My recovery story from overmasturbation

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My recovery story from overmasturbation

I started masterbating at age 11 and i did this daily. A little while back i never knew about my problem until it started happening over and over again, one time i couldnt get an erection and actually ejaculated while limp. i eventually got a girlfriend we did have sex a few times but sometimes  went limp during sex or ejaculated within a few seconds and she eventually dumped me, i continued to masterbate because Dr.Lin said 3-4x a week is fine, i was even masterbating and ejaculating with a weak erection. i was desperate with my problem and really wanted to get some sort of help.

I went to my doctor and he recommended a few supplements and a healthy diet that he said would help

My diet change consisted of

  1. 1. Eat foods from natural grazing animals (grass-fed beef and milk)
  2. 2. Eat 8-12oz of red meat daily
  3. 3. Drink 32oz of raw milk daily
  4. 4. Eat sprouted vegetables
  5. 5. Elminate grains,fruits,nuts,seeds.

The supplements he recommended I take was

  1. 1. Cod Liver oil
  2. 2. 3 organ delight, 6 testicle, 3 adrenal
  3. 3. 1 Vitamin E

Now it has been 2 months since I started to take the advice of diet and supplements and I can say I have almost been completely healed. I suggest that anyone who has any similar problems to what I have go along with what I have taken. It should help.

Great recovery!
Congrats on the recovery. I am glad you found a solution to your problem. I will definitely need to recommend this to other people. There are other methods on here if anyone reading this is interested. I know of some that have been used and have come out positive.

If Newton's method doesn't work try these out:

Herbal Remedy For Sexual Exhaustion & Dysfunction

Mind Cleanse & Addiction Control Solution

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Hi, i have been mastuburating since 14 years and now i'm 26. I'm experiencing severe side effects now, all have been mentioned in this post. I have stopped mastuburating now. But i want to ask one thing, my knee got weaker and there is spaces like hole in my knees like no fluid present. Please tell me how to regain strength of my knees as i feel tired all the time and im suffering from all other side effects as well.


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Hello , pls I started this
Hello , pls I started this act since i was 12 and now im 20..Now im suffering from all these negative effect of it.. I need ur medicine but im ghana, how do i get it please and what payment should i use ? I really need your help sir.thanks
Kevin i your contact or how get you in private.or you can create new Facebook and give me your name so that we can talk well Robert


Kevin i your contact or how get you in private.or you can create new Facebook and give me your name so that we can talk well Robert


This is Kelvin
Thank you for the reply Sir. Kevin Cooper
well done
Hi mate good to hear of your recovery can i please ask for advice: i too have been masturbating most of my life. i thought everything was ok then i had sex  and instead of this amazing pleasure men speak of i found to my horror that even the normal pressure from a women is extremeley painful to me any squeezing or any thing hurts and to top it off i have little to no sensation , not near enough to reach orgasm, ive had every scan known so im turning to the natural things.i know our situation isnt the same but im just hoping to get in touch with someone who is familar with this site,thanks mate.
Penile nerve damage & penile nerve receptor dysfunctions
Most likely you have damaged your penile nerves through years of forceful masturbation. Try to reduce the frequnecy of masturbation by spending your time & attention to other activities. If you were addicted to online porn, try Hormonic Qi Gong to regain your will power. But if you have really weak will power, you can try taking formula such as, Mind Control Solution to boost up your serotonin & dopamine level: 

BTW, do you have morning erection? If so, do you experience pain...?

