Over Masturbation. Please help

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Over Masturbation. Please help
Hello everyone and thank you for this useful website. 
I wanted to share my problem whiches bladder problem I'm suffering from going to bathroom every 15-30 min this started before one month after masturbating a lot next day I woke and I started going to the bathroom every 10 min or 15 to 30 min. I went to the hospital they did test for urine they found white blood cell which indicated infection. The urine culture showed no bacteria that means no infection! I went to gyno doctor she test my vagina and after the test showed that there is a yeast infection so I took the medicine and cream. They gave me also something to drink cause my urine ph is high so to balance they told me to drink it. I did for three days only. after days the problem strat to disappear I though oh so maybe this's because of the yeast they irritated my urethra or due to the dehydration. Last week I masturbated again more than one time like maybe 4 days continuously. Next day which is I guess Friday The same problem came back again I started to feel sad and depresses I think the problem is linked with my over masturbating so I promised myself to stop. Now it's been one whole week and I'm having the problem I go to the bathroom and still, there's urine and when I go only little comes out. I feel pressure right there and burning sensation in my vagina. So my question will this problem stop or what? I wish it can stop cause I'll not masturbate again. is there's any solution? and when it will stop and how please help cause I'm depressed and sad. I can't function normally! 
Note : I'm 20 years old
Try doing something else
Try doing something else physical like rock climbing biking or lifting weights. this can cause the same kind of release as masturbation and will hopefully take your mind off it, or at least slow it down

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