Loong term Sex Addiction Hit Ground Zero- Need Serious Help

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Loong term Sex Addiction Hit Ground Zero- Need Serious Help
i am 26 yrs old, i got introduced to masturbation at the age of 13. i was a dedicated student and never skipped school.
I got introduced to porn at the age of 16. and my frequency of watching porn increased significantly when i was 19.(Thats when i got my PC). This continued for yrs, I masturbated atleast 3 times a week(watching porn) since then. 
At 22 i started drinking, my amount of time spending on porn constantly increased. It reached to a point where i wont sleep without watching porn. At 23-24, My avg ejaculations were ranged 6-10 times a week. I got introduced to smoking and other things. These things fueled me to watch more and more porn and ejaculate. Untill i realized that i have trouble remembering things, fatigue, started loosing interest in life.(even though i gratduated with a 4 GPA). I lost grit and enthu to pursue my career.

I (in late 2011) realized that i am in deep trouble, my forgetfulness increased,always felt less energetic, want to sleep all the time, lost confidence, depressed,....but this propelled me to take alcohol  watch more porn to just get rid of depressive mood. I continued to research about these symptoms all over the place. i started with reading phsycology books trying to understand whats happening to my mental status, mental health books, addictive behaviour and what not. I came to a point where i found  that i am addicted to masturbation and porn. I quite the job and moved out of the city to avoid all the contacts which encourage me to loose control and party.( As i eventually  end up watching porn, when i come back home being on influence). I moved to another city for new yr and start life.

I tried many ways to fight myself to come out of it...i had highs and lows in these past 10 months fighting hard. i was constantly getting in and out of the addicitve loop. so many depressive days, restless nights. 
My body was in a loop of ejaculating, I could not control myself. I felt A tremondous amount of force was dragging me to get relieved. Even though i was soft, My body would want to me to just get into ejaculation mode. I felt my life is getting sucked out of my penis through ejaculation.
I got a job in march.I came across herballove emailed them and got introduced to Love Longer III (Via Growth and Mind Rejunevator) used it for one month. (in April). I controlled myself and reduced masturbation to once a month.By the time, i felt that there is hope, I lost my job. Which devasted me to an exit, and   accepted defeat from my life. But when i first masturbated again i lasted long and felt i was back my depression at this point dragged me to that old addictive comfort zone. For  the next 3 months i was drowned in alcohol, masturbation, multiple orgasm like within 20 mins(even though i was soft). I tortured myself to kill myself accepting defeat.
I was constantly going around these loop of in and out coz of my mood swings.

From august i was introduced to meditation which helped me to control anxiety, improved self control. learning to regulate myself.
Its pretty much a month now that i didnot masturbate or watch porn. during this time i felt the urge to get relieved many times but i didn.
 (i remember reading Dr Lin's Case studies which said...when you are taking these herbal supplements donot take alcohol and should stop masturbating).
So first i want to stop masturbating and control myself before i ask for help.
i dont take alcohol or any other things anymore.

Now i would like to explain my symptoms.

No morning erections (still)
penis is soft all the time even though i get the urge, there is no erection.
Pain in the lower back after masturbation,
fatigue, cloudiness, depression, forgetfulness, too many thoughts at one time. Lose of expressiveness,
the day after i masturbate, my Heartbeat was hard as if it was resonating my body.
sudden pains in my brain, anal region, knees and at random places(felt like it was related to nerves),
vibration in my legs, near anal region(prostate region).
Insomania - horrible experiences i could not sleep for 2 days straight couple of times.(latest was this past weekend) At that time i feel uneasiness (irritating feeling) in my hands and legs. feel like i should  make my body moving.
Now a days i am experiencing my left foot is cold at nights.
severe Hair loss- lost lot of hair, within 10 months.
blurred vision- felt it but i am not sure.
severe constipation and digestive problems. (drinking vegetable juice with high fibre for bowl movement)
got my blood test - Very high cholesterol.Vitamin D defficiency.
Frequent urination, and discomfort during urination, Need bit effort to empty complelty.
I have been waking up early morning to pee for past month.
I feel that my prostate is enlarged.

I am now eating 3 times a day and a vegetable juice for more energy, also taking fish oil for omega-3 and control cholesterol. Multi- vitamins along with meal (but not regularly)

I appreciate your suggestions and guidance in pulling me out of this situation.
I know its going to take a while for me to get into complete normal but i want to see my new me before i end this life. 