Take care,
over masturbation
hi i have the same problem of over masturbation which I have done for years now I have all the chronic effects, like chronic fatigue n headaches, penis shrinkage, very premature ejaculation , weak erections or no erections at all ,pain in my lower abdomen , always sick n weak, and I neeeeeeeeed hlp I soooo neeed hlp from any1 plzzz any1 that can, m 22 stayin in Gambia west Africa ,
That is really similar to
That is really similar to what Newton NA posted on here. For his recovery he took Fantasia Rejuven Recovery System to help him recover from his symptoms. It will take a lot of time and hard work to recover on symptoms but it all depends on how severe your problems may be. You are really young so this won't be that hard to recover from. How long have you been masturbating for?
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
thank you sir but I have a severe situation and am all the way here in Africa , am very confuse on how to get the help of this medications , plz
It is actually very simple.
It is actually very simple. It is really easy to find out Where to buy the herbal products. Once you go there you just have to follow along. You can even get these things delivered to Africa.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
okay and how much are we
okay and how much are we talking about plz. like for the medication,,
You can click that link on
You can click that link on whatever medication you want and it will give you the information you are looking for. I included a link in my previous comment.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
you say itll take a lot of
you say itll take a lot of time.

how long would you expect for the average person with sexual exhaustion to be fully recovered? yes i know you cant guarentee and its different for everyone, but on average how long?

would 4-8 months be an expected time frame for fully recovery? like it says in the fantasia page? if so, to me this isnt that long of a time to fully recover from it?

i hope 4-8 months is whats needed, it says it is so it must be

also you say hard work. what hard work? obviously not masturbating, eating well and exercise. what else is needed? or is that it

Stay Positive

I would stick with what the
I would stick with what the fantasia page says. Each medication is different too so just stick to what that says. I know that Herballove just doesn't throw out numbers. I read these things and there are so many products that I just stick to telling people 1-3 months because I can't remember all the products. 4-8 months sounds like a reasonable time to recover. According to some of the recovery times posted on here by other users it can take up to a year. If you stay with 8 months, I am sure you will see some great results. I am sorry I can't give you a direct answer. I don't want you to come back to me and call me a liar. But yes, let's do 4-8 months. I know you can do it joshhope. You have been giving this so much research. I think you're ready to just take it and wait for the results patiently.

Hard work: exercise, keeping your mind clear of anything that might push you to masturbation, staying happy, not masturbating, eating a healthy diet. These are all hard work. It's not like just anyone can go out and do these things. It takes a lot of hard work to keep all this up. And that's what you need.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
would you say the ones that
would you say the ones that take a year are the very very serious ones had for years?

ive had it for like 4 years. will mine no doubt be shorter recovery than 1 year? im hoping for around 6 months to be fully cured.

Stay Positive

The people that take over a
The people that take over a year to recover sometimes don't even see full results because they have had 10 20, 30 years of overmasturbation under their belt. In your case, it's only 4 years. Don't be afraid of your problems, keep a state of mind of, "I'm going to beat this. I am going to become better." Throw any fear out the window and your recovery will be faster and easier. I do think you are most likely to see results in under a year instead of over a year. 
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
the thing is, ive suffered
the thing is, ive suffered symptoms for 4 years. but ive been masturbating since like 12. im now 20. so overall its been 8? but i suppose the first few years were fine cos i was still healthy, and ive cut down alot since 16 so i sound be fine.

whats reccomended is the fantasai and addicition formula, should i get that too? i can control my masturbation, but i dont think my brain is fixed, im still addicted i presume, i just control it

Stay Positive

When a boy first finds out
When a boy first finds out about masturbation he will do it excessively. Overmasturbation is clearly seen but the symptoms don't start to arise until a couple of years later as seen in your case. With 4 years of signs, you will be fine. Cutting down that early in your life at age 16 will help your body as well.

