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Orgasm question
Hello, I can't get an orgasm when I have sex. Is this because I am not able to relax or can it be some kind of disease?
To me it sounds like you
To me it sounds like you might be having some problems with the sensitivity from your clitoris. This is causing the clitoris not to be able to experience the full on arousal and therefore it is causing you not to be able to experience an orgasm. I would highly suggest that you find a way to take care of this. I have found sort of a guide on here that should help you out for the most part. It's called Female Orgasm Difficulty - Caused by Clitoral Insensitivity. That should be more than enough. If you need anything else just let me know.
Product Question
vaginal repair product before I order just wanted to make sure it doesn't cause insomnia? Since I'm a spazz and have anxiety don't want to add to it...just want a good sex life and sleep too. :) Thank you!

Lori Smith

You're in luck! The great
You're in luck! The great thing about herbal products is that they have no side effects. You won't experience insomnia and like you said, you'll be able to enjoy your sex life and get your normal sleep. No need to worry about not sleeping, just worry about enjoyment. Because you will experience a lot of enjoyment.

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
We all knwo that herbal
We all knwo that herbal remedies are much safer as compare to artificial. But still you need to consult with professional physcian for the better help, because there are many root cause that contribute this problem. 

All is well.

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