it's definitely crushed or mutilated. I'm thinking the blood can't get there very well.

Anyhow, these are just some further info in case it will help. I do notice some tingly pain on the left side now (definitely happens after an erection, so I'll be limiting those), and I also forgot to mention that I have some pain in the surrounding groin area. So if there's anything else you can advise, that'd be great. If not, that's great too because then I've got my course of action.

I wish you all speedy recoveries.
The more information the
The more information the better you can fix your specific problem. Now that you mentioned it's just that part of the penis it might still be some scar tissue damage but most certainly some sort of blood problem. Maybe you have developed some sort of damaged vein or something similar to that. If you want something for that then go ahead and try Kanabo Repair Xtreme. That product already takes care of the blood while also getting to those specific tissue damage around the penis.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
So I'm pretty much good to go
So I'm pretty much good to go then. Kanabo Xtreme is en route. It's crazy actually, today my erections are more spontaneous. Gotta be the masturbation abstinence. The erection seems to be full till it hits that part of the penis, then it stops. Like, it should be growing still but can't make it all the way. I think your assessment is correct. Thanks for the help.

And don't worry, if it turns out this product works, I'll write a VERY positive review! Thanks again.
You are set! Your erections
You are set! Your erections will be in your control in no time. It will be hard to stop masturbation but you have to fight it. It's either stop it for a short period or you won't get to enjoy it anymore. Kanabo Xtreme will fix all that and your erections will finally look like normal again as well. I always tell everyone, stay positive. Reason behind that is because if you stay positive you will have it in your mind that you will heal from this instead of being negative and complaining that it's not working or taking too long. It will work in it's own time and you won't have side effects.

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Yeah I know what you mean. I
Yeah I know what you mean. I think the key is to work towards something in the meantime to get my mind off it. It's definitely gonna be a life-changer to keep off masturbation for the duration. Already, I feel more energetic. This was for the best. I've had my fun but it's time to move on with my life. Thanks again and one more thing: how do I know how long to take this for? Suppose my erections get back to normal in a certain time but it's still not completely healed? I don't want to damage it again. What do you recommend?
Good question. The best thing
Good question. The best thing to do would be to take it until you are satisfied with how it feels. Once that happens then you are going to want to dilute your intake until you no longer need it. After that to prevent it from happening again, just be careful with how you use it, don't overuse it and be careful with what positions you use during intercourse. You should be fine. Just read through some articles on here and you'll know what to avoid. Just look what happened to this guy, Terrible Accident that Fractured His Penis. Learn from other people and their mistakes.

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
So I just got back from the
So I just got back from the doctor's.

The good news is, he said it doesn't seem damaged. He mentioned the vessels sometimes leaking and yadda. He said give it 2-4 weeks, then come back if it wasn't healed. Not the best news, but not the worst either. I guess I just want this behind me.

However, one thing that I did mention he was unsure about. It seems my erection goes normal till it hits that half-inch below the head, then it's just mangled/crushed. Right where the bruise is and it doesn't seem to inflate with blood like a normal erection would. I've actually lost an inch of size because of this. I asked him why that would be, and he said he didn't know! Anyhone else know what it could be? I imagine it's just the damaged veins, right? I hope so. Anyhow, still waiting for the kanabo.

More updates as they develop.
Hey all, hope everyone is
Hey all, hope everyone is doing well.

So my erections have gone back to normal. The bruise is still there, but when I get an erection, there is no bend, curve, or pain.

I have not yet recieved the Kanabo, but I'm excited because it will definitely put me over the top in regards to recovery.

Having said that, I now come to my second problem: impotence.

Not just any impotence either, it's a fading kind. Meaning, in the mornings my erectiuons are decent (no morning erections, but I can get an erection fairly easily in the morning), after work, they are non-existant. I work outside all day and burn a LOT of calories. What I'm wondering is, is it just calories that you need for an erection or something more?

How can I get my erections back to where they were in my teens? I used to wake up in the middle of the night hard as a rock! I feel like I might have sexual exhaustion from all the years of masturbation, and while I could just abstain for a while, I'd rather just meet the demand of my body and put something in it that would help with my high-demand lifestyle.