The addiction formula is controlling your habits. If you are able to control yourself from masturbating too much, then you won't necessarily need them. Try fantasia without it, if it seems like you need it, then go ahead and take it as well. You have self control and that will help you a lot through recovery.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
i believe its needed to fully
i believe its needed to fully balance the brain and heal the neuroplasticity.

i think its reccomended for a reason. yes i believe some of us are able to control the urges, like me, and be able to not masturbate. but this doesnt fix the brain imbalance, deep down the imbalance is still there. i think the formula is needed to rebalance the brain, even if we feel we can "cope" with the urge.

do you know the person who designed the website and put together all the information for this site? i believe he knew what he was talking about, and everything reccomended is for a reason. but the advice you give is usually based on the name of the formula. yes its called the addiction formula, but it needed a name. but you read it and think, if youre not addicted and can cope with the urge, dont bother taking it, i think this is wrong, i believe its still needed at this stage even if you feel like you can cope. because its all about rebalancing the chemicals and the brain and body. just because it was "named" the addiction formula, doesnt mean if you feel you can resist, dont bother taking it. it is designed to rebalance the brain and body, and go side by side with fantaisa, this is why i think it is needed by everyone, even those who feel they can manage without it, because their bodies and brains are still unbalanced like the rest of us, they just have more willpower.

its like saying to 2 people who have cut their finger off, can you cope with the pain? if one says no, then you reccomend going to the doctors and having it dealt with, but if the other says yes you reccomend leaving it because they can cope with it. but these 2 people both have identical injuries, both have problems that need addressing and whether they can cope or not makes no difference, they both need treating. i believe this formula is the same. 2 people with sexual exhaustion, their brains and bodies are both depleted and unbalanced the same, and both need treating to rebalance and heal. one cant cope with the urges that the unbalanced levels of chemicals has caused, so is told to get the formula to treat himself, however the other guy can "cope" with the urge the unbalnce has caused, so is told to not bother, but the unbalance still exists and needs treating whether he can cope or not.

and the fantasia wont help with the same unbalances, because it includes different herbs, and if it did, they wouldnt bother reccomending the addiction formula, theyd just reccomend the fantasia if it did the same job.

sorry this is long, this is just my opinions, the person who reccomended the treatment and formulas and wrote this website, i dont think he intended for anyone to leave out anything he reccomended, based on the name of the formula. i dont think he intended for people to pick and choose which bits on information and treatment they did. thats why it says, under the severe stage of sexual exhaustion, take both fantasia + addiction formula.

just my opinion, what do you think ALEX, could i be wrong? has the person who wrote the information told you you dont need the addiction formula if you can cope?

Stay Positive

You make a very good
You make a very good statement. I personally think that with Fantasia alone it can do some of the re-wiring of the brain as you said. Some people might just not need it because with some people the fantasia will be enough help. You make a great point however and I think I am going to have to confirm this with the other experts. Very good point. I think you might be more knowledgable than myself in some things. The bottles that are in the addiction formula do exactly that, rewiring of the mind. You have clearly read the descriptions of everything and looking over it again, you have a strong and valid point. It is a great thing that you are going to take that side by side with fantasia. I don't have direct communication with who wrote all this information, but I will try to find out. Try asking the other experts found under the Expert tab. They might be able to help you. I will confirm this for you as well.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
pleasure to help, i just want
pleasure to help, i just want whats best for us all!

i do know neuroplasticity is involved very deeply in the condition. im speaking with dr lin at the minute, and he always mentions neuroplasticity. 

ive had this condition for a few years and have read up on it every day, so ive picked up a fair bit of knowledge on the matter. its great to be working along side you

Stay Positive

You should tell him to come
You should tell him to come spread some of his knowledge here with us. Please post any valuable information you obtain from him. It's great that you want to help everyone, not just yourself. That's a great value in a man. 
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
do you know who was behind
do you know who was behind the articles and information off this site?

do you think he was as knowledgable as Dr Lin?

