My recovery story from overmasturbation

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i av been masturbating since 2004. i m experiencing some negative effects like weak erection, leaking seminal fluid even before any foreplay, easily ejaculate within seconds on penetration, frequent urination and curved penis. pls what will i do to get normal again? will i be able to have children?. pls someone should help me

please i need help

Effects of over masturbation
I  almost 28 years, and have been masturbating from the age 10, i know i have lost a lot of hormones and this affected the size of my penis, the flacid state of my penis is worrisome,  I stopped masturbating 2 years ago, but my flacid penis is troubling me and i have lacked some confidence, please how do i get your product, penile rejuvenation and growth or the best recommendation from you, and i would love to know how long it will take me to recover to the normal state Health, please i need a quick adice and response. I reside in Nigeria, Thanks for the article

Believe in yourself.. U have the power to change anything and everything..


Believe in yourself.. U have the power to change anything and everything..


Believe in yourself.. U have the power to change anything and everything..


Believe in yourself.. U have the power to change anything and everything..

I met up an injury during last few month's After sex . Plz try to help me out of this.. I have taken the doctor prescription bt it help me when I taking dat pills. Afterwards problem repeated. Wat to do


This is all just lies
It seems like this websites is just trying to scare kids into not masturbating. There really hasn't been any medical studys showing that 'Over-Masturbation' makes it hard for you to sleep or continue to get an erection or 'drain' your body of its chemical needs. Talk to a real doctor, not some unknown on a website called herballove. You can become addicted to porn and that can cause you to have problems with getting an erection to normal people. You can hurt nerves in your penis by masturbating on your belly or gripping your penis too hard but you cannot hurt your body by masturbating daily. Your body produces semen constantly and it's healthy, if you don't use it, it eventually comes out in your pee. The testis are completely seperate from the parts of your body that produce chemicals you require to function normally. This website is just trying to sell you on some kind of shitty diet or medicine. 'Mind-Control Medicine' take a good look at what you are reading. In fact a recent study has shown that men who achieve orgasm at least once a day are 22% less likely to get prostate cancer. Over Maturbation isn't a thing you ignorant fools.

Don't believe all the shit on the Internet!

please is there somebody who can explain me these products?
The one which can help me, according precisely to my case.
Which is
i have been masturbating since 18old, almost everyday
by 23 i started to have some little back pain, but it goes generally by a massage or a good rest.
I also began to be more and more tired.
At this time that im writting, iam 28old. i can say the back pain is heavy to live with. the pain day long.
The lower part of my back hurts, i remark that when i do so sport exercise like running, my knee just
end by hurting.
I stop masturbating for 2 months now but it dont seem there is a change in my back pain.
I would like to know which is the appropriate products here which can help me trough this.
I just don't want to have this back pain anymore.
i forget an important thing also.
it is the fact that i dont sleep much, i can be in bed but impossible to sleep.
i think there is a link. Before when i have problem to sleep, the masturbation is the easy way to sleep quick.
but now im fighting it. instead im in bed turning and turnin over and over again.
i am 26 when i was 13 i masterbate rugularly more than three times per day for past 10 years know i suffering from impotence ,hard to urine,pain when bowel movement,flow out white fluid like sperm after urination,and also i can't get baby i suffering infertility problem due to very excessive over erections are completely gone and nerves are destroyed .i am going through my toughest time in life. how to overcome all my problem. and how can i buy your herbs iam from Ethiopia i have family in france,USA and canada so if you tellme full of your address may be i can get your products through them?


Sir I have mastrubutation since 3years now I had found that testiscular shrinkage so what should I do now I stop mastrubutation
Sir I have mastrubutation since 3years now I had found that testiscular shrinkage so what should I do now I stop mastrubutation
Please I need help on how to stop masturbation I don't care how extreme it is. Just help me . I have been at it since I can remember Buh am guessing 14years of my life hasbern dedicated to wasting my precious sperm, I need help. My penis has reduced, I have little or no sperm, baldness and incredible weight gain. Can't tell no one not even my parents. I don't know what to do. Anybody out other that feels the same way I do now and has conquered this beast should come to my aid.... Pls. Masturbation is not good at all people should refrain from saying it is... They lie to us and destroy our manhood. I can only hold myself for a week or two before I go back to that shit. Pls help me. My tested I'd as small as mars now. Sometimes my penis muscle just spasms without control and I get orgasm at night when am sleeping without touching myself. Am so fucked up now.. I have tried willpower, prayer and all. No change. Pls how do we get dem medd here in Nigeria considering the different currency.

I want to get rid of masturbation

recovery of hair
How many days does it require to gain my hair back.I loss my hair due to many days does it required to gain hair thicker by quitting mastubration?
Anil believe in god
Overmasterbation please help
Hi I started to watch porn and u know masterbate at like age 14 and everything seemed normal, now at 17 I had kept masterbathing until one day I noticed that my testicles were smaller now and freeked out, I didnt tell nobody because of the emberesment, IM SCARED I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! Recently I noticed that my semen is more liquid now, please someone help me! How bad am?!? Can I be healed!?! Please tell what should I do?! I'm only 17
Testicle shrinkage
Mostly I want to know how to fix my small teticles that I suffered from overmasterbathing so please help
Solution For Erectile Dysfunction
I consulted more than 7 doctors for my ED problem, but the medicines are not permanent and i lost huge amount, recently i read one of the guide from online and i followed the natural treatment method step by step within few days i recovered fully from ED,  i highly recommended to all , read the full guide from here
all the best to cure from ED fast.
Cheked the link , it's says
Cheked the link , it's says the page can't be found
Never mind it does work
Never mind it does work
Weight Loss
Does anyone know a cure/herbal remedy for weight loss after taking SSRI's. I have all these over-masturbation issues and took an SSRI for years and now that i'm off them I can't seem to gain weight. It's been over a year now and it's a struggle. I'm seeing a TCM but can't seem to find the right herbs. Tried Yin based but that only works for a bit (or not at all). Can someone please help. 