Hello there. I used to be at
Hello there. I used to be at the same rock bottom you're at now. Overmasturbation can be serious and should be taken care of immediately. I tried pretty much everything in the book as well and nothing seemed to be working out for me. I then found some great stuff that did have an effect. I first started with the Advanced Rejuven Recovery because like you, I was in that rock bottom where nothing would help. This did help and I kept taking it until I felt a lot better. After I recovered a little more I just decreased my dose and took the regular Rejuven Recovery. Ever since, I have not stopped taking this and it has helped me out. It is a great way to cope with overmasturbation and it will leave you feeling young once again. Hope to be hearing your recovery story soon!
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn
Hi...I am taking Advanced

I am taking Advanced Rejuven Recovery now.
Do i need to take anything else or i just need to give time for my body to recover with Advanced Rejuven

Some tips for you
Couple tips for you:
1. Reduce sexual activities (including masturbation) during recovery period
2. Consume less red meat. Eat more vegetable & seafoods
3. Make sure you have a good sleep quality. At least 7 hours of sleep is important. Don't stay late at night
4. Be persistent in taking the supplements. Result often kicked in gradually... So you have to be patient.
5. Drink a lot of water

Take care!
which specific supplements
which specific supplements are great for the issues above. can you please link it?
Thank you
@ Stephen Kwan Thank you I appreciate your suggestions... My sleeping pattern has improved...didn have insomnia problem for atleast 4 weeks from now...
Do i need to use any other supplements along with the  Advance rejuven recovery.......
I am coming across lot many things....for different symptoms.
I have found a different one for task Management or clarity mind....etc etc...

Is this supplement enough?

I am getting stressed out for no reason and paranoid kind off feeling. And i am not able to control it....
(I am surprised at my situation coz at one point i was inspiring my friends in there pursuit for success and now i am in a deep shit position.)
And i meditate to get over it...sometime it helps sometimes not....This is point of vulnerability to fall back and give in.

@ ktotheb24  I am using http://www.herballove.com/reviews/advanced-rejuven-recovery-system-severely-addictive-exhaustion-rejuven-natural

Also go through  http://www.herballove.com/guide/over-masturbation-symptoms-and-stages-severity

To understand yourself and what you need to do.

which would you say helped
which would you say helped you out more.

fantasia rejuven recovery system? or regular rejuven recovery system?

were you fully recovered before you started taking the regular one?
I am sharing my experience
I am sharing my experience when i have an ED, i lost my life and no sex more than 2 years with my wife,  The E-book help me to recover from ED within few days, now my life is back without any medicine and i am happy with my wife, if you facing ED problem, read this E-book it will save your life, i highly recommended to all http://healthandrich.com/survive  
All the best
How are you now?
Hello dear,

How are you now? i hope you very well.

Please tell me with your health now,are you feeling good  with the new remedy?

Its been a bumpy road for
Its been a bumpy road for last 2 months...i can say i am now able to fight with my depression and be positive.......i am trying to get busy.....if not i am falling back....to the addiction...i am trying to get my mind out of it......but its soo hard....but i am not thinking depressively...i can see hope in myself........Thanks to meditation......I will have to keep up without falling back......the maximum abstinence was 1 month.....i need to push it as much as possible.....i know i just started...i need to  keep the time rolling.....

My symptoms have reduced....no severe back pain,  But i still have nerve pains near groin, prostate region, hip pain an other parts(which scares me).I didnot go to a doctor (do i need to?) ,rejuven and meditation are the too things i am doing right now.....
i hope you very well

thanks for reply,

How are you now? i hope you very well.

-please tell me do you suffer from (

Frequent Urination, Residual Urination or Intermittent Urine Flow

Painful, stinging urination, Slow Urination & Urination Difficulty

Prostate inflammation & Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Dribbling & Thin Urine Flow)? if yes

-What about these symptoms  after using the remedy?do you still  suffer from it?

-Do you take rejuven only  or you take another remedy beside it?


i hope you very well


thanks for reply,

How are you now? i hope you very well.

