Over Masturbation Problems

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Over Masturbation Problems

Im in my early twenties, been doing "the habit" since I was 11 and did it excessively since recently. About 3 years ago, I started having pain in my testicles and rectum afer ejaculation. A year ago I was diagnosed with Prostatitis, and since then have been on numerous antibiotics with no help as such. 

Some schools of thought say my problem is not with the prostate, but chronic pelvic pain hence its muscular spasms of the pelvis. This is the second school of thought which believes Prostatitis is muscular, not bacterial.

Anywhow, I have gone cold turkey on masturbation and have recently left it completely. I have less pain, since the pain is usually afer ejaculating or while sitting. Below are my symptoms:

Pelvic Pain (Pain in testicles, perineum, lower back pain and rarely rectum)
Hair Loss 
Mood Swins/Anxiety as well as "The Chaser Effect".
Weaker Erection than before - this started a few months ago possibly when I was going through more stress
Premature Ejaculation - this started a few months ago possibly when I was going through more stress

*I haven't purchased any supplement from here, but I am willing to give it a try. I did try Ginseng (Panax+American) and that made my Prosatitis WORSE.*

Hence, what supplement should I buy for my Prostate/Pelvic Pain syndrome and Over masturbation? I do not want to try anything with Ginseng as I'm afraid It'll make the problems worse. So far I am not taking any antibiotics or western medicine.

Currently Taking:

B-Complex 50 (This really I think helps me with the Pelvic Pain)
Turmeric Capsule
Milk everyday along with Calcium tablet

I would love to speak to one of the people or experts who run this website for direct advice.

Look forward to your reply. Im changing my life for a better, healthier future in every way. 
Hi, I am also currently having pelvic pain, testicles, pain between groin and anus.I don't have hair lost or fatigue. But I have body ache which is irritating. Currently cut down lots of inflammatory food, doing exercise everyday and taking fish oil. Need more suggestion on herbs I can take as well. Tq. I have also quit masturbating past 10 days

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