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OM Problems
Thanks Alex for your reply. I'm going to follow everything you say seriously and to begin with, I'll purchase the supplements you've specified as soon as possible, I hope they ship to my country. I'm also requesting for your guidance on the best diet and exercise plan for my recovery because i've been clueless about this. Thanks once again.

Glad I could help Moses. As
Glad I could help Moses. As for diet and exercise plan, I would say that the exercise plan is up to you. You know the limits of your own body, I don't. For eating, just make sure to eat a lot of fruits and leafy green vegetables. That will provide plenty of valuable nutrients. Also, if possible, eat meat and fish at least once a week. The red meat will provide proper proteins and other nutrients and the fish will provide the needed omega fatty acids to your body.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot.

Ple tell the medicine for premature ejaculation and proper erection


There is a great solution
There is a great solution that will help both premature ejaculation and also strengthening erections. You should read the guide for Premature Ejaculation with Weak Erections. There you will find a lot of information to help you understand everything you need to know. There are also a lot of Herbal Solutions for Poor Erection and Premature Ejaculation. This is a really common problem and quite simple to fix.
There are many medicines to
There are many medicines to help with premature ejaculation and erections. Would you feel comfortable sharing information on how your problems occured? One of the most popular formulas for this problem are Herbal Solutions for Poor Erection and Premature Ejaculation. You can use this and it should help your exact problem. Astra Vigor & Endurance will help you last longer and have a much stronger erection.
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Also what is the procedute to ask to Stephen Kwan about the problem as i have send the detailed mail to him but no reply.

What is the procedure to ask the problem from him on forum


Stephen is just one of the
Stephen is just one of the many experts on this website like myself. You can get opinions from all of us. I can help you with any questions you may have and you can also get some feedback from other users who might have experienced the same problems as yourself.
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From where to arrange those medicine and how to take


You will not find those on
You will not find those on this website and I don't remember the website that I got them from but you can try googling them. I also used some of the herbs on this website to help me out such as Raw Orchic. I will put a link for those in the bottom. Try searching for them trough Google and you should find them.
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OM Effects
@ Alex,

As I ealier siad I'm also a victim of OM and I seem to get confused as I read more articles and reviews from this site

I  have all the most of the symptoms of OM and Im looking for something that would be good for a total recory especially that for PE & ED but there seem to be too many herbs I can choose from and that seems confusing

Why a single problem can have quite many different herbs that can solve it!

Thank You


This shouldn't cause that
This shouldn't cause that much confusion. You are suffering from 3 different things, the symptoms of OM, Premature Ejacualtion and Erectile Dysfunction. These won't all be able to get fixed with one set of herbs. You need to go based on which problem is the worst and move on from there. I would say that your worst problem is OM because that is a big part of each of the other problems. Fix that and you will be able to fix the problems you are experiencing.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
OM Effects

I thought my PE & ED is as a result of OM?

Well so where do I start from?

What herbs do you recommend I buy and how long do I use it?



PE and ED do result from OM
PE and ED do result from OM but since these are some of the major symptoms you experience and in most cases they are treated as individual problems. My best advice for a point to start would be with your OM. It is possible that if you take care of you OM that will also take care of both your PE and ED. If you don't see any changes, then it is time to start treating them as an individual problem.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
My best advice is to check
My best advice is to check this list off and then just follow the table to guide you through to the right solution. I don't know all your symptoms or how much you masturbated but it is simple to follow and place yourself. Please look at this link and diagnose yourself in the proper area...
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.












Can you possibly provide us
Can you possibly provide us with more information? What's your age and what do you think caused your problems? From what I read, it seems to be like masturbation is your problem. When did this start and how long did it go on for? I hope you can provide us with more information about yourself to understand your lifestyle and so we can give you a specific personal plan to help you with your problems.
hi mike

since long masturbating but 2-3 times in a week...but whenever masturbate start thinking about having sex with girl to ejaculate soon. now ejaculate within seconds without proper erection. when ever watch movie or think about sex white colour liquid start coming out. perhaps this could be the reason.

presently age is 33.

Kindly advise.


