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Late birth control

I've been taking Microgynon 30 for almsot a year and have never missed it. The only scare that I have had is recently when I was going to take it thinking it was Thursday but in reality it was Friday. I thought it was Thursday and figured I was fine as the Thursday pill was gone from my pack although I couldn't remember taking it that day. Only much later did I realise that it was actually Friday and I was late, so I took it straight away. The time I take each pill normally is 2pm. The good thing about this pill is that it can be taken within 12 hours but I ended up taking it late at 2:20am and that was just barely missing that 12 hour window.

Another thing is that in that last month, I ended up taking most of my pills around 5pm when I was leaving work, so generally my pill taking pattern shifted, expect for a few pills which were taken around 1:30pm - 2:30pm on some weekends.

I got my withdrawal bleed on the Wednesday (half way through the sugar pills) as expected and it's been a proper bleed and not just spotting, like some people get when they miss the pill.

I'm now wondering if this means that I'm definitely not pregnant. I've had unprotected sex since making my pill mistake, but that was before my withdrawal bleed, so I'm hoping that means I'm okay? Should I just continue as before and keep taking my pills like normal? I've just started a new pack today after finishing my sugar pills as I thought it shouldn't be a major worry if I was only 20 mins out of my 12 hour window.

Thank you for any help. I am just scared that I might have made a mistake and am wondering if anyone has had any similar experience. Also do I have anything to be extremely worried about?

You should be fine just keep
You should be fine just keep taking them on the exact time and hold off on sex for a few days. After that the cycle should be back to normal. I had the same scare with mine and my window was way smaller.
My gf had a similar situation
I would suggest that if you are really scared that you just start from the beginning and hold off on unprotected sex for a month. Have safe sex but then go back to normal and make sure you stick to the window of time.
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