numb penis glands

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numb penis glands

i had an epididymitis orchitis infection some years back, had it treated but now i get weak erections and my penis glands has no feeling to it. scan shows a slight enlargement to my prostate and a small calcification. i cannot get erection by physical stimulation any more. i can fantasize and get erection but it doesnt last coz i dont feel anything on my glans. also do not get morning erections. i feel pain on my groin area, like nerve pain. nerves that are connected to the penis. i feel slight pain on the bladder area in the morning when i am still in bed. usually when morning erection should happen, please help me.

Was there any sort of side
Was there any sort of side effects that you were warned about before getting your infection treated? They had to have warned you about things like this happening. Based on what you are saying it does sound like prostate enlargement. That isn't a hard problem to fix and you can take care of it yourself with natural products. They should help your prostate reduce in size (swelling) and take care of the symptoms you are experiencing. In your case I would recommend that you take Prosta Juven. That and along with taking care of yourself should be more than enough to restart your sexual life to how it was before.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
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