I also don't want to stimulate an erection, however. Meaning, I don't want to "force" my body to have an erection like viagra would do. What I'm hoping is that I just need more calories, vitamins, or whatnot. Once I know what, I'll just ingest it and my body should be able to work with what it has. Natural solution, you know? No stimulants!

Any suggestions or insights? Thanks!
It's always great to hear
It's always great to hear some good news. Kanabo should help your penis with the injury. I am sure you will receive it soon and then you will be able be worry free with that problem.

For your second problem. It sounds to me like you just tire yourself out at work and your body can't seem to come back from that. Years of masturbation can definitely have an effect on the body causing chronic fatigue. That seems to be the situation here. All those years of masturbation and now working your butt off at work. You can fix all this by just ingesting some energy after. Try a shower to feel relaxed and drink some green tea. Green tea works great for boosting energy naturally. Because energy seems to be what you are lacking.

If you don't get the results you want from that, which it seems you won't because green tea would be for any person, not someone who suffers from over masturbation. Looking into the symptoms and solutions I think you are just tired all the time and can find some help in improving your energy with the Mitochondria solution. Try that out and see if it helps. Your erections will be back to normal after that and you will be able to get them when you want without having to take any pill right before you want it. Get it back naturally.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Thanks for the speedy reply
Thanks for the speedy reply Alex!

Yeah, I'm definitely tired all the time, I'm trying to hit 6,000 calories for my diet (work plus going to the gym takes up about 5,400 everyday, though I've since switched to only going to the gym mondays, fridays, and weekends to lessen the load, so more like 4,700) but it's hard, obviously.

As for green tea, I have matcha tea that I drink occasionally, is that the same? What are your recommendations for that? Thanks!
I'm glad you got a plan going
I'm glad you got a plan going on. As for the matcha tea you drink, that is green tea. You're in good shape. A lot of people drink that for a natural energy booster so just go ahead and drink that and you will see a difference.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Yeah man, matcha is great.But
Yeah man, matcha is great.

But hey, I was wondering, can you use multiple herballove products at a time? I was thinking of using the mitochondria one with the kanabo.

Then, depending on the results, I want to strengthen my erections so that I have morning wood and all that good stuff again including VERY strong penile tissue (recomendations?), and finally, I want to take something to increase my size.

Can you give me a timeline or strategy I could follow? Like, should I just take kanabo till it's done, then mitochondria till it's done, etc? Or, can I take multiple products? If so, which ones and at what stages of my plan? Thanks!
That's a big task. Let's do
That's a big task. Let's do this instead. I will tell you what to do step by step but you have to keep me updated. So I will give you the first step and then once you are done with that step we can move on to the next one. My adviced first step would be to take that Kanabo and mitochondria solution first. You can take these 2 together since they are herbal products. You have to set priority and to me it seems we might want to fix your trouble issues with the penis. The mitochondria will just be a little extra so you always have energy. After your penis starts recovering then we can worry about getting the hardest erections ever and enlarging your penis. Finish the kanabo and mitochondria solutions first and see how you feel after that. Keep me updated.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Righto, will do. By the way,
Righto, will do. By the way, how long should I take these for? Just finish the bottle or what?

With the kanabo, I imagine it'll be fairly obvious, but what about the mitochondria stuff?

Take it until you feel a
Take it until you feel a change in your body. You will know when to stop taking them. When you penis is healed. The mitochondria stuff, take it until you feel you no longer need that extra boost. Where you will be okay on your own.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Alright. I'll stop in when
Alright. I'll stop in when there are any further developments. Thanks for the help.
Ok so, I had some trouble
Ok so, I had some trouble with the tracking at the USPS. At first, it said none of my orders existed. Now it says they are all delivered. I recieved my Kanabo Extreme today but I've ordered 2 of these along with the Mitochondria thing.

The Kanabo I recieved today is the second order, I know this because I ordered that one on express while I ordered the other 2 on normal international delivery (I live in Canada).

