My period comes & go

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My period comes & go
I've been experiencing really abnormal periods, cuz one month it'll only be a lil bleeding, the following month it comes in heavy, but sometimes i dont get my period at all. Really confused??
taking birth control pills?
Are you taking birth control pills? I have a friend that had taken birth control medications for over 3 yrs that had similar problems. Synthetic estrogen & progsterone really messed her upside down. I suspect those chemically synthesized hormones would accumulate in your body for a long period of time. When she was taking those pills, her emotions were also unstable... always feeling depressed, constantly fighting & yelling with her bf, & crying a lot... 
According to what I am
According to what I am thinking I think that you are having a problem with irregular menstrual cycle. This is pretty common in women and even more that you don't even get your period sometimes. This can become really serious sometimes but there is things you can do to help you. I visit this website a lot and I noticed a new article. Natural Solutions for Irregular Periods. I was really happy to see this because it means herballove is listening to their community. They pretty much answered your call for help. Look through both those links and you will find what you need :)

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