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insensitive penis

i am a 17 year old male, and i started masturbation since i was 13. i have masturbated anywhere from 5-9 times on a weekly basis with absoloutely no problems at all until about 2 months ago. Every time i masturbated and then ejaculated, the pleasure i felt would diminish. Now if i masturbate, i only feel a small amount of pleasure if any, it's as if everything has numbed. For me ejaculation used to be an explosion of pure pleasure and ecstasy, but now i almost feel nothing...

Also, i have had trouble getting or even keeping an erection unlike before when thinking of or fantasising about girls, would give me an immediate erection. But now i cannot even get my penis hard no matter what i look at or think about, unless i use my hand to furiously work at it.

i feel as if my mind is still in the same mode as before but my penis doesn't give the same results, it remains completely limp, whereas it used to go rock hard... Now for me i feel really embarassed. i can't really talk to anyone about my problem, and i'm not sure what caused it. Could it possibly be that i ejaculated too frequently? i did it about once a day, was this too much?

Does anyone else have any experience with a similar situation? Would waiting, say 2 months without ejaculating or masturbating solve the problem and restore sex drive and sensation?

I suffered from
I suffered from overmasturbation and have now had success with everything. I changed my whole diet and did other things to help me out. The quickest help that I received was taking Kanabo Nerve Fix. I would suggest just changing your diet, decreasing how many times you masturbate, and taking supplements that will help you out like Nerve Fix and remember your daily vitamins. Try out that and check out my post on the other forum. I will give you a link.
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