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Losing Erection
I have a problem with making my erection stay hard. My erection is different whether I am standing up or laying down. When laying down, my erection will be rock hard and I can have sex in missionary position. When standing up the only position I can do is doggy style and my erection is not rock hard. If I try anything else I will lose my erection. How Can I fix this?
This is a very strange
This is a very strange problem. I have never heard of anything like it. Maybe you just need to relax when standing up. Seems like you don't have the same comfort standing up as you do when you are laying down. Ease your mind. Try to breathe and also maybe use the Jelqing Technique which is meant to make the erection a lot stronger.
It is possible the fact that
It is possible the fact that your penis just isn't getting the right blood flow rushing to it that is needed when you stand up. The penis requires a lot of blood to hold an erection and maybe that is all you need to work on. If that is the case I really suggest that you use an herbal tincture. Maybe something like Be Firm Herbal Tincture Formula will help you in recognizing the right problem you are having. They even suggest the right products to help with the problems. I really suggest you use Cistanche Boom because I have read a lot of reviews on it.
weak erection
I tried some pumps, they didn't work. I tried another penis enhancement Maxman pill, that didn't work as well. I tried the exercises, they were no good for me. I was getting very annoyed by all these people claiming all these cures and none of them delivering! I was going to give up and sikander-e-azam plus capsule impressed me, so I figured I'd try it. Why not?
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