Low Free Testosterone and Higher TSH

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Low Free Testosterone and Higher TSH
I am 32.I used to masturbate regularly from the age of 20. I was diagnosed with low thyroid (TSH : 35) two years back . I took medication for 1 year and TSH was never in the correct range. Later when checking my free testosterone levels, it was low when compared to Estrogen levels. So I got many FSH injections to boost my Free Testoseteron. After that TSH falls in the correct range. But after few months, my testoseteron levels drop again which also causes TSH to move high. Currently I am not taking any medication.I have symptoms like low back pain, weight loss, penis shrinkage/wound under foreskin, erectile dysfunction, joint pain, body weakness, fever, cold, nervousness, fear, confusion etc. I also got a big carbuncle recently, which was removed surgically.  I am not sure whether all these symptoms including low thyroid are due to low testosterone.  Please advise.
Have you ever tried to find
Have you ever tried to find Ways to Increase Your Natural Testosterone? If you are able to increase your testosterone your symptoms should be able to go away. They all seem to be stemming from low testosterone because if you read a few of the articles on here you will notice that the change in testosterone can do a lot. You should also try Shilajit: The Testosterone Balancer. This is a real natural way to increase your testosterone and that will balance everything else in your body including estrogen and the thyroid hormone. Increasing your testosterone will increase your total health.
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