-i have the following symptoms due to over masturbation:
(Frequent Urination, Residual Urination or Intermittent Urine Flow

Painful, stinging urination, Slow Urination & Urination Difficulty

Prostate inflammation , Dribbling & Thin Urine Flow).

Have you sussered from the previous symptoms?if yes,please tell me that:

 -What about these symptoms  after using the remedy?do you still  suffer from it?

-Do you take rejuven only  or you take another remedy beside it?


Same Boat
Hello GiveMeLife,

I was in the exact same position as you. I have been struggling with this addiction for many years.  Last summer was likely the worst of it.  The symptoms you described completely match mine.  I became extremely forgetful, wake up with a soar back and very soar eyes every morning, no will to live, very shallow emotions, I became sick all of the time. When I would wake from sleep i would feel no rest, it felt like I had just closed my eyes for a few seconds.  I know the feelings you described very well, how even when you don't have an erection or any stimulation during any moment of weekness you'll find yourself doing it.

There are a few things over the last few months that I have tried that have given me a significant improvement:

FIRST: You need to understand your addiction.  Right now your brain is hardwired to need a dopamine rush everytime you feel stressed, upset, etc.  It is the same effect that all addictions have, eg Smoking and drugs cause. Only I think even more difficult to quit because it's attached to your body, there's no escaping it. You need to remind yourself that it is a very TEMPORARY feeling of relief  that it provide and that you will feel much worse after you get it, not only that but think about how after you get it, you'll just need it again and again after that. 

NOW, the way to fight it:  the BEST way that I have found is to develope new thought associations through habit!  Let me explain.  Everytime the slightest thing makes you feel aroused, or the thought of masterbating crosses your mind, you need to develope a habit of associating it with a feeling of disgust INSTEAD of a feeling of pleasure.  The ONLY way that you can develope this habit is through repetition, the same way ALL habits are developed.  Everything is difficult at first until you are used to doing it.  Now I would recommend practicing like this:

First allow yourself to see a picture of something that would normaly give you "the urge" then immediately after look away.  Become aware of how strongly that image just impacted you. how it made your knees week and your body ache.  This allows you to plainly see how addicted your body has become in a controled way (you were ready for it!).  Now since you only briefly saw the image you can overcome the thoughts and think about all the negative ways this addiction has impacted your life.  Now do it again and again.  By repeating this in a controled mental state you can develop a habit whereby visual stimulation and physcal urges will instantly give you this feeling of disgust, not pleaure and desire that it currently does.

Continue to look for ways of practicing this in a controled mental state throughout the day, until finaly you work this habit deep into your everyday life. Now, the next step! Help your body recover!

I too have felt that taking fish oils (specifically cod liver oil) has helped me. As well as taking Zinc. Recently I have also started taking a natural testosterone booster, it has given me a great deal more energy, as well as made my prostate and testicles feel much much better (takes away the ache).  HOWEVER it also boosts your sex drive, so I wouldnt recommend it until you've built your strong mental associations against the act, or it could do much more harm than good.

I hope this helps you or someone with this issue. I know I would have really liked to have read this a few years ago!

Thank you
Thank you for your suggestions akhenaton

 definetly consider your suggestions!!
Hello. new forum member,same problems as listed
I have had the same problem(s) for years.My problems started not as early as some guys,but at 18 yrs of age luckily. I didn't even know what masturbation was til I looked at porn magazine someone gave me in my dorm room while I was in the military. It had a article in it on how to masturbate.  Once I got started, I was like so many guys,doing it 3 times a week or even more. I wasn't into porn nor addicted to it. This was back in the 80's.Now I do masturbate almost daily. I don't have much of a life outside my house and property,and I'm unemployed right now. I have plenty of things to keep me occupied,but my mind and brain want to go to internet porn,(just the pics,looking at them). I wasn't into much of that,just occasionally,til about 2 yrs. ago I got more into it and got hooked. I'm either addicted or very obsessed. I certainly do need help. I hope these forums help me,and maybe I can get some of these herbs to help.? For me anyway right now, if I can post this, I just pray to God and ask him to take away these addictions completely. I know it may not happen overnight,like some claim with other addictions, but I won't give up.! I try harder not to do those things, but the same problems re-occur. I guess I can say my approximate age, since others have stated their exact age. I'm in my early 50's. I have noticed though,with me, that's changed with my semen,and it was more whitish and gooey as normal,but a few years ago, I noticed it comes out like water and more clear. I don't know if this is normal for a guy my age,or is it cause of over masturbation.?  I also feel fatigued a lot or feel tired, like low energy levels. I don't know if that's from my meds I take now also.? I do drink high energy drinks daily which help. I also take vitamins and some herb supplements which may help also.? I just wonder if I need more then that.
Your fatigue is a definite
Your fatigue is a definite sign of over masturbation. That is one of the biggest symptoms that everyone has from what I have been reading all over the web.

