Pain during masturbation

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Pain during masturbation
I am a 28 year old man and smoke pot on a regular basis. Every time after masturbation I experience a severe pain around my neck area. It hurts so much during masturbation and especially if I have the power to finish. Can this be something to do with me smoking?
I actually stumbled on
I actually stumbled on something about this right before reading your post. You are experiencing all these pains because you put 2 really bad things next to one another. I was really scared that  would never be able to do anything sexual. Now that I finally stopped smoking pot I did everything imaginable to finally be able to do anything sexual. Great!
P.s. I like your picture.
P.s. I like your picture. Better shot than mine!
Regardless of the pot smoking
Regardless of the pot smoking I think that was supposed to soothe the body and relax it from pain. This is obviously not anything to do with your pot smoking (you should still quit though to prevent future problems) but instead with the amount of your masturbation. Take a look at this chart and try to get back to me as soon as possible. I will try to help you. Place yourself on a certain location and that will help me find the right answer for you.

Look at this: Severity of your sexual exhaustion
I am positive I fall under this
I would place myself under Addictive Stage. I am not at the severely one because I have not seen any penis shrinkage or anything like that. Please help me if you can. Still haven't found anything.
I am going to share my secret
I am going to share my secret with you. I was addicted to masturbation as well and to help me combat that I used Mind Sante II. It really helped me just forget the past and move on from it. I no longer depended on porn or the stimulation of masturbating to feel better. I cleaned my mind from all of that and it helped me replace the time I used to masturbate with things that were really helpful to myself. I have also found something for your pain, Kanabo Rejuvenation. I found the one thing that seemed like it would help. I don't have experience using it but the reviews seem very positive.
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