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You are welcome
When I had a problem with acne, I remember that I used clindamycin lotion. It is very efficient. 
Where can I get clindamycin
Where can I get clindamycin lotion. I live in Africa.

Where can I get the
Where can I get the clindamycin lotion. I live in Africa.

I can't tell you whether you can buy this lotion somewhere in Africa. Ask pharmacists in your country about this product. At the end, i am certain that you can pucrhase it over the internet. 
Alright. Thanks a lot.
Alright. Thanks a lot.

You are welcome
Is there any problem in the
Is there any problem in the site? I posted my comments which are still not approved. I also created new topic but not published.
How can I ask question and get the answer?


That happens sometimes. When
That happens sometimes. When the site detects keywords that are known to be spam, they are filtered out or get sent to a mediator to approve. It should be a matter of time if they got sent to approval.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Addicted to masturabation
I am 42 years old divorced. I have been masturabating from a long time. I suffer from intense hair loss, I've lost all the hair from the top of my head and I have very thin hair on my back, I also suffer from mood swings and lethargy. 10 days back I came across a forum on Internet regarding masturabation can cause hair loss and since that day I have stopped masturabating. My question is is it possible to get my hair back????
It is possible to restore
It is possible to restore some of your hair back. There are some very great ways to do so and they are mostly natural. Where would you put yourself in the levels of severity?
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Very Severe

I put myself under very severe category. Now it is more than 20 days and I have completely stopped jerking and my hair is still falling. 
Have you tried anything to
Have you tried anything to help you out?
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
I have tried propecia and minoxidil
I have not tried anything from this forum. But in past I have tried a lot of other things and nothing worked for me. I applied mintop 5% and simultaneously I have taken finpecia 1mg for a very long time but nothing worked for me.

In past I was a heavy smoker. Smoking can also cause hair fall so in 2007 I decided and gave up smoking forever and since then I have never smoked a single puff. At that time I used to have quite decent hair and I was only balding on the forehead.

I have stopped masturbating from past 20 days and I have noticed some positive changes in myself. I used to have dark circles which are now gradually decreasing. My eyes used to look very dull but now it seems like they are rejuvenating. Earlier I used to hardly sleep for 2 to 3 hours but now I am able to sleep for 6 to 7 hours.

Believe me I used to have very dense hair and my hairline  used to start just above my eyebrows and at that time I never thought I will ever go bald in my life. I want to get my hair back so please help me out.
It seems like you have
It seems like you have suffered really badly from the many years of masturbation. Let this play out a little longer with no masturbation and you will start seeing results. You need all your hormones and chemicals to get back to normal. It seems like your testosterone is still turning into more DHT than your body needs. Let your body rest and try to get your testosterone back to normal.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Thanks for your reply.
Alex... Thanks for your kind reply and I will follow your suggestions carefully. I have passed one month of NoFapping with ease and will continue to do so for ever. In past I was severely addicted to porn especially to Chaturbate. I've lost lot of money moreover my precious health (hair) as well. There is no point now in regretting how I ruined my past and it is better for me to focus on my present and future that is to never go to watch porn again and baith. Till now I have controlled quite well and the urge to watch porn and masturabate has also drastically diminished. There are some positive changes which I have noticed after quitting fap, my face used to look dull and I used to have droopy eyes and now I look bright and my eyes look vibrant. I will continue with these positive changes and keep you posted on my developments. 
it has been few weeks but my
it has been few weeks but my post is not approved. there are spams in the forum which is grtting post but not mine


I wanted explain my current
I wanted explain my current situation again and request any changes after medication.
I have been suffering from severe sexual problem.
I am 33 years old and I dont remember when i started masturbation (at age of 10-12). But I dont hand practice rather I masturbate in prone position. Sometimes I do prone masturbation without hardness/erection forcefully and very frequent and I think that has causes my all problems.

I realized following problems and reported in this forum:
1. I dont have any erection. I aroused by watching porn or sexual thoughts and masturbate quickly in prone position by pressing my dick against bed. Also I start to leak a lot / precum. Too much sexual thoughts causing leakage very often.
2. As soon as I am aroused, I also started an urge for pee.
3. I ejaculate quickly. During masturbation, prone position cases ejaculation. During trying sex, i ejaculate in few seconds.
4. I have severe hair loss problem. I have lost half of my hair in recent year. I tried medicine but no luck.
5. Groin area pain (like pain around testicle, lower abdomen, lower back pain)
6. tiredness, fatiguess
7. No morning erection
8. no energy in legs and hands, calf muscles are not having any power
9. smoker (4-5 per day)
10. Curved penis
11. Penis is shrinked / soft and small testicle (I feel so, may be its just my over reaction)

lately I found another problem. I am having problem in urination. feeling frequent urine urge and seems bladder not getting empty as it should be. If I hold the urine, its difficult to hold and after urine sometime having discomfort in groin area. sometimes drops after urination

I stopped masturbating since last year but my problem persists. Sometimes I cant control but masturbation frequency has become very less like once a month or so. I tried hand masturbating but failed. I dont able to ejaculate with hand and take very long. I have too much desire for sex but not able to do that. The problem gets worse when i got married last year. Due to erectile dysfunction I am not able to sex. If i am able to insert with soft erection, I quickly ejaculate.
I started taking Rejuven Recovery System tablets since last year and then LoveLonger III but no significant improvements. But there were gaps in between. Due to fear I only take one tablet a day from the bottle.

