Pain when peeing

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Pain when peeing
It has been 5 days since I had sex. I have been having a stingy feeling everytime I go pee. This only happens in the very end when I am almost done. We did not use a condom but he did not finish inside on me. Any idea what this stingy pain might be?
You might possibly have a
You might possibly have a urinary tract infection. This can be taken care of with either herbs or medicines. If the feeling has still continued just try different things out. You will find the right answer for your problem. Here is a look and solutions to how you may be able to fix this.
The stingy feeling might be
BTW, the stingy feeling might be something to do with having sex or you might have an overactive bladder. There is also possibly some sort of infection. I suggest you try a detoxification of your vagina in order to see if it is an infection. If it is an infection it is best to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Of course go see a doctor if you can but if you can't give this a try:
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