So anyhow, I'll start my Kanabo tonight and keep checking the mail.

That's all for now.
Oh, couple more things:The
Oh, couple more things:

The package says not to use with other dietary suppliments unless you consult a physician. Is that true? Because, I use glutamine, as well as a vitamin suppliment intended to replace the uselessness of multivitamins (it's basically a vegatible replacement). Anyhow, can I not use those with this stuff?

Can I have a list of what should not be used with the kanabo?

If you had any prescription
If you had any prescription medication that you were on then it would be understandable to contact a physician. It is the best thing to talk to one about the different things you are taking. From what you're telling me you are taking it is safe because it is just vitamins. Just make sure you don't try them at the exact same time and have at least a 4 hour gap in between the vitamins and the kanabo.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Righto. Will do. What about
Righto. Will do. What about the mitochondria thing? Same time as the kanabo? 4 hours between that, kanabo, and vitamins, or what?

Thanks for the help.
Yes, that would be the best
Yes, that would be the best thing to do. You don't want to intervene with anything and have worse problems later on. That's why it says to contact the physician. That would be the best thing to do if you can.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Ok, will do. Thanks for the

Ok, will do. Thanks for the help. I'll update you on any further developments.

On a VERY positive note, however, my dick seems much more solid today after just a night of kanabo. So yeah, I'm excited.

Update here.I realized this
Update here.

I realized this morning that Vitagenone has caffeine in it!

I am strictly opposed to all stimulants in general, however I have the following question:

Does Vitagenone repair and/or rejuvinate the body at all? Or does it rely solely on caffein's stimulant abilities to improve your fatigue?

If it only relies on the caffein, I will cease taking it. However, if it still helps improve the body, I might consider still using it.

Can you offer some clarity on how Vitagenone works? Thanks.
If you are also suffering
If you are also suffering from a low sex drive, possible hair loss, or weak erection it will help you out so I would suggest taking it. The main use of Vitagenone would be for chronic fatigue but it also helps with those other symptoms I mentioned in the beginning. It is a good herbal product that will boost the body and put it on an overdrive mode. Making it a lot more helpful than it may seem.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
I'm just worried it won't be
I'm just worried it won't be a "natural" boost. Stims are usually unnatural in their effects which is why I don't like them.

Besides the boost you get from the caffeine, what else does it do?

Caffeine alone will just give
Caffeine alone will just give you more energy to perform longer. I don't know if you need that in specific. But Caffeine along with the other herbs in Vitagenone will also help things such as improving your sex drive, preventing hair loss and maintaining hard erections, as I mentioned before. Caffeine is just part of Vitagenone, you have to look at the whole picture, see what the other herbs might do.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Ok, well that sounds fine.
Ok, well that sounds fine. However, if I'm having trouble with the erections due to sexual exhaustion or my injury, is it wise to give that thing a boost right now? I might just do further damage. How does the Vitagenone help exactly, is it simply a boost, or is it a healer/replenisher?

Basically, I don't want to simply amp my body up. I'd rather give it what it needs to naturally get to a high level. The reason I don't like caffeine, is because it is a fast-track to high performance, whereas a good diet, exercising regularly and stuff like that would be more natural for the same result.

The reason I got Vitagenone was to improve my energy throughout the day and replenish whatever I was losing because of my masturbation. Does it do that or does it simply make your body perform without needing the nutrients it has lost? Because I don't want to just stim away what's left of my penis. I'd rather have it recover from the injury and improve naturally while giving it the nutrients it needs to perform.

Does this make sense?

Thanks for the help.
I see what you mean now. I
I see what you mean now. I say first heal your penis 100%. You don't want to enhance erections or sex drive right now because that will just get you back on the road to masturbation and like you said, that will cause further damage.

You are also correct about how you can get the natural energy. While you are healing go ahead and do exercises and anything else that will give you natural energy. Once your penis has healed and you feel that you are still fatigue even after doing the natural energy things, then you can go ahead and use Vitagenone.

