Painful red spots on labia

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Painful red spots on labia
A week ago I had sex with this guy that I recently met. We had really rough sex and it was pretty dry. About 6 days ago I noticed what looked and felt like a cut right next to my clitoris. It only hurt when I touched it and it felt like a burn, you have to pull to see it. Two days ago I noticed one red bump on the right side and one right at the top of my vagina where it begins. I am freaking out because I think it's herpes, which I really hope it isn't because my mom and I don't have a good relationship to talk about these things and I don't see a gynocologist. The guy I slept with didn't have bumps or anything at all. I would think that if it's herpes I would've gotten it on my mouth too because I did oral on him. Is this herpes?
It sounds like somethign that

It sounds like somethign that is not too serious. I would suggest that you do something with your hygiene. I would really suggest that you rejuvenate your vagina. There are many ways to do this and some of the ways are using Passion Delight 2 or Fem-Dophilus . Also I would highly suggest you read this article about improving your hygiene. All of this should get rid of your red spots.

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