Stay Positive

The articles and information
The articles and information are posted by whoever the author is. They work on those particular subjects and post information on them. I do think they are as knowledgable as them because I know some of our experts have actually worked closely with Dr. Lin. That is why most of the experts take a while to reply to things, they are busy with so many things. I know that Stephen Kwan himself has worked closely with Dr. Lin.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Over masturbation
How can i get your product, as i am suffering from the effect of over masturbation.I have been doing that from age 13 but not always at intervals when am bored, but am scared of the severe effects it has caused me, can i ever recover from this am almost 28 now. i need to get penile growth and rejuvenation, or the best product for sever effect of masturbation.Thanks, please i need a quick reply. Nigeria
over masturbation
I really need help
health issues
Hi their maybe you can advise me on some health issues i have, what formulas to buy and how long i have to take them let"s see i have bi-polar disorder taking lithium 300mg four times a day ,bupropion 150mg one a day ,have low thyroid take synthroid 100 mcg a day have high blood pressure take nova-bisoprolol half a 5mg tablet plus take a aspirn at night ,at the age of thirty-seven had a heart attack requiring two stents now age fourty-six this month ,have two sisters and two brothers who"s after having open heart surgery  adverage age in their middle to late fifties my health problems are mostly very low libido ,fatigue sometimes can hardly get out of bed ,depression ,any advice on how to get back my energy level ,libido etc.can i take supplements for brain health like glutathione ,hgh DHEA acetylcholine GABA ,serotonin ,please respond any advice would be most helpful ,what do you recomend  for blocked arties ,omega 3? thanks for listening    THanks for your advise as i stated i have heart disease since the cold weather has set in i have been exsperiencing  a lot of angina pain in my back chest, shoulder  take a couple sprays of nitro this helps  i was wondering if their"s anything out their that can help reduce the plaque from building up in your arties ,i have done a treadmill test about six months ago and passed  any suggestions?

do you have anything to treat bi-polar disorder naturally

Try to Increase Your Serotonin Naturally
Currently, taking Lithium is the most popular treatment for people with bipolar. But the detailed mechanisms are still questionable, possibly worked by increasing serotonin (feel-good hormone) concentration in the brain. Therefore, taking herbal supplements that increased serotonin might help you.

Considered practicing Harmonic Qi Gong. It will help calm your mind and bestow peace within you. Qi Gong is more than a stress reliever.

Qi Gong increases bio-energy circulation throughout the whole body and helps increase blood flow to cerebral and hippocampal regions that are beneficial to mood issues. 

It is also very beneficial to your cardiovascular system too. Once your blood flow improved significantly, I am sure your erection & sex drive will improve too.

Links for you:
Ways to Increase Your Serotonin Naturally:

Harmonic Qi Gong:
Take care,

  1. 5. Elminate grains,fruits,nuts,seeds.     I dont get this. Some experts say to reduce red meats and dairy and increase fruiits and nuts. You wrote the opposite.  On top of that nuts are big in vitamin E so i don't get it.  Can you pls enlighten me cause i want ot follow your stuff that healed you. Whats your age by the way ?
  2. I'm 36 with erection issues due to ovm.
Hello levedia, It is nice to

Hello levedia, It is nice to see that you have an interest in my story. I can easily answer your questions. The reasons I cut down on grains and fruits was because I was suffering from severe overmasturbation with testicular atrophy. I had a really bad problem and was had a hard time dealing from it. This is exactly the reason why I cut down on fruits and would intake meat including testicles.

I found a great solution being able to recover from my situation using raw orchic. This site does not only have a really interesting forum but it also has helpful information. I used a solution that I found on here to help me with testicular atrophy called Raw Orchic Supplementation For Testicular Atrophy & Low Sex Drive. This is great for anyone with the same kind of situation as me. I am glad the problem has continued to be solved and I no longer have any issues with overmasturbation and my testicles are back to health.

As for you, I think that the diet you are talking about is very helpful as well. Because this diet was specified for me because of my testicular atrophy it is very different than all the other stuff you have seen. That is why I decided to post on here. Maybe if you did try it backwardds with reducing meat and increasing fruits it will help you with your certain situation. I hope you find an answer to what you were looking for. Thanks.

P.S. I just came into my early 30's. I have also included the link to what helped me understand and go through my problem.

