My penis curves upward

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My penis curves upward
Hi, I am 16 years old and still a virgin. I am worried that when I do have sex my partner will laugh at me. my penis is 6 inches in length and 5 inches in girth and I don't know if that is normal. I'm also curious because when i'm 100% erect, my penis points upward and it has an upward curve which gives me problem when measuring it accurately. Is it normal that my penis curves upward? From the movies I have seen they do not curve and are straight.
Hey there. My boyfriend used
Hey there. My boyfriend used to have the same problem and we tried looking everywhere for something to help out. We tried all sorts of devices and never found something that helped out. We then stumbled across an article online that said there was a way to fix it and it would help. As a last resort we decided to get it and that was Kanabo Reverse. We noticed immediate results from all of this and were really pleased. His penis is now stragiht and does not curve to the side anymore making sex better!
was your bfs curved penis
was your bfs curved penis realy bad? cause im 17 a virgin and when im erect it goes all the way up instead of straight and ive been like this for as long as i could remember i want to try a extender but idk if it will help.
There is something you can do if you don't like it
If your penis isn't that bad then there is an exercise you can do. You're young so you should be able to do this and not cause any bad damage because your penis is still developing. If you don't like the curve then just try out Jelqing Exercise for Bent & Curved Penis and that should help your bent penis.
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