Orgasm without ejaculating

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Orgasm without ejaculating
I heard from somewhere that it's possible for a man to have an orgasm without ejaculating. Is that in anyway possible? If it is, then how is it different and how does it feel?
The is something that is
The is something that is called a dry orgasm. It is not really healthy and there is really something that should be done about it immediately. It is very important to get checked up if this is a problem because it can be caused by an unhealthy prostate and heck, maybe even prostate cancer. Be careful with that.
Chase is right. It can be
Chase is right. It can be caused by prostate enlargement. I would be very careful with all of that just in case. Here is an article of a surgery because of it. I found this article, Transurethral Surgery For Prostate Enlargement which will give you all the facts for all of this.
This answer is much better
This article provides the perfect answer into exactly what a dry orgasm is and how it can be bad and also how to take care of it. That article is "No Semen, No Sperm… Know Why. The mystery of Dry Orgasm revealed". If you read it you will know exactly what is going on and how it works.And just to answer your questions, it is possible to do and it is very different because it is not normal.
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