Jackson Pollack

i need help
Please,where can I get your products in Nigeria


Solution for ED
My recovery story from overmasturbation, One of the Online guide helped to recovered from the masturbation, it is very easy to follow, i highly recommended to all read one time to all, now i am happy with my wife,
All the best .

please i solution to my problem.i have masturbated for some years now and i have got all the bad effect cause by masturbation like seminal leakage,premature ejaculation and loss of my hairs.please what medicine should i use and can i get some to buy.thank you


Hii alex,I'm 21 years old and
Hii alex,I'm 21 years old and I'm facing similar pblms like hair lose,hair thinning,darkness of skin, acne prblm about penis like shrink,and curved,I used to masturbate whn I was 16 and I did it for a year only. before that I was a good looking person wid full of hairs and glowing skin bt today it is cmpltly opposite..I am also facing prblm of low voice,less concentration, low confidence...and i took so many treatments like alopathy,homiopathy,auirveda for hair loss bt their results are upto only 2-3 months..and nw I want to solve all the pblms plz help mi to recover from this,,and does this medicine affect mi as I took so many treatments for hair loss..any side effects if.. how I get this medicine as I'm living in india ,plz hlp mi..thankyu..


am suffering from baldness due to masterbation
kindly assist me to grow my hair back.. am in Kenya ..let's communicate on how I can get the drug here in coastal Kenya.. n what diet should I concentrate on coz my body is really wasted n my skin is soooo dry... I also have Lowe back pain n acnes too .
help joel get his hair back
am in Kenya as said earlier... kindly assist me get the drugs much depressed.. I feel not like any other man... my body is wasting, hair thinnig n my losss....
Issue in the penis head
I masturbate twice a day and I used to get a great pleasure from it but lately when I ejaculate, I don't feel much pleasure like it used to be. What’s wrong with me? I don’t smoke nor take alcohol. I get my erections alright. This happens only when I masturbate by lying on the bed and rubbing my penis on the pillow (that's how I like to do it). But when I use my hand, and do it like most of us do, I get a better pleasure. But even then after a few days I don't feel much pleasure at all.. . Has  overmasterbation casued some nurve damage in my penis head ? I think the issue is with my penis head... If I stop mastebating for some time will this be over ? . If so , how long should I stop ? . This is driving me crazy ! can someone please answer me...  I want this nigtmare to end.


Please tell me more cos I
Please tell me more cos I have the same problem


Please I started mastubation
Please I started mastubation when I was 11 years old and now am 24yrs, I now have a soft penis, I was ashamed of my self last night when I invited a proustite to have sex with her, when I brought out my pennis it was to soft that it refuse to stand and the girl was Luke suspecting if I used my penis for money rituals. Please tell me what to do because I can't stand this shame


the solution for over
the solution for over mastubation is you have to drink  a lot of milk
Hello everyone,  fertility in
Hello everyone,  fertility in men can really be bad. A man dosent get pregnant dont mean man cannot be infertile. i had a very little size of pennis. my manhood cannot perform like normal. any woman i meet thinks i am not man enough and they leave me so easily because i cant satisfy them. i fell in love with a lady that claims she loves me too but she has to cheat on me because i cant satisfy her emotionally. then i started looking for a solution to my problem becasue i dont want to share her with anyone and also i need a child to call my own.
 I read a story on how Dr EDIONWE helped a woman got pregnant then i thaught of contacting him because its a similar problem. initially, i wanted to give it just a try. i contacted him via email: [email protected], he talked with me and i gave him full attention. words cannot express the wonders this man did in my life, so i think i have to share the good news because i know there are many peopele facing same or similar problems today. i am happy with my family now and a proud father of two kids. contact him via email: [email protected]


HELP me please
Hi, i have been mastuburating since 16 years and now i'm 20. I'm experiencing severe side effects now, i have hairfall,headache,nervousness,depression and blurred vision.I masturbated daily,and my mind continues to tell me to do it.Please Help me how to recover from this situation.I feel like what should i do?24 hrs.Please Help me to do so.
HELP me please
Hi, i have been mastuburating since 16 years and now i'm 20. I'm experiencing severe side effects now, i have hairfall,headache,nervousness,depression and blurred vision.I masturbated daily,and my mind continues to tell me to do it.Please Help me how to recover from this situation.I feel like what should i do?24 hrs.Please Help me to do so.
Hello sir, I too started
Hello sir, I too started masterbating at 13 ,my testes &pennis are small and I had problem of loss of muscles, my body was very thin and suffering from knees & backpain .I need treatment suggestions and inform me how much it may cost for treatment approximately.
Thanks For Sharing !!
Thanks For Sharing your story. Masturbation is a natural and healthy part of your sexual life. As you are growing up your hormones are going crazy and you haven't quite yet learnt how to control them. Watching porn is also OK, if it is not affecting any part of your life and your health in a negative way, like missing school to stay at home and watching it or avoiding going to see youe buddies. There are appropriate times when you can masturbate, in a private place. Doing it in front of other people when they have not given you permission is illegal and you could get into trouble. From what you've said the situation doesn't sound bad, nothing terrible will happen because of it so just let it go, and enjoy your life. Don't give up masturbation because it is perfectly normal and healthy, just do it when you know it's safe to do so
Excellent post. Thank you
Excellent post. Thank you very much!!


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