You also mentioned whitish gooey like semen. I think this is something to do with seminal leakage. and the last problem I believe was just not having the control of your mind to keep focused on other things other than online porn.

Well I found a great solution for you that will take care of both problems. I have recommended it to a few people before and they all have thanked me. You can look into theMind Control Solution For Addicted Dirty Mind solution. This will give your mind control and direct where you want to and not onto that online porn. You mentioned you drink energy drinks and they help, I don't trust those things. Be careful especially with being your age.
It is my pleasure being able to help you
 Jackson is right, fatigue is
Jackson is right, fatigue is the most common. A lot of men who suffer from this claim to feel sluggish, or almost zombie like. It seems he forgot to mention something about your medications that you take. That can be a big factor. Antibiotics and some prescription drugs can have a big impact on sex life causing things such as impotence and even premature ejaculation. I know at your age it is common to use medications and such sorts of things but be careful and make sure to "do your homework" on what it is you are taking.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
New post/reply to replies
Thanks for the replies and comments. I guess you mis-read about the semen part. Mine is watery. It never was that way several years ago. I'm not concerned about it,unless it's a red flag for a existing problem. I'm taking meds as ordered from the doctor for my physical health(for cholesterol & high blood pressure)and the others for psych.issues. I don't take much of them. I guess I get my "fix" on energy drinks,and maybe they are addictive in themselves,but that's a whole other different subject. They do give me energy. I will look more into that article you suggested. I hope it works. I really don't have a dirty mind all the time, or filled with lust. It's a thing or habit of wanting to go to these websites and fulfull my fantasies I guess.?
Looked at "Mind Control Solution" article
I did look at the article"Mind Control Solution for an addicted dirty mind". I just ordered today, those herbal pills as stated in the article. I hope they work. I will post how I'm doing taking them in about 3 weeks(is how long to give it a chance to work). Other then that, all I can do is complete abstinence. No looking at porn period,or masturbating. I don't have physical pics of porn or videos laying around in the house. If I did, I would have to destroy them. I have no subscriptions to adult tv channels,and thankfully, I don't do the pay-per-view porn movies. I tried it only once. It wasn't the type I was wanting to look at.  I don't have subscriptions over the Net to any porn sites. And what sort of helps my situation with online porn is I have only so much usage that I can use over the net, as I'm on a monthly plan on satellite internet. Any website that uses video or pics uses more mega bits, doesn't matter if it's porn or not. Maybe if I use up my satellite usage on other things may help me,so I can't get to a porn site,cause my internet usage is down to zero.?
Good thing you seem to have
Good thing you seem to have gotten the right things for your problem. I would say to use your stuff wisely. I sort of see what you mean by the usage date, use it wisely! Don't do porn or any sites of that sort. They will just cause you to go back to square one of any recovery you're on. You can do it and fight it. Everyone can, all it takes is one slip up to fall down but make sure you don't fall down.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Thanks Alex for your comments.
I'm still having set backs but I still try to, with God's help get back up. I got my herbal tabs late last week and started to take them. I don't feel any more different taking them. I hope the meds I'm currently on don't cancel out the herbs helpful effects. I will continue to take them til they run out. I'm also taking other herbs and vitamins as well. But they aren't for these issues. I do take Saw Palmetto cause I feel it's important right now of a guy my age. It's for prostate gland. My prostate is just fine,it's checked out thru recent blood tests and I did have a physical prostate gland exam while the dr. was doing my physical exam in the dr's office about 2 years ago.
The fact that you might be
The fact that you might be taking some other sort of meds might have something to do with your progress. Although with herbs, the progress isn't seen immediately but other than that you seem to be going fine. You are  right, finish the bottle and we will see where you are from there. Just make sure to keep the forums updated on your progress.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
