Lump on outer labia

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Lump on outer labia
I was infected with yeast infection just five days ago it went away. The next day I had sex with my boyfriend a few times and was sore for a few days. Today I just noticed a tiny hard bump on my outer labia. My boyfriend is clean, and I have had unprotected sex once with an ex at a party about a month ago....he was clean when we were together and had told me earlier he hadn't slept with anyone since me. I now don't know whether to believe him or not. I really don't think it's herpes, but what else could it be. I have not had a burning feeling or anything in pain or itchy, I don't know. I was trying to squeeze it to see if it was an ingrown hair. I have not had insurance for quite some time because I can not afford it and if I did I would be there in a heartbeat for any little thing. So help please? What could this be?
This might simply be because
This might simply be because you don't have a great hygiene. I would suggest that you up your hygiene and work on it a lot more. Just look at this article and it should help get rid of all of that.
Make sure you start cleaning
Make sure you start cleaning yourself up more. Hygiene is very important. evelyn green nailed it with that. It should really help you out.
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