This is advice for your case in specific. Hopefully just healing the penis and getting natural energy will help give the results you are looking for. Put aside Vitagenone for now and focus on the herbs to help your penis heal.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Will do.In regards to the
Will do.

In regards to the Vitagenone, I would much prefer a natural aid. I get the feeling that it isn't, so I'll just look for something less stimulant-based. Unless you can tell me what it does.

From what I understand, masturbation and ejaculation in particular exhaust the body of certain nutrients and cause the hormones to exhaust in the brain and body.

Do you have any products that replenish these nutrients?

Like I said "I'd rather give it what it needs to naturally get to a high level."

So, if I need, say, 100 units of a certain nutrient to be normally active, but I've exhausted it to level 12, then I need that nutrient. Got anything that fits the bill?
Wow, so this stuff actually
Wow, so this stuff actually works! My penis is getting back to normal and I'm getting excited for what else you have in store.

Can you recommend products for the following?

- Replenishing of the nutrients lost from masturbation/sexual exhaustion.

- Rock-hard erections.

- Anything to increase the number of nerves in the penis? I know you have nerve damage repair, but what about nerve growth?

- Permanent penis enlargement based on growth of tissue.


- Natural sexual stamina without caffeine? I find I get to orgasm far too quickly. I'd like to be able to feel it, but not orgasm as fast. Endurance, I guess, is what I'd like.

Thanks a bunch!
K, so I've been doing my own
K, so I've been doing my own research on the site-store, and have come up with the following products for the corresponding issues:

- Replenishing of the nutrients lost from masturbation/sexual exhaustion.


Fantasia Rejuven Recovery System - For severely Addictive Exhaustion:


- Rock Hard Erections
- Prostate Health
- Reduces Stress
- Replenish & balance GABA, Dopamine, Serotonin, and Acetylcholine


- Someone mentioned they stopped masturbation while on this formula, and I'm not looking to stop, I just want to supply the nutrients needed to maintain the habit.

- Only 15 Day Supply for about $89!


The product listing mentions: "This powerful herbal formula powers the brain’s acetycholine, dopamine, and serotonin systems for optimal sexual hormone production, while generating more nitrous oxide for better erections."

This doesn't mean that it puts the body's production of these on overdrive does it? Because, again, I'm not interested in stimulants, or anything that boosts the body in ways that could be dangerous. I imagine that boosting production of hormones without providing what is needed for them could be a very bad idea, so I just want to make sure that's not what this does.

Does this contain caffeine?

Love Longer V:


- Replenish nutrients for phosphatidylserene and DHA production 


- Not a lot of info/can't tell if it will fit the bill or not.


Does this contain caffeine?

Last Longer III:



- No specifc info.


Is there somewhere I can go to find out the specifics of your products? For example, this one claims to increase a lot of things, and that makes me think it's a stimulant, but without knowing more about what's in it and how it achieves it's goals, I can't know.

- Rock-hard erections.


Fantasia Rejuven Recovery System - For severely Addictive Exhaustion (See Above)

- Anything to increase the number of nerves in the penis? I know you have nerve damage repair, but what about nerve growth? < Couldn't find anything about that one.

- Permanent penis enlargement based on growth of tissue.


Power P:



- Not a lot of info.


Does this formula increase the penis size as long as you take it, or does your body have a limit?
Does this formula increase the penis size permanently?

Over Size:



- Not a lot of info.


What's the difference between this and Power P?

Also, the same questions as I had for Power P apply for this as well.

- Natural sexual stamina without caffeine? I find I get to orgasm far too quickly. I'd like to be able to feel it, but not orgasm as fast. Endurance, I guess, is what I'd like. < Can't find anything for this either.

Endurance, to me, is the combination of feeling everything, yet not cumming. No techniques, either, I'm talking about actually having sex continuously without coming despite feeling it all. Even if I could have erections that are rock0hard even after an orgasm to continue to be able to stimulate women would be great. I just hate how the orgasm is almost dreaded because it means the end.

Anyhow, that's what I've come up with. I'd appreciate any advice and guidance.

