I'm so worried - over-masturbation male 24 years old

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I'm so worried - over-masturbation male 24 years old
I'm 24 male 1.83 meter 78 KG healthy i started masturbation at age of 13 once daily and cat off for week or 2 and comeback until the age of 23 when i had sex after a long time i can't get it full erection and with the condom it's getting worse i have to put 2 for safety i can't feel anything so once i begin the penetration i lose control over the erection and i thought this is all about the condom so i left masturbation for 2 weeks and return again to it after that i had a sex once again after 5 or sex month the same thing happened so it damaged my self confident so badly and i was looking for solution after that i did some research and it was pornographic addiction and over masturbation was the cause so i started to put a program for 3 months to stop this mass forever and i succeed thanks to god and when i entered 24 i started on health food only and stopped looking at any women trying to avoid and joined the gym and start practicing and running and I'm feeling much much better now it has been 4 months (i was having back-pain but now i don't feel it and also headaches and dizziness is gone memory still improving ,depression is gone ,and numbness also and one of my eyes had blurry vision now it's gone i can see clearly but some times when i remember my bad performance i feel some anxiety) and yesterday i was testing my self i was looking at porn and i got aroused easily and when i touch my organ i got a full erection about -80% i noticed my organ is going a little bet to the left it's not full straight and i don't have ejaculation control after 2 min only ejaculate and lose my erection easily after sometime if i don't focus so i had to warm up again (and by the way I don't take any medication or drug I don't smoke or drink) and my marriage after 2 years i don't know what to do is there a chance for me to be ready again after 2 years if i take full care and i mean by that (no sex until marriage , no looking at women , I don't drink alcohol , no pornographic , health food only , exercise and plan to live stronger and active life style 1-2 hours cardio - swimming - another hour for lifting weights ,taking your herbal medicine) after that i can be the way i used to be with my girl after marriage (full erection with stamina ,control ejaculation) ? and about the herbal medicine what i have to take and this will be a life time medicine or for how much time i have to take it 6 month -year or 2 years before marriage (remember no sex activities nor masturbation) i want to restore my full sexual health is there any chance ?>> I'm really hopeless
double condoms don't work for me too
I have similar problems. I also started self-pleasure too early. I always thought masturbation is healthy. But my penis died on me when I masturbated 3 times straight, after watching a Japanese bondage video online. Now thinking about it: It's a sin that God meant to punish me. After that, I have seminal leakage and pe all together. I leak a lot before ejaculate. I also tried to two condoms, hoping to reduce the sensitivity. It didn't help much, I often spent a lot of time putting condoms on correctly in front of my gf. I can't put them properly, because I was so nervous. I tried desensitizing spray, but that just killed my erection. It's really dreadful.
I am Sharing my experience, I
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Abusive masturbation before puberty
Thank you for sharing your struggling experience with us. I am impressed with your dedication to overcome sexual exhaustion and porn addiction. It seems that abusive masturbation before puberty stunted your growth potential and weakened your parasympathetic nerve & ejaculation reflex arc.
I have some suggestions that might be helpful for you:
[1] Try Golden Metal Lock Herbal Formula to replenish your essential hormones and strengthen your parasympathetic nerves. Herbs in this formula complement well with Taoist’s Natural Ejaculation Control Technique. Astragalin & various phyto-active molecules help to rejuvenate nerve endings and improve overall immunity. In the ancient time, many herbalists like to make tincture out of this formula. But now you don’t have to wait by taking herbal extracts instead. Most young adults under 35 years have great recovery for nerve ending rejuvenation after taking the formula within 6 months. Firm & sustainable erection often returned back to normal once the nerve rejuvenated.

[2] Practice Taoist’s Natural Ejaculation Control Technique
I love this technique. This technique helps me a lot in many ways and should help you too. But you need to be patient to see results. Post at the forum, if you need help in doing this technique. The steps involved can be modified based on the severity of your exhaustion. Based on what you have described, it seems that you are suffering from Addictive Stage of sexual exhaustion:
You can find more info from:
Take Care,
it's getting much better
 Will thank you stephen for your replay I guess I'm doing fine right now and thank god I didn't lose my erection still if I had a great health food and trying my best to avoid women (not staring or even give a bad thoughts) as much as possible I feel much better and wormer most of the time and my erection gets back stronger each time and I'll fallow your suggestion  and i need some help with  Natural Ejaculation Control Technique you can say it's much better than addictive stage I can control my self and I do recover faster it has been 4 days and i feel like nothing happened my erection is harder and each time i look at girls in the beach or or focus on a women i get aroused this was hard to happen 5 months ago so I'll keep my progress and I'll give my feed back after taking the Herbal Formula thanks again guys I Really do appreciate your work 
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