The great thing about your
The great thing about your problem is that it is easily fixable. You just need to try new things to last longer. Have you ever tried those desensitizing sprays? They helped me last a lot longer. Also, if you use a cockring, it will be so much easier as well.
Dear Newton NA and Stephen Kwan
I have used masturbation at the age of 16 now my age is 23. Due to over masturbation Now i have some problems with my health which are listed below:
1:Weak and thin penis.
2:Spurms are very thin and comes out when i think about sexy things and also in watching porn.
3:my penis veines(roots) are vary weak and it cannot stand straight.
4:I feel pain in my back and in legs.
5:Now I'm addicted porn due to my dirthy thoughts.
Dear Newton NA I have read your story.
I am very worried and request you to both of you kindly suggest some Treatment for me for complete treatment. kindly mention the way to buy and about their usage ?

Kindly do me this favor.I'm waiting for your reply
Thank You!

Fahad meer

This story of yours sounds a
This story of yours sounds a lot like mine. It's okay, remember to keep positive. A positive mind will get you whatever you want. You will be able to recover from this, I am living proof. My first piece of advice is to get as far away as possible from anything that will cause you to masturbate, especially from the porn.

Pick up a hobby or something to do that will get you away from your porn addiction, this can be very problematic in the long run. As for a treatment plan I am first going to ask that you take something to relieve your body of the addiction and masturbation habits. For this you can try Mind Control & Cleanse Formula for this and then once you are done with those you can take something that I took myself, Fantasia Rejuven Recovery System. 

 hope that this information help you.
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Dear Newton NA
you d'nt have mentioned that for how many days i can use these medicines that u mentioned in your comment? Are these medicines gives me full recovery or partial ? 
from where i can get these medicines? I live in Pakistan.
Thank You !

Fahad meer

Sorry about the wait, busy
Sorry about the wait, busy weekend. If you look on the website of the herbs it tells you how to take them on a daily basis and if you follow the links you will also be able to find out where to buy them. All you have to do is follow the links and you can buy them even if you are in Pakistan. I am sure that they ship there. With the 2 medicines you should be able to see a full recovery but you have to put 100% hard work for them to work, no masturbating or anything during the recovery process.
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Newton NA
Dear Newton kindly reply my previous comment.

Thank You !

Fahad meer

Newton NA
thank you for ur reply!
Fantasia Rejuven Recovery System  that you have suggested for me contains 1 set of three bottles with the name of REGENCY NATURALS.they have mentioned that this is for 15 days. is it true ?
for how many days i have to use these medicine ?
i mean how manny set i have to buy for my treatment ? 
i'm waiting for your reply!


Fahad meer

You take the bottles as
You take the bottles as following the instructions in the back of each bottle. Fantasia Rejuven Recovery System usually lasts between 15-30 days and the average time of recovery for a person is anywhere between 1-3 months. I can't give you straight answers because you are the one who determines how many you will need. How well your body reacts to the herbs and how fast your body recovers.
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Just a quick update so that
Just a quick update so that everyone who is curious may know. I spent most of my post-puberty life living in a world of masturbation and the symptoms were there of sexual exhaustion. I got one after another, after another until finally, I had every single one of them. My list pretty much consisted of everything you can find under the overmasturbation symptoms. I didn't start seeking treatment until 15 years after I started masturbating, so about 2 months before I posted this original forum thread.

I say that I started to almost feel like I was fully recovered after 2 months but I honestly hit a threshold at that point. I kept doing everything I was doing and I didn't see any further results. That's when I threw Rejuven Recovery into the mix and I started seeing results again. As of late last year I have finally felt fully recovered to the point where I no longer suffer from anything and I am able to have a healthy sex life. It feels good to finally say this.
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn
is fantasia rejuven recovery
is fantasia rejuven recovery all you took from this site?

did you take theMind Cleanse & Addiction Control Solution

Stay Positive

I did just take fantasia
I did just take fantasia rejuven recovery. I had a very strong mind and didn't really need to take the mind cleanse. I had no problem not masturbating constantly or staying away from things that would dig me in a deeper hole. If you do need that extra help to stay away from these negative things then it is best to use it.
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn
how long would you say full
how long would you say full recovery took then?  would the 4-8 month period rejuven recovery states be a good guidline in your experience?

how bad was your premature ejacuation? did you have wet dreams? and how long can you last now?

did you see an increase in your penis size? back to its original size ?
To fully, fully recover it
To fully, fully recover it took me a little over a year. I knew this would happen because I read a lot of threads on different websites and I was ready to commit that much time of my life to live happy again. 4-8 months for the rejuven does seem correct. The reason it took longer for me was because I didn't introduce the Rejuven formulas until a lot later. 

