Overmasturbation - my story - please advice

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Overmasturbation - my story - please advice
So hi guys I am new here.  I have never ever experienced overmasturbation in my life and I never tought it can happened. But now here I am. I noticed som strange feeling (not pain that time) in my lower abdomen some months ago but I did not care about it. And since I didnt care and I tought it will dissapear I masturbated over and over again and what is more I have edged many times. My penis and testicles began to shrink after masturbation and I noticed pain in my lower abdomen and in my testicles and also that pain was firing in my tighs. But this pain appeared like 1-2hrs after masturbation, maybe more. It lasts for 1 day (some hours of the day) and then it disappears. I noticed even weaker erections. But I found this site before I registered, I read about Nitric oxide so I bought Epimedium Leafs (for Tea) and Panax Ginseng and I must admit that my penis and testicles are almost back in shape (they stopped shrinking). Now my erections are normal as I noticed, I have lust to masturate, wich I lost before beause when I ejaculated it took my like 5 days to have normal hard erection. But one thing still persisted and that is pain. I quit masturbatin for lika 2 weeks and I felt no pain. I masturbated, everything went OK, my penis did not shrink but that pain appeared after some hours and persisted to the end of the day and then as always dissapeared. I tried it next day and it was the same. I cant describe if that pain is in my prostate (I DO NOT have blood in semen or painful peeing or any other typical symptoms for prostatitis), it is just this pain in lower abdomen, testicles, tighs. What will you recommend me please? And guys please note that I am not from USA so advice me individual herbs that I can find here in ym country. BTW: I have healthy diet, I dont smoke or drink alcohol, I dont take any other drugs, I am in my twenties so I assume it must be overmasturbation only. I think I have prostate inflamination and I am considering about Saw Palmetto to stop DHT build up. Any advices? Thanks for your time.
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