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn
OVM problems
i started mastrubation at age 13 till today i am 34 now  sometimes 1 aday sometimes 2 times a day was normal..but problem starts last july 2012 when i had mastrubate twice with in an hour ,next morning when i got up i felt all my body
numb specially hands and feets also i had jitter feelings,fatigue ,headaches,jerking in my legs and arms twtiching
and most bad issue was my left side face and tongue had weird feelings and episodic electric like feeling
went to neurologists could not find anything all tests are clear..i dont even have ED or testicular pain the only thing when i mastruabte i feel very weak all day with increased fatigue exhuastion numness tingling my hands and feets and weird sensation inside my mouth and tongue 
so far the only thing which helped me are CQ10 (mind clearity) L-cranitine 500 mg but still i am sure i am missing something which replenish my body and my stress level .i never tried omega-3 will it help and what other formulas may help me any suggestions also i have problem dirty mind(porn) issue i want to resolve it too  any helpp would be apriciated

mohammed siddiqui

  1. 2. 3 organ delight, 6 testicle, 3 adrenal
Hi thanks for your reply.   I have a question what frequency of ejaculation  did you use for your healing.

Also cod liver oil  is  that fish oil ??  
organ delight, 6 testicle, 3 adrenal  is that in a supplement form ?  I hope.
Vitamin E that i know i have to take.

What do you think of nfcure and shilajit. ?

Thanks again i appreciate it.
Chronic Fatigue due to O.M.

Chronic fatigue due to over-masturbation is common. The body produces a common chemical known as cortisol, desinged to increase blood sugar and suppressing the immune system. The problem is that when you maturbate in excess, the body produces more of the chemical. When the body experiences a proflieration in cortisol, it cause  chronic fatigue. No matter how much sleep you get, your body will still remain in a state of exhaustion due to the high levels of cortisol. Try cutting back on O.M. activity while taking all-natural supplements.

If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.--Ben Franklin

I really like seeing recovery
I really like seeing recovery stories like these. I have been keeping up with the other recovery story about the damaged penis. I really enjoy seeing that people have recovered from such tragedies. It's not good living your life without the joy of sex. Sex is something so enjoyable and a great way to express love and passion towards your partner.
It is my pleasure being able to help you
Please upon reading your recovery story i do not find anywhere that you used "Fantasia Rejuven Recovery System - For Severely Addictive Exhaustion" .I tought you used that as well?


There was a list of
There was a list of suppliments that I was taking were not only those, but also fantasia. Those supplements were just the generic ones that everyone can use to help them. On top of that I also used Fantasia Rejuven Recovery System which was what I found was right for my recovery. You just need to find what is exactly right for you. You can see what my life was like. I shared a lot and that helped the herballove community help me find something that would work for me based on my history of masturbation and life. I hope this information helps. Don't be scared of sharing. The more you share the more specific the herbs will get for your condition.
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn
Blood group
If you could pls endeavor to tell me what is your blood group and genotype. i am into traditional chinese medicine (TCM), we treat people according to their blood group as some people with a particular blood group type are allergic to some foods while other blood groups may find this food medicinal. That is when using principles of Naturopathy and Nutritional medicine to treat people. Please i need this for analysis purposes, thank you.
may I ask the quantity of pills from the Rejuven Recovery pack you were taking each day?


I used the recommended dosage
I used the recommended dosage that every bottle suggested. It may seem like a lot but I spaced each bottle out throughout the day so I took 2 pills of every bottle every 2 hours, in total, 12 pills a day.
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn
i am 18 and suffering from
i am 18 and suffering from impotence due to very excessive over erections are completely gone and nerves are destroyed .i am masturbating 10 times a day regularly from 4 years .i am going through my toughest time in to overcome the impotency problem?                                    

