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over masturbation
Little nervous about writing this but I'm freaking out. Okay so I've been masturbating for a while I probably started around 13 or 11 and now I'm afraid I've caused problems as a result. I don't remember when I started to put objects inside, but I bleed a lot while doing it. In addition, I felt a weird bump (best word I could think of) in the viginal way in the back next to the certex. I tried to stop masturbating, but I do it as a way to relief stress. What should I do? In addition, how should I stop over masturbating?
The best way to stop
The best way to stop masturbation is to just get your mind on different things. Keep busy and tire yourself out so much that you just fall asleep instead of having that extra time to masturbate. May I ask what your current age is and how long you've been putting items in that started causing the bleeding? This does not sound safe at all.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Well you're admitting you
Well you're admitting you have the problem so that's a step in the right direction. I would try to pinpoint the source of the problem and trying to solve it. The root of overmasturbation usually revolves around insecurity and self esteem and that normally gets solved the more confident you become in yourself as well as the activities you partake in. You have to find stuff to do and figure out what is the root of your problem before you can accurately solve it.
quitting masturbation.
Teen quitting msturbation for a lifetime effetcs,adv,dis adv,remedies? since 6 year old boy i am masturbating.now i am 19 year old. HABIT i used to do it sometimes regular,sometimes once a month,somtimes once a year.when i was 17(excessive only this year) year old,i was doing excessively almost regularly.wen i start i ll never end it for one time.i used to do 4,6,8 times continously.12 time is my maximum only one time though .i had ocd problem so i was doing evenly(2,4,6,8). PROBLEMS 1.i hav little bend in pen*s. 2.i dont get full satisfaction at first time.(wen i wa s young i used get full satisfied for only one time but now i have to do more times,although i get proper erection and proper amount of semens) 3.i usuall do it in a minute now(but in young age i was last longer) REMEDIES is thera any yoga or any excercise or any remedies to recover QUITING i had tried quit many times.like for months.this time i am succeesfull not doing it for 500 days.but 501th day i masturbated 8 times. that is today. i am decided to quit for lifetime or until i get married.so my ques is what happens if i dont masturbate for 10 years from now?will i get cure by my excessive masturbation damages(bend in penis & full satisfaction at first time &will i last longer Another question Once I did 8 times a day consecutively is it normal,if not then,what may happen?
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