How can I my friend stop her bad habit?

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How can I my friend stop her bad habit?
My friend has a bad habit of really giving up on things she starts. For example, if she wants to exercise everyday for about 45 minutes, she will off course do it, but then after a week she stops. What can she do to stop that habit of quieting for no simple reason?
think she should set a goal -
think she should set a goal - for example to lose weight or become healthy - if she thinks of that goal, she may not be that eager to give up on excercising..also, still even tough this is a controvesial question but ace essay writer from believes it approximately takes 21 days to form a new if your friend can do it for three weeks, excercising can become her new habit..still like i said this is a controvesial question (here is an article on that ) and it may take less than 21 days or even more...guess that's why it's better to understand why you want to excercise, find time for it and just do it....basically there's no advice on how to sotp giving up - it's all about the will power
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