As for my recovery, my penis continues to get stronger each day, and I can feel what seems to be 3 tubes near the base of it, which I never felt before.

There is still some pain when I masturbate, but I'm just glad I'm getting hard.

I think my game plan will have to be:

- Recover the penis fully.
- Rejuvinate it so that I can get erections without pornographic stimulation.
- Rejuvinate it so that it feels again. Right now, I think there is nerve damage and it doesn't feel as much as it used to.
- Rejuvinate it so that my erections stick around, even after orgasm would be nice. (although, I don't want to have an erection 24/7 of course.)
- Solidify and Fortify the penile tissue
and finally
- Grow the penis to my dream-size.

Having used Kanabo for only about a week and seeing the kinds of improvement I am, I have no doubt your products will help me acheive my goals. I just need to know which ones fit my preferences and desire, so again, I appreciate any advice you can give me, thank you!
Seriously dude, leave you
Seriously dude, leave you dick alone. If it still hurts when you masturbate, then you shouldn't be doing it. Jerking off will only continue to delay recovery or injure your penis further. I cannot stress that enough, all the guys I've talked to who have injured themselves, after years, still have an injured penis. Why? Because they kept jerking off and/or having sex. If you ever want to recover your penis fully, you will have to stop for a while, there's no way around it my friend.

As far as growing your penis with a pill, that is a scam, save your money. The only way to grow your penis is by jelquing, which is idiotic. It is deliberately damaging your penis in hopes of gaining an inch or two. Not worth it. I've talked to about five doctors, and all of them say that you can't really do anything to help heal an injured penis. There's no magic pills or creams that are going to make it all better. The only thing that helps is rest and time. Leave it alone and let your bodies natural healing process go to work. 


John Doe

So, the pills on this site
So, the pills on this site are a scam, is that what you're saying?

I have had results with this pill.

Before I started it, I was not masturbating at all, and had maybe 12% the strength of the erections I'm having now. Since re-starting masturbation, the "recovery" time has decreased to about a day of masturbation before it starts to feel like I might be tearing the tissue again. Explanations?
In my experience, this pill IS working with what it says it will do, so why not the others?
Penis enlargement pills are
Penis enlargement pills are definitely a scam, all they are is a mixture of vitamins, herbs, and hormones which have no scientific proof whatsoever of increasing penis size. They might make you have fuller erections, but they aren't making your dick bigger. As for the rest of the pills, I haven't tried them so I don't know. Keep in mind, I'm not bashing the pills on this website, I'm just repeating what my doctors told me. If you think that the pills are working, then they very well could be. That, or it's a classic case of the placebo effect.

So since taking this pill, it now only takes you a day to recover from masturbating? Did I get that right? The progress is good, but If you have to recover from a jerk off session, you shouldn't be masturbating yet. Regardless of whether you are recovering while continuing to, it certainly isn't helping.

I just thought I would pop in and give my two cents. From my experience, masturbating didn't seem to be hurting anything when I first injured my penis so I kept doing it. I was only doing it like once a month, maybe three times at the most. Then one time 7 weeks ago I masturbated after holding out for a month and it made things twice as bad for me. Haven't touched my penis since, and it seems to be helping. I'm just trying to help you here man, no need to get defensive.

John Doe

I just find it odd that you
I just find it odd that you are even on here if you don't believe these products even work, and if you aren't using them is all.

As for placebo, placebo is a wonderful force. It has been known to even cure cancer. I have absolutely no problem using placebo so long as it does work. To me, a real recovery and a "placebo" recovery are both the same.

I appreciate your speaking up, however. The guy on this site seems to be a bit dodgy, and maybe this is why. Despite that, I can tell you that the pills I'm using are, in fact, working.

Though I will take your advice and stay off the masturbation till I'm done my current bottle.

Thank you.
Well, it was the first
Well, it was the first website I came across when I was frantically searching the web after I injured myself. I just thought that I would drop back in and see if I could offer any advice to someone in a similar situation. I'm just very skeptical about these products, they are very pricey and have some pretty bold claims.

