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Leaky penis
Hi to all, it's evident that most of the aforementioned problems are cause by masturbation, though I rarely masturbate excessively. i am here to seek advice on my problems. My problems go like this. 
1. Urine leakage (recent problem) but very frustrating 
2. Itching in my testicles (balls)
3. Shrinking of penis 
4. Extremely quick or no ejaculation 
5. Frequent urination 
6. Tiredness 
I relate all this to masturbation which I have been doing for almost 8 years, and  I am 28 now. I really need advice from expert or someone with similar problem.  Actually I had know idea about the damage I have doing to myself until I read the post in this website. I really hope this is the end of my journey to masturbation. Any advice is really appreciated. I also read someone comment from user that says "I can only buy the product if it's in Amazon" I think adding a credible or genuine website to your review will also boost the trust of the website as many prudulent ones are out there duping innocent sole. Thank you. 
hey did you ever fix your issue?  I'm having the same problem..
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