How can we break bad habits?

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How can we break bad habits?
I learned in my psychology class that you're more likely to accomplish something if your goal is to attain something pleasant than if it is to avoid something unpleasant. How, then, are we supposed to overcome bad or unwanted habits?
This WP article (https://www
This WP article ( shows great point on the power of rewiring our brain and the correlation of creating new habits. And if I were to talk about additions, based on all the researches I wrote for I'd say there is a chemical switch which is activated with the introduction of addictive chemicals. Some of these chemicals are introduced into the body from outside, e.g., heroin, alcohol, nicotine. Some are created within the body by behavior, e.g., sexual excitement, exercise. 
Free will is required to begin the effort to overcome addiction but if the introduction of chemicals to block or replace addictive substances work reasonably well, as some do, then it is scientifically clear that addiction is a chemically-related condition. 
Reducing addiction to only will and resolve is a dangerous and morally incorrect blunder.
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