Over Masturbation Symptoms

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Over Masturbation Symptoms
i m 29 years old and still single, since around 12-15 years i m masturbating and sometime it was 2-3 times a day. my semen is alsmost like water, urination is very frequent just within half n hour or early after drinking water, and erection is not hard, quickly ejaculate, quickly get wet if talking to girl friend even on phone and even talk just about kiss i get wet. i get irritate quickly and anger on anyone and dont even think what i m saying and to whom and later on i realize that i did wrong i shouldnt do so. I suffer from frequent urination is not normal, which causes me embarrassment during travel or visit relatives, where I need the toilet more than once, especially if you drink water on an empty stomach, then I need to urinate every twenty minutes ago, as well as when eating oranges and tea, Have addicted for nearly 10 years this habit, and was practicing with a rate of 3 times a week, but in some cases up practicing her terribly, as I was watching pornographic films, as well as pornographic sites, which leads to a masturbation to approximately 7 - 8-9 times at the same time and same meeting, then I feel pain in my back, and I am sleeping in a strange, also felt that the semen is almost come to an end (this case was repeated about 8 times, I mean I've seen a number of films, and each time repeated practicing of the dirty habit about 8 times), i think that the bad habit caused the chronic prostate,for a long period i stooped for doing this habit but the  prevoius symptoms still exist,if any one
has the same symptoms and treated from it please do reply May Allah reward you I am in great suffering.
Addictive Stage of Sexual Exhaustion
Thank you for your blessing,

It seems like you are suffering from Addictive Stage of Sexual Exhaustion with chronic prostatits & enlargement:


Started masturbation before puberty and abusive masturbation due to porn addiction are the root causes of your problems. Try various ways to reduce sexual activies. There are many tips in this website that can prepare you mentally and physiologically to break away from these activities:


Take Care!

women who masturbate later in life
I started to masturbate when I was 12, then had my 1st sexual experience when I was 16. I was married when I was 18 and had a child when I was 19. Was divorced when I was 21 and was very sexually active. Remarried when I was 31 and had 2nd child when I was 38, seperated when I was 53. Which leaves me until now I am 63 and all day long I sit around naked fondle myself from the time I open my eyes until I fall a sleep, I masturbate as much as I can I have bought all sorts of sex toys and enjoy them immensily. I enjoy everything but don't know when this turns into an addiction.
Well an addiction is
Well an addiction is different to everyones standards. Everyone defines addiction in their own perspective. For me, addiction is when you have no self control to stop whatever it is you are doing. In your case, if you don't have the control to stop masturbating and that is the only thing on your mind all the time, then that is an addiction. Keep in mind, these are my views on addiction. I know other people might see it differently. 
caleb2passion is right. I
caleb2passion is right. I think everybody views addiction differently. My view on addiction is doing it excessively. From the story that you have shared, I would consider you as addicted to masturbating because you say that you sit all day masturbating until you end up falling asleep. You even have toys specifically for that. So my final say on the story you shared, yes, you are addicted because you masturbate ALL day long, excessively.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
To me masturbation is doing
To me masturbation is doing anything in excess as Alex put it. Also when you do something so much that it takes up most of your time and that is the only thing you focus on. You have no view of the world besides whatever occupies your mind and for you it would be masturbating.
My example of addiction would
My example of addiction would be smoking cigarettes. People who are addicted to smoking cigarrettes need to fulfill their craving of smoking cigarettes. They get anxious if they don't have a smoke after a certain time. It has to be a constant thing or else the body and mind start to have withdrawls. That is why when one quits smoking, it has to be done with time, slowly decreasing the amounts of cigarettes smoked until you no longer have to smoke a cigarette to fulfill the craving because the craving is gone.

It makes sense with your situation as well. You sit around masturbating all day. If you were to stop masturbating and do something else you would get this craving to masturbate and start feeling anxious because you weren't masturbating. You would start getting masturbation withdrawls as well because you are used to masturbating so often, addicted to masturbating. You need to stop slowly masturbating, decrease the times you masturbate and definitely don't masturbate until you fall asleep. Slowly stop and you will see you no longer need to masturbate so much because bottom line, you are addicted to masturbating.
Comments on over-masturbation
Bottom line is: masturbation, (at least to me) can be become an addiction. I've become a slave to it, but I'm not about to the rest of my life. I guess it's not just the sex act, but the orgasm,(which most can agree)feels like ecstasy,so it's like a drug that one can get addicted to. I'm trying to stop,but not very good at it. Looking at porn doesn't help either! At least I'm not doing these things all day long, but it's still festering on me. Keeping my mind busy on other things helps me,and not have a "wondering" mind,pertaining to getting on the computer,and then leading to one thing to another and straight to porn. I used to just masturbate,cause not for pleasure,but I felt so tense,like I needed a release of fluids. That part felt better,but I didn't feel right about it, which is my spiritual side telling me,it's wrong.
That is the bottom line. I
That is the bottom line. I have read a lot of comments all over this site and other forums of people that are addicted to masturbating and every single one of those persons had side effects. It may feel good like a drug, but when getting addicted to the drug, there will be consequences. Just try a new hobby, something that will take up a lot of time.
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