fake website
i posted a comment on other thread and was deleted very quickly, well i will only buy from amazon or anyother recommended website, i will only trust external reviews, 
My progress
My progress seems to be doing ok. I think mostly it's my faith in Christ and the Cross,(not talking about some wooden beam here)that will help me over this addiction,and other obsessions as well. I've joined up with another forum on a certain interest,and with me getting involved in that,my mind has been so busy on that,that it keeps my mind off of sex and porno sites. Also, it's due in part to will power. I havn't masturbated or looked at porn in 3 days,lately and that's pretty good for me right now. I don't miss any of it either.! After my 2nd bottle is thru,I'm not resorting to more herbal tabs,for chronic fatigue unless I need them for other things.? I don't seem to have the fatigue anymore. I think the tiredness is due to my anxiety meds,what's going on in my "plumbing" and diet/exercise. I'm working on some of those issues as well.  
That is good to hear that you
That is good to hear that you have been gaining some progress. I think you should work on your other problems such as making sure you are taking the right meds and definitely diet and exercise. If you diet and exercise along with the herbal supplements your fatigue will be gone a lot faster. 
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
on the road to recovery and doing better.
Thanks for the comment, Alex. It seems I am doing better on this road to recovery,if tha'ts the way to put it. I still fail sometimes, but anyways I'm doing better. Keeping one's mind busy on other things helps. Although there has to be balance too. Like this topical forum I'm involved with. I post new threads,and put comments to others questions,whatever on the topic,and I'm on this computer for so long.!!! But at least it's keeping my mind and brain away from porn sites,and similar stuff. I think in time, this wanting to go to porn sites,and the like will eventually vanish away. I havn't went to any of them in a few days now, or longer. The masturbation stuff, well that may take more time as I've been doing that longer than looking at porn on the internet, since I've been 18. I'm still not sure about the herbal tabs, I'm almost out of my 2nd bottle of "Mind Sante II", not sure if I should go to that other herbal tab group,we talked about,can't remember the name. Or a I set for now?
Younger Version of You
Hello, my story is basically the same as yours only I am 16 almost 17 and I think I can turn this around.  I started masterbating at 14 and I started watching porn last year.  I have been a 4.0 student for all my high school years, but that is slowly dropping now in my Junior year.  At 14 I was only masterbating about once a week, at 15 I started going about once every two days and some weeks once every day, since the start of Junior year I went once a day and when I had no school I would do it multiple times in the day.  I now know it's a problem and I think I can probably stop it.  I've started losing my drive in school, waiting till the last minute to do homework when at the beginning of the year I got homework assignments done up to a week early.  I want to be a professional soccer player when I grow up and at the beginning of Junior year I was playing soccer around 5 hours a day, now I can barely get myself off the couch.  I am getting extremely forgetful, and i'm getting worse and worse.  I know nobody here would expect a 16 year old to get on here, but I was on the internet trying to find out how to help premature ejaculation.  At the beginning of the year I could go 15-20 minutes before I came, now it's down to like a freakin minute.  My mind has also been going crazy, I just haven't been able to focus on the important things anymore.  I believe over-masterbation is the problem to all of this now that I saw what you were going through.  I've also been urinating frequently and having depression problems.  I believe I can turn this around and learn to stop masterbating, cause I don't think i've quite hit rock bottom.  I've been losing energy and I've been unable to control my mind sometimes.  Obviously since i'm 16 I can't order supplements and herbs, but I would still like to learn of other ways to get help.  This all surprised me since I have friends who masterbate more than me yet they don't have problems like this, I wasn't expecting it to be a cause of this at all.  

