How do you squirt?

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How do you squirt?
I have recently started playing around with my body and have found out how great it feels to masturbate. Me and some friends have been talking about this and one of them says she squirts while orgasming and that it feels so much better than a simple orgasm. I want to be able to squirt. How is this possible?
Squirting is not for every
Squirting is not for every lady. It is sort of a unique ability. You can try it and see if you are one of the lucky ones. I would suggest that you try some special little techniques. I will provide you with those whether you are trying them  yourself or have a little help ;).

If you want to try this out by yourself try this.

If you have a little help from a man try either one of these.

Hope you have success!
I want you to squirt, too!
That is awesome that you've been exploring and playing around with your body. I really think that is one of the biggest factors in enjoying intercourse (getting to know yourself, getting comfortable with yourself, etc. blah, blah) 
Okay, about squirting (the fun part!) I am able to orgasm from g-spot stimulation, but for me personally, it does not "squirt" or shoot out, and most people use the word "squirt" referring to the way it exits the body, but a g-spot orgasm, in general, doesn't always "exit" in that way for everybody. Some people really do have the fluid shoot out, but for most of us, I think it "gushes" out more like a waterfall rather than a water gun. I have been really active in a sexual community where I worked previously (sexual talk, that is not having sex with the community! LOL) and from what I learned there, most women experience the sudden rush of fluid coming out instead of it coming out in a squirt.

That aside, I think one of the most important factors with this g-spot orgasm is how you go into it -- if you're so determined to achieve the orgasm, it seems to only hinder it! However, for me, the first time it happened it was totally unexpected. My spouse and I were simply doing some foreplay (his finger involved. Trying not to TMI you to death here Lol) and it just sort of happened. Then, we never stopped! Ha Ha.

The thing is, I have been trying for years to be able to achieve this myself and have never been able to get as far as the huge rush of liquid (the actual orgasm), but I've came close, only it's nowhere near as pleasurable as when my spouse is doing the work. Other women can do it easily, and honestly, I think with practice, I could too, but I tend to just rely on him. Lol.

I'll say, the closest I have came acheiving the g-spot orgasm on my own was last week with a vibrator (called LoveLife Cuddle from the manufacturer OhMiBod). Not sure if you are okay with toys or not, but for a lot of women, this is the only way to achieve a g-spot orgasm as our fingers simply do not always reach well enough, and from the angle we would have to go, it makes it incredibly hard to apply the pressure needed, and also for me, to do it quickly enough. My partner, on the other hand, can get in front of me (at my legs with me lying on my back) and move very fast, which works well for me.

What all have you tried? Do you know where the g-spot is located? If not, try that first. P.S. I figure you do know where it's located, but just in case: it;s on the anterior wall of the vagina. You can push up on it and you'll feel the sensation of perhaps a pressure on your bladder.

Most of the women I've communicated with have had fantastic luck with the dildo "Pure Wand." You might have heard of it. The darn thing is famous because so many people finally have a g-spot orgasm with it. In fact, so many women raved about it where I worked that I bought one myself. Didn't work out for me as I found it to be too intense and uncomfortable to use due to the intense curve in the wand, but so many women swear by it! I think the best way to know what type of toy will work for you (g-spot wise) is by learning if you need a lot of pressure on your g-spot for it to feel good. For me, I don't. If something jabs into my gpost, or I use something like the Pure Wand and it applies so much pressure that it feels like it's digging into the spot, it just causes me discomfort. I only need the slightest angle or g-spot tip in a toy for it to do the trick. As long as I can get fast motions, I can usually orgasm. But of course, it's my partner who can really get it going fast enough.

And if you aren't okay with using toys, then do you have a spouse who's willing to help? If so, I'd say that is your best bet. To me, nothing delivers like my partner's finger. If they can get in the right position where they're able to move their arm fast in an up and down motion (with you on your back), then you'll probably come very close, if not actually orgasm. What I think works best is when my partner kind stiffens his arm, curves his finger slightly and uses his arm to make an up and down motion (like lifting/curling weights, only much faster). I hope this is making sense. What happens is, his arm is stiff, his fingers aren't really doing the stroking, but he's using his arm to basically pick my lower half up off the bed, over and over. I know that sounds rough, but it's not. I remember seeing a video showing how you can do this technique.. I do not remember what website or anything, but it was a man teaching a crowd of people on his wife! A little obscene, but it could be educational if you aren't sure what I am trying to explain.

I hope this was helfpul! Good luck on your journey, and I hope you have a lot of fun along the way! I wish I had better advice, but like I said, for me, it's either my partner's finger or him using a curved G-spot dildo/vibrator to thrust kind of fast.

Hey, that reminds me. I once got sample packets of this cream for g-spot stimulation. I think it was called "Tickle Her G-spot." I remember it causing my g-spot "tissue" to swell up, and kind of created a cool or warm sensation. Don't remember which, but it was nice. I don't think it made a huge difference, but it did make things easier to stimulate. I pick up those little lube and clitoral creams in packets when I come across them, just to try them out once or twice without having to commit to a big huge bottle. I suppose it might be worth a shot for some people.
Oh, one more thing. It doesn't feel much more pleasurable than a regular orgasm for everybody. Some people prefer other orgasms to the g-spot one, but I could not imagine a single person not loving the sensation of one. However, there are days when I don't want something that intense and prefer a good ol' clitoral orgasm. Those are usually the days when I'm sore or having the lovely monthly which can make too much stimulation uncomfortable.

Some people say they can reach g-spot orgasms during intercourse, but for me, I only get so much. I have never had a huge gushing g-spot orgasm during intercourse, but definitely orgasmed, just not as intense as when it's done with a finger/toy. So, that's something to keep in mind.

I have written a couple of articles on the g-spot orgasm (as well as every other orgasm known to woman LOL), so I could definitely say more on the topic, if you wanted to hear it. . .


I would suggest that while it
I would suggest that while it feels good, it does not happen for everyone. The previous poster above me here gave you pretty much all the information that you may need. Just because you do not happen to ‘squirt’ does not mean that you cannot have an amazing orgasm and still enjoy your time.
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