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Need help

Hi. I am in love with my colleague and we have decided to get married soon. Before that I suggested him to go for a date. Though he didn’t show much interest in the beginning, he later said “yes”. Can anyone here imagine what happened on our date? I felt something fishy about his nature when he tried to avoid all discussions regarding sex. I would intentionally talk about various postures we should try and things like that. But he would just change the topic. Finally, I lost my patience and asked him directly whether he has any sexual problems? He said he doesn’t have any sexual issues, but he has hanging breasts like girls. He used to wear an overcoat always to hide them. I was not able to digest this and was mad at him. But later, when I just thought about his condition I felt sorry for him. He is very caring and loving. To have such a problem is not his mistake anyways. I have decided to be with him and help him.  One of his friends suggested a male breast reduction surgery in Toronto.
Anyone here had undergone this procedure? I am not worried about the expense, I am ready to spend all my savings for him but I need to know whether this procedure is effective. Will there be any side effects? Can he lead normal sex life after this? Please advise.

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