Eric Hinkle

The fastest and safest way
The fastest and safest way would be with the help of herbs. There are some herbal formulas that can be taken at your age, you just have to look for them. If you aren't looking for that then just wait a year and you will be able to use the ones that every adult uses.

You don't want to take the route of herbs however, so the process will most likely take longer. If you read through these forums you will find people who took up to a few years to recover from over masturbation. The best bet and easiest thing for you to do would be to stop masturbating. Find something that will take up your time and will take your mind off of wanting to masturbate.

Get up and go play soccer again. Be healthy and active, this will help as well. You can't really help your premature ejaculation problem too much right now because you are still young. Your body is still getting acustomed to what happened when you went through puberty. If you stop masturbating your problems will be easier to get over with. Try to stop masturbating, keep a positive mind and get yourself busy, but not masturbating.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Thank you Alex!! I just don't have the money to buy all the herbs right now.  So most likely I'll wait a year and then i'll start buying them.  Alright, I've already started on the stopping of masterbation.  Since about 2 months ago I've slowly been doing it less and less frequently, kind of like coming off of a drug.  I've been focusing very hard on my school work and soccer and i've been hanging out with friends so that the urge isn't there.  Thanks for the advice, I will continue to follow it.  I'm pretty determined to get everything back to normal again since my future career and love life is on the line at this point.  That's a pretty good reason haha.

Eric Hinkle

2 months is already a good
2 months is already a good start. Keep that up without masturbating and that should help out even without herbs. It will make you feel better but the herbs will help restore the right hormone levels. If you last a year without masturbation and then you save up money for the herbs then you will be more than fine for a full recovery.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Reply to you(Barcelona1410)
Hi: I thought i'de post a reply and would have sooner,but my computer had issues or actually it was kind of between the internet and my service provider. Anyways, I hope things get better for you. My situation might be similar to yours? but I think I maybe it is more different. I actually didn't start masturbating til I was 18 yrs of age(a late bloomer at it I guess). I never was taught about it or learn about it til someone passed a porn magazine around the dorm where I lived at while I was in the military. They had a article about masturbation and even told how to do it. This was many yrs. ago. I continued to do it for years. I never had much problems with it,and I tried not to do it as often due to my christian/religious convictions. Later thru the years as I aged things changed in my body,I guess. My problems I think really started almost 7 years ago,but didnt' get worse til about 2 yrs. ago cause I did it so often,like about once every day and then looking at porn pics didn't help either and made things worse. Now I think things are slowly getting better for me. I cut out looking at any porn pics and similar paraphanelia and am starting to wean off masturbating as much. I want to recover and rest. If I can just get over not masturbating for more then a week. That's my "hump" right now. The urges for me to do as much masturbation shouldn't be there much any more due to the fact of my age and where my body is now. I don't feel as amorous as I used to. I hope you can hold off til you are of age and on your own,then try to save up money and take some of those herbs. There's plenty of help on this site on what herbs may be best for you. I wouldn't know as I'm just beginning all this myself. I've tried "Mind Sante II" and not sure if it helped or now. The "kanabo energy" helps me a little with giving me more energy. I also tried some type of volumizer formula but that's not needed at this time,and didn't do anything for me. Now I'm taking the "rejuvenation formula". It's 2 different types of herbal tabs and I take 2 tabs of each one 2 times a day. I believe they helped. I just finished my bottles and I'm currently waiting for my new order for them. I ordered enough for 30 days. Hopefully if I can kick this masturbation for 30 days while taking these herbs,then I may get totally healed. Or at least not be sexually exhausted and fatigued. For you at your age,for now best thing to do is quit masturbating til you heal and recover to where you don't have overmasturbation symptoms. It may help to eat good nutritous meals and take regular vitamin supplement, if you can for now. Someone from Japan told me about soy protein and it's benifits(this person says it's suppose to help with depression). I think it's meant for "the blues"or mild depression, not the real serious stuff.? I take Soy powder at times with milk. Drinking milk is very good and nutritous. I drink the 2% cause of less fat. There's also Lactose free milk out there for people that can't tolerate or allergic to Lactose.
addicted to mastarbate
hello guys i m from india. and i am 25 years old its been more 5 years i masterbating and from past couple of year i realized m badly addicted to i have got all the symtoms mentioned below and know i have made up my mind to get out of this. i have been an introverd person from the start and this habbit has actually cut me off through all social life..i need help i cannot talk about this to anyone and now my family has also started to forcing me to get married and i am really afraid . i read about the herbs and medications i need help to understand from where should i start with to i have pain in the lower abdomen and just a week i noticed thier is slight pain in ma testicles as.....please help help i m in india and wanted where would i find the herbs and medicine mentioned ....i just cant describe what i m going through
Being 25 years and
Being 25 years and masturbating for 5 years isn't really a lot. I mean, it is a lot but there are some people that masturabate for a lot more. Since it is only 5 years you might be able to recover quickly. You will need an Advance Herbal Remedy + Addiction Solution to help you with your problems. Those are herbal formulas that combine many herbs together to help you recover as soon as possible.
Does this stuff really work?
I just want to know if this stuff really works? I'm skeptical when it comes to these kinds of things and I've been having some issues of my own (constant fatigue, shrunken penis). I'm guessing all due to overmasturbation.

