new user need advice on where to start? PE, ED due to over masterbation.

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new user need advice on where to start? PE, ED due to over masterbation.
Hi need expert advice. Im new to this site and after reading case studies, articles and many forumes i dont know where to start. There is just so much information on this site and so many products. This is the first time ever postin somthing on any site so dont mind the mistakes. I have been masterbating since 13, even before i could ejaculate. Im now 23. I recently quit masterbation and started living a more healthy lifestyle. Diet nd excersize. I noticed these problems since i started having sex with my GF. The problems: I dont last more then 5-10 seconds after insertion.even the second time. I have very thining hair. Always tired and slow. Fatigue No sex drive. Pre cum starts very fast. Befor and after ejaculation. Have trouble keeping erection. Gets soft very fast. I was looking at the golden metal lock pills so far they seem like the thing i need. I dont know whats the best thing to do though so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Bro I am going through the
Bro I am going through the same..even worse ..I would like to add fee more symptoms in my case...I am also suffering from spermatorrhea that is leaking of sperms along with urine...whenever I pee..I found that mu urine is sticky...too much fatigue..can't even study...I feel sleepy all the there anyone who can suggest me what to do

Rehan khan

How much "mucuna powder " can
How much "mucuna powder " can help or harm a  body with (unstable ) low testosterone level to  a man of 49 year old?
I have been expereineced the prblem since I turned 40.
Is there any other good natural stuff to improve my problem without using prescribed drugs ?
I am Sharing my experience, I
I am Sharing my experience, I consulted few doctors and wasted huge amount, Recently I found on a specialized forum about ED Solution, They referred one of the best guides and I started to implement all the method and apply their techniques, It helps me to overcome from ED naturally, anyone looking for natural solution read the full guide from here
 One of the best guides in online I highly recommended.

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drink more
you have to drink more milks and eat well 

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