The placebo effect is indeed a wonderful  phenomenon. It's a testiment to how powerful the human mind can be. Think positive! 

That's awesome that the pills are helping, I hope you continue to recover. I'm glad that you are taking my advice about not masturbating, you don't want to have to endure what I did. I have a feeling you will be seeing even more progress in the future. Best of luck to you!

John Doe

New to this site and its products
This post has been very helpful and hope giving. I have been using the KANABO REPAIR EXTEREME and the CURECULIGO MASTER for the last three days. I have got a very week erection since a year and half a ago due to certain medications that I was precribed for sever case of acne. However I used to experinced week erections on and off before having to complete a six month course of Roacutane. This medicin worsened everything and gave me permannet week erections. No moring erections anoymore. Without artificial stimulations like watching porn, I can not develope and mentain an erection. Finally for some reasons, I developed a bent in my penis too. I hope that kenabo and Cureculigo help my penis help. I'm 32 years old btw.. 
Keep something in mind from
Keep something in mind from using these. You are taking herbal supplements and you need to have patience. For the best results I have seen other people take herbs and be on a great diet along with abstaining from masturbation and it has brought them great results. You will recover. Just give it time.

Also, if that doesn't solve the curvature please comment back on here and I will direct you towards the right place.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Hi Alex. This message is tp
Hi Alex. This message is tp report the progress of my condition: Not only curvature has not been fixed but i have developed other problems. the full report is as follow:

I am 33 years old and almost have the same problem as juniax but mine is more complicated. I started getting erectile dysfunction about two years ago due to an unknown reason that happened over a night. At the time I was so sexually healthy with a very strong erection and a 7” length and 5.2 girth penis. I could hold an erection for hours. One night during a long masturbation session with a female friend via video chatting, I suddenly felt that my penis went numb and I could not hold my erection any longer.  After that night, I started having difficulty with maintaining a full erection. ( Need to mention that I had been on Minoxidil 5% for hair loss at that time for only a month) After losing the sexuall urge for a week I became alerted and startted duging into side effects if minoxidil and as soon I as realised that it could cause erectile dysfunction, I stopped it.  
After this incident sex was not the same as before and I had to use Cialis 20 and 5 mg on few occasions. I received prescription for the Cialis pills from my Dr. Slowly my erectile dysfunction got worse. About a year ago, after few month of intense masturbation and frustration to get my erection back, one day I noticed that my semi erect penis is bent towards the right. I started studding about it and learned about peyronie’s disease. Then I found your website. Since then I have ordered and used the following products from your site:

1 x Penile Repair & Rejuvenation Pack(Kanabo Repair Extreme + Curculigo Master)
2 x Penile Repair & Rejuvenation Pack(Kanabo Repair Extreme + Curculigo Master)

I used the above products for three month. During this time, I went to see a urologist. He sent me for an MRI which showed no sign of peyronie’s disease. The pills that I bought from your site gave me a lot of arousing and my penis seemed to be healing itself. However, I could not stop masturbating because every time I took these herbal remedies, I felt sexually activated and since I did not have a partner, I had to somehow get a relief. On the other hand, I had become addicted to porn and masturbation. I had always watched porn online and used to have long masturbation, but only recently, this happened to me.  I also suspect that the whole thing could be related to side effects of many anti-biotic medications that I was prescribed for my severe acne problem. I was also on Roaccutane pills (for acne treatment) for a six month course. During this time I had some discharge from my penis which I took STD test for and all the test results were negative. I was completely free of all the STD’s. I assume that due to strong side effects of Roaccutane, the nerve system of my penis has been damaged badly. But this is only my speculation.