If this stuff really works, what can I do (such as supplement use) to help me with my problems?

I'm kicking the habit.
There are many reviews and
There are many reviews and case studies that can tell you whether this stuff works. You just need to have the right motive going into recovery and the right attitude. The ability to commit to recovery. If you are interested there can be a plan for you. It can all be reversed back to normal.

In your situation, overmasturbation has caused your penis to shirnk and also fatigue, or sexual exhaustion. One of the things you can do is self diagnose by reading the guide, Penis Shrinkage - Caused by Over Masturbation. If you need more help that's what the Herballove community is here to do.
 I was just like you at first
 I was just like you at first until I finally decided to go ahead and try and herbal supplement. I went with OverSize to grow my penis and I actually saw some great improvement. I was suprised to see myself being one of the first to review the product but later I found out that they remodeled the website so all the comments were new and the old ones were gone. If you want to recover from that penis shrinkage, it is possible.
Please guide me to Recover OM... Need help

My problem is similar to other's but need suggestion & ideas to overcome addiction & reverse the effects...

I've this habit of Over Masturbation, & it started when i was 13 & now i am 29. I feel addicted to this practise now & under severe exhaustion. I am able to control my mind, but i am getting visualized,day dream & get aroused. After masturbation, i feel Guilty,Shame & Anxiety. I feel i've numbness in penis & it became very short in size & unable to urinate properly due to it's size. Testis is swollen & prostate is slightly enlarged. Testis size is changing & some time i feel heavy with penis is shrinked it to it's lowest.

All these years i went chronic masturbations & regular. Now i am having most of the symptom's listed in OM's issue. I worried about my studies & career. I am unable to progress due to Mind Fog?? Unable to Focus,Concentrate,Lack of Interest in Life,Loneliness,Isolation. Important issue is shyness & fear. Unable to go in front of friends,family or a cafetaria to take food & need some one along with me to go (this is frustrating) & social anxiety is more with this. I am unable to continue my master degree due to this strange issue. Also Loss of Memory, & unable to understand even small concepts or ideas (i was good & excellent before this practice & addition). Poor Multitasking,Future fear,Inferiority complex ,No Confidence within me. This is all sort of Strange & Masturbation made my life ruined. Cognitive & perfomance is diminished. Lot of Thought's & Always CONFUSED. Difficult to Choose or Take a Decision & it's make's stress & kill's me.

I feel nervousness & physical fatigueness. My body became weak & exhausted. Neck paining,Lowerback pain,Testis,Groin pain. Below are some of the listed problem's i am facing.

I live in india & please suggest me suitable solution to address these problem's. I may judged myself overrated with the problem's i am facing. I learned a lot over this site & it made me understood when i was helpless, since this problem cannot be discussed easily & the family doctor's treatment are useless . I want to regain my strength & restore my body to it's Original state. I feel it's a clear addiction & need to reverse this. Please suggest me the right medicine & duration.

Though i am able to figure out the cause by the posts in this site. I am again confused with the medicine since there are lot's of choice. Ex : More solutions for 1 problem with different herbs (tough to choose). While you suggest please provide the duration of the course & how long i've to take. As per my thought, it will not cure in 1 or 2 months? Please help.

Side Effect's on Over Masturbation
            1. Exhaustion. Feeling tired all the time,Fatigue, Strength & Stamina,Endurance are dropped.
            2. Lower back pain,Neck Pain,Body Pain.
            3. Thinning hair / Hair Loss.My Skin colour got diminished & facial appearance became matured (old), black circles around eyes.
            4. Soft / Weak Erections
            5. Premature Ejaculation
            6. Eye floaters or fuzzy vision
            7. Groin / Testicular Pain / Curve Penis
            8. Pain or cramp in the pelvic cavity or/and tail bone
            9. Dcrease general health & length of penis
            10. Skin become loss its gd texture
            13. LOSS OF LIBIDO
I went ahead and answered
I went ahead and answered your question in the forum topic you posted. Here is the link to my comment...

Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
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