I did have premature ejaculation and wet dreams. I have lasted up to an hour and I think I could have gone longer but it was just too tiring.

I saw my penis go back to its original size, not an increase but if I wanted an increase, I know what I can do to get that.
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn
you say it took you over a
you say it took you over a year to recover?

at what stage / time did you introduce the fantasia rejuven recovery system? as you say you introduced that a lot later and you believe thats why it took you longer to recover. so how long after starting your recovery did you introduce the fantasia rejuven recovery system? was it months?

i believe only true recovery would have started once the fantasia rejuven recovery was added, i too have seen improvements over time with my condition, ive seen alot of recovery, but i dont believe i saw true recovery until i started fantasia rejuven recovery, so i want to know how long after first starting the rejuven recovery system did you fully recover? i only want to know the time you were taking fantasia rejuven recovery system, not your total recovery time.

how old were you when you got sexual exhaustion, how long did you leave it before you realised there was an issue. how long had you had it before you started trying to treat it?


You bombarded me with
You bombarded me with questions all over the entire website. I am going to answer them here but I don't know if I got all of them. If I miss anything just let me know...

During my recovery I stood as far back away from it as possible. It was explained to me that every time you masturbated, you took a few steps backwards instead of moving forward with recovery.
I have answered multiple questions about my recovery and I have put up one that might answer some of your questions up on top. I would say I started introducing the pills at the age of 27. Like I mentioned in a previous comments that said I wanted to take it a step further. I took it for almost an entire year. I started reducing the dosage for the last 2 months that I took it however, just to make sure the effects didn't go away.

I waited a lifetime before I realized I had sexual exhaustion, also answered this before in a post you replied to. I was 26 at that point, not quite 27. I had sexual exhaustion for 15 years, also answered.
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so how long did you take
so how long did you take fantasia rejuven recovery system? not the others, just fantasia?

you say your full recovery took a year, and at the start you never took fantasia rejuven recovery system. so for how many months in total did you take just fantasia?

also, at what stage did you notice your premature ejaculation recovering? how long into treatment?

I took fantasia for almost an
I took fantasia for almost an entire year. I would say between 10-11 months. It took me almost an entire year, it's the same answer, between 10-11 months.I noticed my premature ejaculation recover immediately. I got like this strange feeling in my body where it was just in another world and it felt new. There you go, new. I would say 2 months to put it in a timeline for you. 
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if your premature ejaculation
if your premature ejaculation recovered quickly, in 2 months, what makes you say it took a full year for recovery? what symptoms still persisted for a year? and only resolved after a year?

or do you think you recovered slightly faster than a year, and just took it longer to be certain?

did you ever have a break from the pills, or took them every single day for the year?

when did you start having sex again, or how long until you believe you could have had acceptable sex again? or was that not until the full year?
I mentioned somewhere else,
I mentioned somewhere else, maybe another user. My ejaculation times kept going up. I started off ejaculating almost immediately. That's where I mean that it took almost a year to fully resolve my problem. But you have to remember, I not only suffered from premature ejaculation, there was an entire list of sexual exhaustion symptoms. I did not take a break from the pills but when I felt fully recovered I started to cut the dosage in half until I ran out of pills.I did masturbate and have sex through my recovery, at a controlled pace but not overdoing it. I did not want to fall in the same hole over again after already climbing my way out. I did this as a test, to see how much longer I would be able to last.
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn
how often did you masturbate
how often did you masturbate/ have sex during the recovery process?
When I first started I kept
When I first started I kept going with sex but I saw no improvement. That's when I stopped both for about 8 weeks. After I decided to try to masturbate, I was surprised. I decided to have sex the next night but things went back to the negative side. That's when I realized that I would only have sex once a month during my recovery.
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn
also sorry i keep thinking of
also sorry i keep thinking of more to ask, did you masturbate at all during the year recovery? or did you completely avoid it, not even doing it once in the year?

its just ive read places saying over abstinence can be damaging
here you say you had sexual
here you say you had sexual exhaustion for 15 years before treatment, in the first post you said you didnt seek treatment till 15 years after starting masturbation ( not having sexual exhaustion) . this is 2 different points. which is right? 
I think you are misreading
I think you are misreading this. What I said is that I didn't seek help until 15 years after I started masturbation. Through those 15 years I also lived with sexual exhaustion. So I did have sexual exhaustion for 15 years and I also did not seek treatment until 15 years later. It's saying the same thing. I don't see how it's 2 different points. Because I didn't seek treatment for 15 years I lived with sexual exhaustion symptoms for 15 years. That's the point i'm trying to get across. Do you understand now?
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well you cant have had sexual
well you cant have had sexual exhuatsion the day you started masturbating.