Recently my penis curvature has become very bad. I do not get any erection what so ever. I kept telling my urologist that I feel a bump inside the left hand side shaft of my penis and he related this to my imagination! He refused to send me for a ultra sound scan as I requested. I have a feeling that I may have torn a ligament. I have now stopped masturbation and started working out with P90X. It has been about two weeks that I have not watched porn or masturbated at all. Although I do not get any sexual urge or need to do so, as if I am sexually dead! This worries me a lot.  I forgot to mention that I also bought a Hydromax X40 penis pump to fix the curvature as I thought that I may have a peyronie’s disease, which I could only use for three sessions. Hydromax X40 Penis pump is designed for penises longer than 6.7 inches penises. I am normally that size, however due to shrinkage of my penis and the erectile dysfunction issue as well as the curvature (which is only apparent when my penis is semi erected) I could not use this device. Please bear in mind that the curvature of my penis only appeared when my penis was semi erected and not during full erection. If I ever could reach full erection woth the help of porn, there would be no erection. Every time I used the penis pump, only the bottom half of penis shaft would become engorged while the top half ( above the line of curvature and the head) would stay almost flaccid.  
I have recently purchased the following product from your sites:

1 x Kanabo Reverse
1 x Mind Sante II
1 x OverSize

Could you please let me know if I have bought the right products and what is the best way of consuming them?! For the best and the fastest effect, is it ok If I start taking two tablets of OverSize in the morning and two tablets of Kanabo Reverse before going to bed?! Or is it better if I take one of each in the morning and one of each at night?! or is it better if I just start focusing on finishing one of them and then moving on to the next one?! About a month ago I used to able to develop an erection while watching porn, but now the penis seems to be far more damaged to even develop a 30% erection at all. There is an inflammation on the left hand side of my penis and I can feel a bump inside it when I am taking shower. If I use shampoo and run my hand along the shaft in a jelqing form, I could feel a bump half way down my penis near the head. I don’t know if this is natural. Almost in the middle of my penis shaft. Could I have torn a ligament?!
Please help me and let me know what I should do.. I am becoming really depressed. I have no motivation to do anything about my life.
 Thank you so much for taking your time and reading my message. Looking forward to receiving your response. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate. 
Your age seems to be at the
Your age seems to be at the ideal point of being able to recover rapidly from any sexual challenges you may have faced. Although it might seem like the long masturabtion session could have been the cause of most of your problems, it wasn't. It was one of main problems but not the most dangerous. You mentioned in the first paragraph that you took 2 different sorts of medication. These medication seem to be another big problem and combined with the excessive masturabtion cause even bigger problems. 

The curvature you are experiencing was caused by a combination of all of these including that penis pump. That could have made it a lot worse. Masturbation seems to be your main offendor here because your penis seems to have gone dead, numb. If you are not able to feel anything and also experienced the curvature there is something wrong with the tissues found in your penis and the nerves surrounded. Your weak erections have fallen victim to blood flow problems and since the blood flow has slowed, you are not able to heal as quickly with or without masturbation. 

You purchased 3 bottles and all of them seem great to a point. You seem to be most worried about your penis size since you want to take oversize but I highly recommend taking something to rejuvenate your body from the years of masturbation and any damage that was done in general. Keep taking Kanabo Reverse as directed on the bottle to help restore your penis and also take Mind Sante as directed to keep your mind completely off of masturbation.

You mentioned the Penile Repair & Rejuvenation pack was working for you, keep taking this and fight the sexual urges it brings with it. I also suggest that you take Fantasia Rejuven Recovery Pack. This will help you fully recover from any of the minor symptoms and by doing so will help you take on the major problems even better. 
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Thank you so much dear Alex
Thank you so much dear Alex for your quick response. One question. How long for should I keep buying and taking Kanabo Reverse before start purchasing other products?!

Another important thing to mention. I have started working out and I take a pre workout drink called MYONOX which you could search. it has Nitric Oxide in it. First few days of taking it, it gave me alot of sexual urges but now my penis is absolutely numb and senseless. Is it ok to use this pre workout drink while I am consuming some herbal remedies from your site that contain Nitric Oxide? 

Could you please be more specific and give a program for using the products that you mentioned  Should I buy all the products that you mentioned and take them simultaneity ?! Or move from one to another? please give me a time frame as well for each one. Once again Thank you so much.. 

I really appreciate your advice and help

Kind Regards
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