over masturbation = premature grey hair ?

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over masturbation = premature grey hair ?
Hello all. I am 24 year old and since the beggining of my 20 , even when i was 19 i start to find some grey hairs around my hair. With the time the gray hair become more and more and for the last 2 year I am trying everything that i can find in the internet to cure it and stop it. Now maybe 30 % of my hair is grey which is alot.. I start realizing that over masturbation maybe the cause of this . What do you think ? Cuz i find some topics in the internet that maybe overmasturbation can cause grey hair and now I am starting to think thas my problem. I am desperate and I am asking for advice from you . I will stop masturbating , already ordered FO TI root and Dong Quai but do you think this will help me ? Is there anything else that i can do cuz i fell like all of my hair is going to get grey. Please give me advice..
I also want to aks what is
I also want to aks what is the best way to take He shou wu powder ? with water or with what ? Cuz in some places people say that its not good to take it with water cuz you wont get the full benefitsh of the herb. So that confuses me and dont know how to take it.. ?
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