I can't hold an erection!

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I can't hold an erection!
I am a really sexually active person and have been having sex with both a partner and myself. I have been masturbating for years. Now when I am trying to have sex with my partner I end up loosing my erection while we have sex. It is very hard to keep a hard erection. Is this possible something done because of masturbating too much?
Try this
It is very possible that the damage you are describing could have been done by masturbating too much. A lot of people may not know that the amazing feeling you get when masturbating such as stress relief, excitement and etc... is actually bad when done in excess amounts. I don't know how much you masturbate but you could check where you fall into this handy chart to check the severity of your overmasturbation. I will assume that you are in the Severe stage just to help you out a little, correct me when you see this.

From all of this I know that you are suffering from a Poor Erection and I think it might also be from Performance Anxiety. If it is from performance anxiety than you can do something very simple as an exercise before sex. When you determine the severity of your masturbation you will be able to see the specific formula that will help you overcome overmasturbation. In this case for the stage that I assumed, severe stage, the formula to help would be Herbal Remedy For Sexual Exhaustion & Dysfunction.

I would suggest something else if that doesn't interest you I really suggest you take DuraMax. That has great progress in many people and it will definitely help you with your weak erection. I hope I didn't confuse you. If I did feel free to respond with your questions.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Well then why don't you try
Well then why don't you try Harmonic Qi Gong.  After all it does say that sex is like a sport and I find this to be the warmup. Getting your body and mind ready for sex and whatever comes with that. Stop masturbating and just enjoy sex but not too often and always make sure you do Harmonic Qi Gong as a warmup.
Pls am a nigerian, where and
Pls am a nigerian, where and how can I get the Herbal remedy for sexual exhaustion and dysfunction.
How severe is your situation?
How severe is your situation? There are 4 levels of severity.Just click on them and find out where you fall under. There are solutions under that will help you out.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Erectile dusfunction, Premature ejaculation, anxiety and high BP
Hi I am 40 years of age. I am a professional and work in an office. I have been doing over masterbation since my teen age. I also used to drink lot of tea upto 7 cups a day for many years. I used to smoke cigarettes. I have given up tea and smoking for couple of months. I have developed following problems. Erectile Disfunction for over a year now. My erections are very soft. Premature ejaculation for over a year now. I have high blood pressure (185/95). My doctor has taken all necessary tests and all the tests are fine such as sugar level or cholestrol level. I am not taking blood pressure medication and am trying to bring change to my life style. Social anxiety and panic attacks. Occasionally I suffer from panic attacks and start sweating in social circles and at work.I have lack of concentration. I also have chronic constipation. My life has turned a hell. Please help me. What shall I do.

Danney N

That is a ton of masturbation
That is a ton of masturbation done over your life. Years in and out. Smoking definitely contributed to your weak erections and premature ejaculation along with everything else. The drinking of tea can actually be a good thing for your health depending on what sort of tea you would drink. Certain kinds of teas can definitely help you control the social anxiety and panic attacks. Have you ever taken any sort of herbal supplement? Due to the amount of masturbation that happened throughout your life I highly suggest you try Fantasia Rejuven Recovery System to help you recover from the masturbation. Also, get yourself on a exercise and diet plan to help lower your blood pressure. The healhtier you are, the faster you recover. Also, make sure you don't masturbate as much as before. Try to cut it down during recovery and you will be much better.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
Not so much
Masturbaing not so much affecting your erection. However try to have sex with your partnet after a day or two without masturbation. You don't need to be alarmed because even the condoms itself affect the erection for most men. Try oral sex and you might see that the erection is there. If the problem still persists you can take OTC medicines such as Jean Siagra which I used and no longer feel the need of it. Read the review here https: //rxleaks.com/jean-siagra-100-mg-reviews-new-generic-choose/ But I stronly recommend taking doctor's advise before taking any pills. 
Erection Problem
When I learned about Maxman supplement I would hardly find any customer support for the effectiveness of this item. In addition to this there is no evidence for all the claims available on different sites. I personally feel this is not the one which suits my requirement. I choose sikander-e-azam plus because of its ingredients and I am glad that this stuff has done the tricks for me. I am enjoying a great time on bed, just because of sikander-e-azam plus.
Maybe you should start
Maybe you should start consuming generic pills like Kamagra, Sildenafil. These are the best pills which gives long lasting erection.
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