Now i am not getting aroused easily. Severe hairfall, scalp irritation, itching, flakes coming out and getting bald from center. No concentration in work,

I have completely ruined my life and I dont know what to do. I have lost the glow of my face, i look like 40+.

Please help me and suggest me the right medicines. I want to live life.


Hello,My name is Matt im 31

My name is Matt im 31 and have been masterbating for over 20 years and for the past 8-9 years i have been VERY VERY addicted to it and find myself masterbating/ejaculating 7+ times a day with my mental condition i have very little/no contact with the outside world and very little in the way of money

I am suffering from the following

Small penis
Lack of Sleep/almost no sleep
Hair loss/Hair thinning

I have been to many forums about this over the years and nothing has helped i hope this forum will be the one and ty too all who help
Hi, Im a 25 year old male. For 3,5 year ago I was masturbating and during my ejaculation i felt pain in my left testicle and its hurted for 2-4days and after its stopped but since then I slowly felt my 'sense of control' that I normally had in my BC muscle and penis area getting worse and going away and at the same time I felt that same sense of control get uncomfortably stronger in my anus muscles. Since that day I have been in complete misery because I can no longer identify with my penis or surrounding areas AND INSTEAD I have this constant over-concentrated sense of control in my anal muscles.  FOR EXAMPLE: If I try holding my pee or just contracting that muscle in general, my anal muscles contract instead involuntarily.  I feel my anus contract instead of my BC/penis muscle and my erections don't feel normal at all.  So to sum it all up basically I have a total lack of BC muscle/penis control AND INSTEAD I have this CONSTANT sense of anal muscle control/feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, over-exaggerated, and de-masculinizing.  I also suffer from hairloss and its killing me!!? What do you prefer me to do?  Regards!!
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O.M issues
Am Michael from Nigeria. I started masturbating 5-6years ago and thought was doing the right thing until some yrs ago that I began to notice some strange things in my body like pains and weakness at the left hand side of my from head to toe including my chest,weak erection, premature ejaculation, wet dreams, loss of memory, back pains, E.D, leaking penis, urinary issues, testicular pains penile shrinkage, general weakness and pains,blurred vision and other symptoms, Please I really need help though I stopped masturbating like a year ago but do experience wet dreams and all these symptoms which Am Not happy about.. please prescribe the necessary drugs and How to get them here in Nigeria...I humbly await your positive response, please.... thanks
Very slow progress
I am impatient. Is it possible that 8 months of taking care of myself (very few masturbations, lot of water and fruits, seeds as well)  is not enough to see any real improvement?

Picture was taken yesterday. I think it shows great improvement. Best wishes!!

Over masterbation
Hi All,

I have been silently suffering from Over masterbation issues and I have been masterbating since age of 16. Surprisingly I got my symptoms of Eye floaters & Facial muscle tightening and anxiety very early, as early as 17 years. I had not even masterbated much or did not even know what was wrong.

I figured out the reasons behind these weird symptoms but however failed to curb masterbation addiction. The funny thing is I look perfectly healthy and have achieved great success in career & play sports, run long distances (have completed 3 half marathons). I am a bit over weight but the anxiety issues keep coming on and off once a month or so.

Symptoms include 1. Facial muscle tightening 2. Eye floaters 3. Sleeplessness 4. Anxiety & Fear 5. Stress symptoms like shivering and parkinsons symptoms.I have curbed masterbation down to twice a week for almost one year

I am 28 years old and now i am facing some symptom or the other every day.  Each symptom lasts for 2 days and then it changes into something else. I recently got a girlfriend and found it difficult to keep my erections up.  The symptos suddenly increased and so I decided to get the medicines.

I bouth the Fantasia rejuvenation medicines and have used it for 2 weeks  so far. My morning erections are back and its very strong.. to the point of almost not letting me sleep!! Very effective in maintaining the erections and had a good bit of sex last week with my girlfriend with decnetly hard erections and held up for 15 mins penetrating her which at one point I would consider as impossible.

However, the Anxiety symptoms which i mentioned earlier do not seem to go away. I do understand this problem has been a part of me for 10 years and I cant expect it to go away in 2 weeks..  but is there an end ot this? How do I manage anxiety. Will 3 months of this medicine yield results? My prolactin levles are under control from blood test and Testosterone is average (mid range value). 

Kindly give me some confidence and share some insights. I am still worried about having constant anxiety symptoms and quality of life is suffering .

Best Regards.


I guess that is the route i
I guess that is the route i will take.

This is what i need right?

Fantasia Rejuven Recovery System - For Severely Addictive Exhaustion
or is it something else i need ?

Has anyone been cured?
I am struggling with leaky penis.. has anyone found anything that will help??


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