i started masturbating at 11, im now 20, so ive masturbated for 9 years. so you could say i didnt seek treatment till 9 years after i started masturbating.

but i didnt have sexual exhaustion at 11, thats impossible id only started masturbating, i started noticing the symptoms of sexual exhuatsion at 16. so ive had sexual exhaustion 4 years. so i started seeking treatment 4 years after having sexual exhaustion.

so i started seeking treatment 9 years after i started masturbating and 4 years after having sexual exhaustion.

you said you started treatment 15 years after first masturbating and 15 years after first having sexual exhautsion. so that cant be true, you cant have got sexual exhaustion the first time you masturbated. it takes a few years at least of masturbation to develop.

so i dont think im misreading at all?
Once again, you're wrong. You
Once again, you're wrong. You don't know what happened to me. You're asking me and I am telling you. I did start having symptoms this early in my sexual life. When I realized there was such a thing as masturbation, sex, overmasturbating and getting hurt from these things I realized that I have had it my entire life. The first time I ever masturbated was extremely painful. The pleasure was there but it was painful. This is one of the symptoms of sexual exhaustion. It is possible. It was possible in my situation. Then again when it came to premature ejaculation, I would last seconds when I look back. I would last seconds and have pain. You don't think that's sexual exhaustion symptoms? I sure think so.
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bit strange for you to have
bit strange for you to have sexual exhuatsion without ever masturbating or ejaculating before. sexual exhaustion is caused by over masturbation, so how could you have it the very first time you masturbated.

your penis is going to be very over sensitive the first time its touched sexually, that could explain the pain.

i believe at some stage you picked up sexual exhuastion, but i dont think its possible to have sexual exhaustion before ever masturbating.

this is a concern, your case was the one i used as proof this worked, so this is worry as i think in your mind you are wrong.
I just stuck all of the
I just stuck all of the things I felt that were sexually related to sexual exhaustion symptoms. But you're right and I don't know exactly when it was that I started to finally feel these symptoms. I would say it was a little after becoming an adult, or right before. I think that happend in the stage of my life when I was between 17-21. It was somewhere around there where you would consider them "sexual exhaustion" symptoms. Because you are right. Sorry if I got aggravated. These were completely different problems. I never had someone tell me that about the pain and the first time masturbating. That's why I would just stick them all into the sexual exhaustion place. 
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so when did the penis
so when did the penis shrinkage, premature ejaculation, weak erections, etc start happening
It started with premature
It started with premature ejaculation around the age of 17-19. When I started having sex I started to realize that I couldn't last long at all. I didn't know what to do so I would go long periods of time (unintentionally), without masturbating and have sex again. It was okay, a few minutes then back to the hole of seconds. It got really bad. I would never have a steady partner so this was a good thing and saved the humiliation. I thought more masturbation would help me last longer but this wasn't the case.

Later on after all that masturbation that was supposed to help I started getting weak erections. This led on to shrinkage that I saw throughout my life until I seeked help. My erections got weaker throughout the years and I saw my penis getting smaller and smaller. I was proud of my penis at a young age. I was 6 1/4 inches long and by the time the weak erections took a toll I couldn't get harder than 5 1/4 inches. It was a huge difference to me.
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn
and now youre back to 6 1/4
and now youre back to 6 1/4 inches and can last however long you want?

i really hope youre being truthful, as you seem to have changed your story very quickly, a minute ago you said you lasted seconds even when you were very young. i hope this is the truth
I would last seconds. After
I would last seconds. After waiting for a long time without sex it was minutes, very few minutes but when it came to doing it constant it was seconds. My ejaculation times were horrible since I started masturbating. I don't have any glory stories to be talking about when I was young I only have those horrible stories of lasting seconds. Most of my life I lived masturbating and having sex and only lasting seconds. It was hard keeping a partner for this exact reason. And when I saw my penis shrinking, I didn't even want to get involved with anyone. A shrunken penis and lasting seconds, nobody would want to be with someone like me. I am now back to my original size. I feel comfortable like this and I have been thinking about going bigger but I am happy and there's no need.
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn


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