Youth Impotence- Caused by
Youth Impotence- Caused by Excessive Masturbation can be a serious problem. You already dealing with one of the biggest consequences of overmasturbation. My first advice would be to try to cut down on masturbation a lot. You have to cut down to 1 or 2 times every 2 weeks. The less the better. 10 times a day is really excessive.
Also, you should try to take 1 of 2 solutions that are found. The first one, Botanical Tincture For Youth Impotence is great for people who don't like to take pills or capsules, you make yourself a tincture to drink and it works the same way. If you don't mind the pills then I suggest Botanical Formula for Erection Rejuvenation.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
@ ALex 
Im also a victim of overmasterbation.....recently my problem has aggravated with ED,

Im able to get hard rock errection during forplay but once I try to put on a condom I start to loose the firmness of my erection, Wen im lucky to penetrate with the week erection I loose erection I loose it half way through...Away from sex Im able to again get hard rock errection if I have dirty thoughts or watch porn but why cant I sustain it during intercourse? embarrasing...eventhough I had alot of OM syptoms ED wasnt part of it?



Erectile Dysfunction is
Erectile Dysfunction is another one of the side effects that is seen in men who overmasturbate. I have dealt with people who have the exact same problem as you. Have you read the guide? Poor Erection Quality- Caused by Over Masturabtion. The solution that is found there for Erectile Dysfunction will help your penis get back its natural blood flow and rebuild itself to improve the quality of your erections and have them last longer than just penetration.Your problem is very common, especially the condom part. You can easily fix it. Also, as I tell everyone who suffers from masturbation, cut down your frequency. Don't go cold turkey right away, but get there.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Thank You
Thank You 

I'm already done with masturbation, the embarrasment is enough!!


You're welcome. That is a
You're welcome. That is a very great first step. Good job!
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
OM Problems

Upon reading many posts on this forum I've noted that you're an expert in this and I hope you'll advise me on the best solution after reading my story. First and foremost, I wish to thank whoever created this website and particularly this forum which is currently my only solace. I live in Nairobi, Kenya. I've realized I share the same problem with many people around the world and this has made me hopeful that I'll get a solution. This is my story: I started masturbating at the onset of puberty at age 13, I was doing it 2-3 times a day and this continued for 5 years. At age 18, I experienced penis shrinkage and numbness, chronic fatigue, low self esteem and eye floaters on my left eye. But my case looks a bit extraordinary since my voice was affected. Instead of a normal voice break, I developed a weak voice which haunts me even now at 23 years of age. My legs grew thin and I wondered whether my growth hormones were getting depleted. I had no choice but to stop this habit from further sapping my life and vital powers. I reduced to 2 times a month until I stopped completely. I began noticing some improvements. My erections came back though I'm unable to maintain them throughout intercourse. Premature ejaculation is still a problem. My hair is still thinning out and my skull seems to over grow from behind. I'm still struggling with acne, weak voice and low self esteem. Right now I'm 23 and I still have all the problems of severe addictive stage. People keep asking me why I'm always sad and gloomy. People keep asking why I have acne yet my brothers don't. Luckily I came across this website and I do believe my problems will be addressed. I've gone to many doctors but non of them seems to understand the fact that over masturbation can cause problems. I've learned it the hard way and I urgently need help because this situation is embarrassing and is affecting my studies.

Thank you for sharing your
Thank you for sharing your story and providing very important information. It is a very hard struggle to be able to completely stop masturbating and you were successful so great job on that! I know it isn't easy. This is one of the biggest steps towards recovery from overmasturbation and I understand if you haven't seen a full recovery. You have seen some recovery however, you mentioned that your erections came back, once again, good job! Stopping masturbation solely isn't enough sometimes and in your case it seems like you were so deep into overmasturbation that you still need to work on other factors to recover faster.

Have you considered taking any herbal supplements? I know that Fantasia Rejuven Recovery System  would help you out very much with most of your problems. That would get your body ready to recover from the bigger problems as well such as lasting longer and any erection problems. For your hair loss it's a different story. You should try Fantasia Hair Rejuvenation & Restoration Formula and your hair will be restored quickly. Also, are you on an exercise plan or anything like that currently? What about a diet plan? Eating correctly and exercising regularly can drastically help with your recovery.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.


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